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These are my contact details:

Email: damien (at) mulley (dot) net

I reserve the right to publish harassing text messages and emails.

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If you want to pitch me a “story” for my blog. See here.

If you want me to speak at an event then you will need to have a gender balance close to 50:50 and I probably won’t speak about the very broad topic of digital marketing/social media. Specific areas are fine.

Some projects I’ve done.

Damien Mulley Bio:

Damien Mulley owns Cork based Mulley Communications and teaches organisations and enterprises how to communicate amongst themselves and with the greater world. He is also the organiser of the Web Awards and Social Media Awards, wrote a technology column for the Sunday Tribune (RIP) from Jan 07 to Jan 08.

Training and Consultancy Work:

I train people and organisations in communications. This includes PR, media training, Blog Training, Internet Marketing and presentation skills.
I do not do PR directly, prefering the “teach a man to fish” philosophy although I do make some exceptions.
I consult with companies and Government type organisations on blogs, social networks and web trends. I also mentor companies.

Commercial Projects:

I run the Web Awards – A website Awards competition.
I also run the Social Media Awards.
I run FoodFight – An Irish Food and Drink Aggregator.

Non-Commercial Projects

I run Politics In Ireland – An Irish Politics Aggregator.

A sketch of me by Eolai

A not so recent picture of me that you can steal:
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