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Fluffy Links – Wednesday September 19th 2012

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Digital Media for Business training in association with Cork Chamber.

Robot competition in Cork schools. Yeah!

All the last shows from Phantom. Sadface.

There I am, down the back.

What the Internet was built for. Busting Irish Psychics live and their stock photos.

Reminded of The Dark Knight. Control your fan’s smartphones screens at a gig. Love the idea.

Via Broadsheet Water Towers of Ireland.

Amazing lineup for this TV Drama conference in Galway in October.

William Gibson on The Stars, my destination.

Cloud Nothings – Wasted Days


Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Print installation by Eva McCauley in Wandesford Gallery

Printed scrims so they’re semi-transparent, move with the breeze that flows through the gallery. Quite beautiful and well worth standing around and soaking up. Faces float in and out of your view and clouds/sky depending on the angles you take to look at them. Lovely creative piece.


Fluffy Links – Friday September 14th 2012

Friday, September 14th, 2012

The Google Maps team, largely driven by Street View, is publishing more imagery data every two weeks than Google possessed total in 2006.

Dublin Laptop Orchestra. What a great idea.

The Women’s Aid Don’t be Afraid campaign is running at the moment. Powerful radio ads.

Do you want to have an input into the running of SpunOut? The SpunOut Youth Leadership Panel might be for you.

Nice visual breakdown of events on for Culture Night Cork on the 21st.

Roaratorio: an Irish Circus on Finnegans Wake was composed by John Cage in 1979 and realized in collaboration with sound engineer John David Fulleman

No Spill Blood – Junior. As played by James on Phantom.

We’re looking for sponsors for the Web Awards too btw.

So they sez to the Prez – Equality and accountability please

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

By the way old people in media: They’re called Young People, not the Lost Generation.

President Michael D. Higgins’ Being Young and Irish 2012 consultation workshops began today. The first of the roadshows took place in DIT Bolton Street this morning. More roadshows will be happening in Cork (September 15th), Monaghan (September 22nd) and Galway (September 29th) in the next while. The idea is getting Young People in a room and getting them to say what they think the country needs to do in the next while and where priorities should be. Groups proposed different ideas and then voted on them. Today they voted and said these are of importance or as the blurb said:

Then in plenary session the young people voted on their vision for Ireland and established, with the support of D.I.T. researchers, the top 10 most important aspects of that vision.

100 people (so far) are of the belief that equality and accountability are very important to the country. Here’s the full list.

  • 1a. Equality – gay marriage – gender – wage/salary = equality in Ireland*
  • 1b.Accountability – leaders – finance – systems – services – government
  • 3. A suitable completed education that includes special needs, life-skills, practical aspects, and is holistic
  • 4. Mental health and suicide ,awareness, mainstreaming. Bottom up approach and input from role models. Detachment of taboo
  • 5a. Cultural identity – recognition of importance of language, history and arts**
  • 5b. Accountable political system (reform) – participation structures, responsibility
  • 7. Move from apathy to proactive participation, youth-led change and innovation. Removal of jargon and buzz words in communication with youth
  • 8. Improvement in the planning and implementation of green technologies
  • 9. More opportunities and less exploitation in youth employment
  • 10. Secular society and Government

* got equal votes
** got equal votes

Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 4th 2012

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

OffSite. Tech Conference in the Celtic Ross Hotel. Thursday 27th of September.

Handy tool from Google to give you some marketing insights.

Hack4Europe Dublin 2012, Monday, 24 September.

The Dublin hackathon will bring together up to 30 developers from Ireland and other European countries in a two-day event. They will have access to the diverse Europeana collections – containing over 20 million records – throug

The more you buy into this Heaven idea, the higher the crime rate in your area, apparently. (Too easy a comment “Just ask the Vatican”)

Dublin Talks. Want to find out what Ireland’s next big idea is?

Each of our speakers will have just six minutes to tell the audience what their big idea is without the use of PowerPoint, notes or podiums.

Making something people love.

Hans Zimmer, where the magic happens. This is some creative space. And it gives us things like this that he did with Patrick Cassidy: