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R.E.M. Play 5 nights in Olympia (Dublin, Ireland) in July

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Via this cranky git. I got mine: Wed 4th Jul 2007 Olympia Theatre tickets (Reserved seats (circle)) 2 € 50.00 € 100.00

Go get yours.

The five shows in Dublin will showcase songs from these spring recording sessions and, as such, will be a rare opportunity to hear songs before they are released on record. The Olympia dates are the only scheduled shows for R.E.M. in 2007.

Irish Web 2.0 companies feature on ReadWriteWeb

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Congrats to all. Read all about them. Well done to PutPlace, to LouderVoice (like the new logo), to Nooked, to Pixenate, to PollDaddy and all the others. We need a much bigger list though.

Gutted – ComReg turn down my job application

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Speaking of the telecoms poodle, a little while back I applied for a job with them. Today they sent me a letter saying other people were better qualified and they will be interviewed. Best of luck to them. I’m sure I’ll be “interacting” with them soon enough.

ComReg costs 20M a year to run – Bang for your buck

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Now, I must admit I cannot read balance sheets but on page 51 of this document on the accounts for year ending June 2005, it seems from reading it that ComReg blow 20M a year on “stuff”. Such as:

  • Staff Costs 8.719Million (They have 112 staff)
  • Technical Advice (Consultants) 4.115Million
  • Legal Expenses 4.451Million
  • Advertising 23,000
  • Administrative Expenses 2.277Million
  • Auditors’ Remuneration 12,000
  • Premises and Related Expenses 1.249Million
  • Depreciation 244,000
  • Subscriptions to International Organisations 630,000

Unfortunately we cannot see 2006 because they are allowed bury it until the year after they give it to the Minister. Handy that.

ShareIT – Dublin, Saturday April 28th

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Details for the next ShareIT. This one will be in Dublin. Still sticking with the basics which is what most people seemed to want at the last one in Cork. Still tying up one or two loose ends for this but all is looking good so far. Details on how to sign up are on the Business Advisory website. While the talks might be focused for IT startups, they’re still basic enough to appeal to anyone starting a business.

So where should the next one be held?:) About time ShareIT got a logo I think.

Link love – March 29th 2007

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

20% sugar, a touch of salt, a squeeze of lemon and a little flour. But enough about my secret icing ingredients. Read Primal Sneeze. There’ll be a test after on what you read.

Not exactly making the Bionic Woman. Or the bionic dog. A very nice niche blog and a welcome addition to the Irish blogging community. Embedded in Cork.

The Best DJ that ever played the Irish Blog Awards. A huge troublemaker, though I think the PC term now is “socialist”. A podcaster since before podcasts existed. It’s the Brian Greene show! Feedburner feed.

Fluffy Links – March 29th 2007

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Take part in this, if you can. Daithí Mac Síthigh is asking for some help:

I’m looking for people (bloggers or non-bloggers, lawyers or (especially) non-lawyers, techies or non-techies) to write a few words (or produce a presentation, podcast, whatever!) on a particular proposal for law reform that you’d like to see in Ireland (and this can include EU law, where appropriate).

See, I like the new one. It is much simpler and cleaner looking.

From the makers of Tailrank is Spinn3r. Outsource your blog spidering to someone else. Could prove handy.

How to make an e-book. Some useful points.

Conn got DMCA’d. Takedown of his interview on TG4. Someone is quite protective. Cos really, the best thing for TG4 to do to help spread use of the Irish language is to have single-vendor lock-in of their content online.

Been on many blogs but damn this is good. Suzy is right, the games have begun, I hope this continues:

Link love – March 28th 2007

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

My goodness. They’d come up with any word these days wouldn’t they? Such as nowness or integrity. Novelty words are all the rage these days, just like giving your kid whacky names, like Patrick or QuantumMechanic. Thank god poetry sets it all out and gives us the rules we can live by and what is not allowed. Have a look at

You can return to Cookie Mountain. You can return to Neverland. You can return to Oz. You can even return to sender. Check out Neil Dorgan‘s site. Mostly photography but other bits and pieces too.

We’ll get all serious for a teeny tiny moment to plug Ask Direct. We can resume normal programming in Five, four, three…

Peerside. Not about filesharing and not even about voyeurism. Trade descriptions act coming at ya!

Should you need a link and nobody else can help, maybe you should ask for some link love?

Fluffy Links – March 28th 2007

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Most of the slides from ShareIT on March 24th are now available.

Nialler9 examines how Daft Punk really are a remix band given the huge chunks of songs they sample for their songs.

My mate Charlie’s pet project is a site for collaborative text art called Texticles. It’s like a text art Wiki. Just like a Wiki though, someone can come along and wipe everything.

Poison Dart Machine Hidden at Hong Kong Race Track. WTF?

Blogger code of conduct? Two words – Fuck off.

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

I see because of this Kathy Sierra hoopla people are talking about blocking annoymous comments on blogs, shutting down their blogs for a week and also some people want a blogger code of conduct. Defamation, libel and assault laws work and work well. If someone defames you, sue them, if they libel you, sue them, if they threaten you, ring the police and let them handle it. Remember, a death threat or a threat which makes you think you will be harmed, is assault. Use existing laws. If a blogger attacks you on their blog, then don’t link to them and have everyone else remove their links to them. Ignoring is best in the blogging world. Don’t feed the trolls. If you think the threats are serious then call the police. If you feel defamed, call a lawyer.

When I see companies starting up codes of conduct I think ISO certification, I think of these astroturfing “plan english” campaigns which charge organisations A LOT to write better documents. What happened to Kathy Sierra was horrible but this hysteria does nobody any good and it is sickening to see business people pitch their products at such a moment.

Follow netiquette, follow good manners, be civil, or don’t. I really hope that something like this doesn’t spawn some elitist bully-boy standards or code body that does nothing more than charge an admin fee and bully people into signing up. That’s what unions are for. Freedom of speech should not be cut back on because of a few assholes. Why on earth do we need to impose guidelines on ourselves online when we don’t need to offline? A blogging community won’t tolerate people like those that attacked Kathy and will de-link from them and will just shun them and then don’t need a checklist to do so.

If you want to sign up to a code of conduct and cut off your own balls, work away, but why not just sign up to the press council instead?