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Falling in Love with the Web Again – 09 Style

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

The 09 Realex Payments Irish Web Awards are on Saturday. Tantrums, tiaras and more. Oh no, that’s the Blog Awards. 20+ categories. 350+ people. Cupcakes. Great food. No tuxes. Thank yous. Mulley’s laptop bluescreening and Rick O’Shea having to improvise. Playful moods. Childish tones. Wear legwarmers. Kicking out very very late. Bloggers, Twitterers er ers, sponsors having a laugh with the nominees. People in full Irish soccer kit. A large chunk of the Irish Web dev community. Himself might call in too.

Tickets €35 each.


Goodnight sweet prince

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

So Twenty has retired, it’s no joke. I don’t think anyone will realise how important Twenty Major has been for Irish Blogging and Irish writing. Someone who never compromised. Someone who not only exercised his right to free speech but wrote countless wakeup calls about the state of this nation and this world. In a world of sychophants and ass-kissing yesmen, he said what he thought and did it in very eloquent ways. Those who have a cork up their asses about bad language were unable to get over the colour to see the depth to much of his work. Although not all of them write for the Sunday Times.

Look at the massive community built around this blog but even more watch how he interacts with these people leaving comments. He answers nearly every comment. That’s respect, something that many of us don’t do properly. I have so much respect for someone that obviously is thankful for every comment that he gets and lets the person know he’s read it. So while he’s putting the blog on hold he’s created a forum for all of these people to keep going and slagging each other and having a laugh with each other. Wow.

I’ve been awed by his work-ethic, inspired by his humility in person, got jealous watching the women melt with his charm (yeah I know but still) and have been lucky, really lucky to have met up with him outside of the Blog Awards chaos to have a chat.

The wild wild west of blogging has lost another maverick and hero. Pretty soon this place is going to be pretty tame and well-behaved. I’ll miss him more than he knows. Unless he reads this.