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Best of luck to Michele Neylon at Miss Ireland

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Representing Carlow I believe. Nice to see gender equality has reached the Miss Ireland show.

Eat, drink and be techie

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Bit late to the game on this but on Monday evening Paul Walsh is hosting a very interesting and what looks to be a very impressive evening called Curry 2.0 where a bunch of folks will compete with each other over good food by pitching their idea, not to a suit, but to a waiter. Sounds fun. There’s a nice lineup too. It being a school night, I won’t be able to go up there but were I able to I’d be going to this networking event. I think a few journalists might go along and I’m emailing a few I know to see are they interested.

Now back to Cork and on the topic of booze. Tom Raftery is hosting an OpenDrinks event on Saturday July 14th at which Jennifer Pahlka, one of the organisers of the European Web 2.0 Expo, will be attending.

Then there’s all those OpenCoffee events in Cork, Limerick and Dublin. Great to see more and more good networking events happen.

To Mr. Taxi Driver who damaged the Volvo at the train station and carried on

Friday, June 29th, 2007

I got your reg number and I got your taxi licence number and so does Angelsea Street Garda station now. I cannot believe that you carried on going after you scraped the side of your cab off the parked car. Yes everyone, the troublemaker is back.

For those new to my blog

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Hello and welcome etc, for those who have recently subscribed to this site and wonder is it always this quiet (in between DIGG submissions) then the answer is no. I’m away this week but generally this site is updated twice a day or more. Every weekday morning is a post known as the “Fluffy Links” which contains links to other sites of things that I find odd or interesting or interestingly odd. I can include embedded videos too. Around lunchtime then I tend to put up a post that uses a little more of my brainpower and engages the audience a bit more. Of late I have also been sticking up music videos later in the evening. So there you go, this is how it goes generally.

If you’re new to this blog, why not introduce yourself in the comments?

Meanwhile, if in Cork, go see this

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

They never froze Walt Disney.

Greets from Lisbon

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

I’m in Lisbon, thanks to HP. They must have spiked the water because I enjoyed a 3 hour talk about ink cartridges yesterday. Some really sound HP Ireland people here too. Now off to a talk on how to test printers and compare multiple brands.

Lisbon itself is unimpressive and a little grotty. More later.

Legend of 1900 Clips

Monday, June 25th, 2007

What’s lighter than fluffy I wonder? 3 clips from the movie The Legend of 1900. Second and Third must be watched together.

Random evening videos – June 23nd

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

Guns N’ Roses – Only Women Bleed (Alice Cooper Cover)

Guns N’ Roses – Patience and Imagine mixed together

Random evening videos – June 22nd

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Jesus Jones – International Bright Young Thing

Chemical Brothers – Do It Again. Their new album is the best in years. Very summery.

IBM releases “web 2.0” software packages for the Enterprise. Blogs, social bookmarking, wikis etc

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

IBM announced earlier this week on a conference call that they’re going all Web 2.0 and social with their Enterprise offerings. Blogs, wikis, collaboration spaces for staff and customers, social bookmarking (called dogears) and a few more bits and pieces. They’ll also be releasing mash-up software for Enterprises. Are they doing what Microsoft should have been doing since Ray Ozzie came on-board?

  • IBM Lotus Connections — the industry’s first integrated social software for business features a suite of five Web 2.0-based components. They include the most popular social networking uses such as: social bookmarking and tagging, rich directories including skills and projects, activity dashboards, collaboration among like-minded communities, and web logs or blogging. By making it faster and easier to find experts across the organisation, bring together diverse teams around a common point of interest and access information previously qualified by others, Lotus Connections helps people save time and avoid duplication in their daily work.
  • IBM Lotus Quickr — an open standards-based team collaboration tool that helps teams inside and outside a company firewall easily and effectively work together across geographies, work styles and operating systems. It offers a rich set of team collaboration capabilities, including blogs, wikis and team space templates supporting a variety of business processes to get a collaboration project up and running quickly.
  • IBM WebSphere Commerce — the industry-leading commerce software incorporates new Web 2.0 capabilities to more closely align with consumers’ natural shopping experiences and help decrease the incidence of abandoned shopping carts through rich and contextual shopping features. The new features in WebSphere Commerce Web 2.0 Store Solution include rich Internet applications such as an interactive catalog to enable shoppers to narrow down choices by filtering products or services with attributes most important to them.

    Additionally, this store solution includes a single-page checkout to let shoppers view the real-time impact of intended purchases and then recalculate the cost of alternate products and shipping choices to help speed up the buying-decision process. These Web 2.0 capabilities are changing the on-line shopping metaphor from static, catalogue-driven experiences to dynamic, customer-driven ones.

And now for the mashups:

IBM is previewing an Info 2.0 suite of integrated products that enables organisations to easily catalogue, combine, transform and remix any type of data and content by drawing on the industry’s widest variety of enterprise data sources and a vast array of Web data and content.

If this continues Scrapblog is deffo going to be acquired by another company.