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Go Go Enterprise Ireland!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

I’m not being sarcastic here. Two things, no actually three things that EI deserves recognition for.

1. Innovation Vouchers. I got mine during the week. Really excited about them. Getting friends to get theirs too. Right now, in these very odd financial times, they’re a boon.

2. EI sent around an email around today talking up loads of Irish Web 2.0 companies including: PollDaddy, Contrast, dotMobi, Muzu TV, Nooked, Dial2Do, LouderVoice, PutPlace, Finetuna, Abaltat, RevaHealth, Toddle, IGOpeople, Hosting365, Sxoop Technologies

3. The Enterprise Ireland Silicon Valley blog. For a such a dinosaur of an entity, this blog is disruptive. Not for those that see EI from the outside, or those in the inside but also because blogging disrupts the blogger. Blogging has changed the way I write, the way I research and even the way I am. Watch out Jack!

I’m sure there are lots more things they should be praised for and I’m one that has given out about them a lot, a hell of a lot but I think we should give them as much praise as we can for at least the three items above. Go sub to the blog and give them kudos for it!

Update: That EI newsletter

Tuesday Push? Where’s it at? Nominate your own

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Why not talk about your own project or a project you like for this week’s push? That’s what Gordon has done. Not had time this week to process the Push or look through the noms for Blog post of the Month. So g’wan promote something you like this time and we’ll get back to the usual in two weeks.

Heineken’s badly done Facebook campaign

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

So you may have seen if you’re on Facebook there are some sponsored ads on the right from Heineken or even ads in the middle of your news feed that advertise some music festival they’re running:

Heineken No Clue on Facebook

Click on the ad and you are brought to their website for the event. It asks where you’re coming from on their Irish site after directing you there. Uhm. Hello?

Heineken No Clue on Facebook

There they ask you for your details including your age and country you’re from. Data they have easy access to on Facebook. They make you re-register all over again for their events when a simple app on Facebook which only those above 18 in Ireland or 21 in the States can see. Dopes.

Heineken No Clue on Facebook

I’m sure there’s a massive drop-off rate too. Why not create a fan page on Facebook which you can restrict to people of certain ages and message all of them about events through the website they are using on a daily basis and having fun on? You need to go and market where the people are, not go there and drag them away to another site and putting a barrier in front of them when you drag them over. This is not a dog show, the people are not your dogs that you can drag around an obstacle course and making them jump through hoops and run through tunnels.

Wasted opportunity there.

Conferences – Spend your ticketmoney on building your own

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

There are some amazing conferences that are on around Ireland, the UK, europe, the rest of the world and some of them have some amazing prices too. Le Web this year in Paris is €1,495.00 – €1,794.00 depending on how early you register. The O’Reilly Web 2.0 moneyfest in Berlin was a few grand too. Even in Ireland you see conferences ranging from €250 to over a grand for a day or two-day event. That’s a lot of dough these days to pay to be lectured to isn’t it?

I do often wonder for the specialised but expensive conferences whether you’d be better off just hosting your own day-long event in Ireland without having to fly in the big names or the big guns. They’re certainly great to see and draw a crowd but when some charge from 10k to 100k for a speaking gig, it’s no wonder that the cost of a ticket to some conferences can be up to 3k per person.

And then these big guns don’t mix. They hide out the night before in their hotel room, maybe talk to the others presenting and then are probably protected from the mad crowds during the event. It all seems very mercenary.

Wouldn’t it be great to see some expert talk and give them live feedback? Not by one of those boring “backchannels” things but by someone putting up their hand and saying something. Not that it’d be allowed in a large conference. The speaker (not converser) is there to make a few points without engaging, ta very much. I’m not talking about Barcamps but a model like that. Highly targeted speakers and audience members and small too so that information circulates, not just flows from the powerpoint to the scribble pad of someone in the audience.

Second International Conference on Dengue and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever
Photo owned by molecularck (cc)

I guess it’s the “brown bagger” model in American companies where people to lunchtime training modules while everyone eats food supplied by work.

It’s ironic that many of us network better at big and international conferences yet there is so much shared knowledge in our own island and so many people we should be meeting and talking to who are only a few miles or event a few feet away from us. A strong local base is probably good for individuals and companies alike. That’s why those old school business networks like BNI do well, because they have the basics right. The delivery is probably all over the shop though and silly rules like having to give business to the person in your chapter is bad for you and them. Your rep and their weak business, if that’s the case. Focused conferences where everyone going brings something with them and contributes would be of extreme value I should think.

Think of it. You’re at a conference and some flown-in expert says something and you think “excellent, didn’t know that” and then they say something else and you think “D’uh, heard that ages ago” or you might actually be ahead of where they are. Now imagine everyone else in the room are like you. Does the room need the person at the front in this case?

Heading to the keynotes
Photo owned by DBegley (cc)

Renting a room for a day costs anywhere from 500 euros to 2000 euros and charging people a modest sum to go would cover all costs. In fact there’s probably a business in “buying” off-the-shelf conference packages from hotels for a standard fee. Ciara too has a guide on running a conference on a shoestring.

What conference would you want to have for your specialist area, do you think you can run it? I bet you can.

G’wan the Pin – Fianna Fáil and the Green’s €6.5Billion Builder bailout to be investigated by EU

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Everyone’s fav property website (except maybe for Fianna Fáil, the Greens, Daft, MyHome and the developers) has done it again. They were first to point out that the Home Choice Loans scheme was dodgy as fuck and now they’ve raised it with the EU, who are going to investigate it. This is probably the next big scandal from the budget. Stay tuned here. This is people power and the web working for the common good.


After hundreds of contributors to website recently lodged complaints with the EU.
The European Commission has now confirmed that it is to carry out
further investigations under EU State Aid laws regarding the
governments ‘Home Choice Loans’ scheme unveiled in Budget 2009.

Part of the complaint alleges that the scheme is a “Subsidisation Of
Certain Residential Property Developers” and “Distorts” the market in
favor of Big Developers carrying a heavy stock of unsold properties
across the country at the expense of buyers and tens of thousands of
existing sellers. Tom Parlon, Construction Industry Lobbyist is
credited with the successfully ring fencing of €1.65Bn of Tax Payers
money to bailout the developers via this scheme. Some commentators
estimate the true cost could rise to in excess of €6.5-10bn.

Such numbers put the medical card controversy into perspective while
also revealing the massive extent to which the governments appetite to
help an Tax incentivised and formerly profitable industry before the
public health interest into sharp contrast.

The Commission reference for the case is “CEL – CP300/2008 – Housing
Financing in Ireland”.

Broadband customer service – Want to tell RTE about it?

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Photo owned by Kofoed (cc)

RTE Current Affairs are looking for stories about experiences with broadband or customer service in general. Want to tell your side? They’re looking for both positive and not so positive experiences. I know which will have the most volume!

Email: with your story.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest SEO of them all?

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Competition time! Are you the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) person in Ireland? Want to prove it? Via the Irish Web Awards vehicle, we’re running another competition to see who’s the best at SEO in Ireland.

Mister Wilson Spammer
Photo owned by Mister Wilson (cc)

You have until December 1st at 3pm to rank your website for the following phrase: geansai gorm. Yup, we’re using a phrase as gaelige in order as as not to pollute the indices as much as possible.


  • Entries open to all Irish individuals and Irish businesses.
  • Search is to be performed on Without Pages From Ireland selected, with personalisation off and from an Irish IP address.
  • The domain to rank must be a new domain. Must not contain the keywords in the domain name at all and no ccTLD domains are to be used.
  • Only want the homepage to rank, not other non-useful pages.
  • 301 redirects are not permitted.
  • Keywords as gaeilge instead of english but copy can be in English

Edit: Forgot to say a big thanks to both Cormac and Richard for their feedback about this idea.

New Media, New Audience? – Free Arts Council conference on November 25th

Monday, October 27th, 2008

The amazing Annette in association with the Arts Council has organised a whopper of a conference in Dublin Castle on November 25th titled New Media, New Audience?. Two keynoters will be speaking, the engaging, intelligent and charming Charles Leadbeater (see his TED video) and the crank’s favourite Andrew (is to Nicholas Carr, as Channel 6 is to the Beeb) Keen.

Culture Fest 08 leiderhosen
Photo owned by Cindy Funk (cc)

The full agenda includes some great panel discussions and workshops. (Disclaimer: I’m giving a workshop and getting paid for it). It’s nice to see a traditional and what I’d see as conservative (Arts being conservative seems so wrong!) group take the idea of new/social media heads on and see what they can do together. Every element in every segment could do with more insight from those in the Arts in my view.

Register here to attend the day.

Go on Digital Ireland – Cybercom and Nubiq are winners

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Cybercom has scooped a 2008 MAA Globe Award for Best Digital Communications Campaign in Toronto this week, for its work on the Powerade ‘Never Give Up’ campaign. It’s not the first award though for this. The campaign has won the Grand Prix at the APMC (Association of Promotional Marketing Consultants), an award for Best Marketing and Communications Campaign at the Coca-Cola Worldwide Marketing Awards and more.

And then also this week Waterford’s Nubiq won a Most Innovative Mobile Internet Consumer Deployment award at the Mobile Internet World in Boston for their Zinadoo Mobile Website Creation service.

Well done both companies who have been working away for the past while and are being rewarded for their efforts. The recognition they got is great for them and for the digital and tech scene in Ireland. removes/deletes story about property developer

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Blank url.

Someone got a screenshot though. Someone else did great detective work.

The Irish Times still have the story though.