Want a Fluffy Link?

Many ask about the Fluffy links and how to be included. I generally find most topics in the links by reading websites during my daily online travels. Most Fluffy Link posts are written 48-12 hours before they’re posted. God be with the days when I was a week ahead!

People request Fluffy Links by emailing me or leaving comments. I generally will give a Fluffy Link if it interests me or I think people will find it interesting. I try to link to things of Irish interest first and then general interest. Interesting things from Irish bloggers come first.

Many seem to think that they can use my links as a way of gaming search engine rankings and ask me to write the linking phrase in certain ways. That won’t work.

Many also seem to think that if I linked to them once, that repeatedly emailing me all their latest blog posts is a sure way of getting linked to again. Can you see the problem there?

Eventually I might stick a form here but til then, just email me the request. But read this first.