Pitching me – Notes for PR and Marketing people

I write this about pitching to me. Certainly not speaking on behalf of any other blogger.

  • Send me a personalised email if you want a response.
  • Read my site to see what I write about.
  • Do not add me to mailing lists.
  • This is a blog, not a newspaper or radio station. While it might be an ego boost to think I am at the stature of a trained journalist, I am not. Don’t hoodwink a client with this line or the “influencer” line.
  • Do not ever send me a press release without checking first. You will be marked as spam. It is not my job to sift through your PR bullshit to get a nugget of information. I do not have space to fill. Stop being lazy and saying “see release”.
  • If you send me products unsolicited, I will never blog about or Tweet them. In addition, offering me freebies “that you don’t need to send back” like phones, laptops or other services will ensure you will never get a mention on the blog or elsewhere. Same goes for giving me a discount on goods or services like restaurants. You might have me mixed up with someone else there.
  • Do not add me to mailing lists. This needs to be written a second time it seems.
  • Grow a pair if this offends you. It’s childish and unprofessional of you to get pissed off at this.
  • No I won’t come to a launch event, press conference or press trip.
  • Using the “but we’re a charity” line when your CEO is on 6 figures isn’t going to work.
  • No you can’t “guest Blog” on my site. Try your SEO bullshit elsewhere.