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If Aaron Sorkin could write for Obama

Monday, June 18th, 2012

In his own words:

For instance, you need the wealthiest people to pay higher taxes. Why not frame it as a patriotic sacrifice? Why not say that for generations now, it has been mostly the sons and daughters of working-class families who have fought our wars for us, with many of them paying the ultimate sacrifice? This is a national emergency now, because of what happened in 2008, and we’re going to call on a different group of Americans to make a patriotic sacrifice. We need you, for a certain amount of time, to pay an additional 4 percentage points, to simply go back to the Clinton tax rates. It’s not going to hurt, and we’re all going to appreciate it. Why not sell it that way? I would have suggested that, but there would have been nineteen people in the room smarter than I am. I don’t believe for a second that nobody thought of that—I just believe I’m not smart enough to figure out the reason it wouldn’t work.

the background sound to every nerd’s house

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

24 hours of ambient sound from the Starship Enterprise.

Miriam O’Callaghan intros report on Death of Blogging

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Totally awesome video I must say. Update: Yes, Charlie Brooker’s newswipe was the inspiration for this.

And Miriam is on Twitter now.

Best Blog Awards photo so far.

Using YouTube in Ireland to market your product/service

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

You might have seen the stats going around about usage of YouTube in Ireland with 131,000 Irish people using it daily. They do a lot of searches and watch a lot of videos. Right now hardly any companies see YouTube as a way to market their products or services but it is being used very well in other countries and will only be a matter of time before it is used here. Much like Google Ads show up at the side of search results, “Promoted” aka sponsored videos show up on the right hand side when you search for certain topics. Like so:

YouTube Promoted ads in Ireland

Last week Google/YouTube switched on promoted videos for Ireland. While Irish companies were already running marketing campaigns on YouTube, many were doing so by using an American credit card and postal address due to silly Google rules. (The web is global dearest Google) So now you can promote your business using video inside in YouTube. This might be a handy way of giving an initial push for a new ad you put online and where momentum and virality will spread it after a short period, meaning you save money.

While Americans can do this via YouTube itself, us lot have to use the Google Adwords interface to do it. Still it’s pretty easy.

Sign in to AdWords
Create a new ad, choosing “Display Ad Builder”.
Inside in Display Ad Builder, go to “Video” and choose the “YouTube Promoted Videos” template.

YouTube Promoted ads in Ireland

Choose the text that will be used to describe your video.
Choose your video.

Like everything else Google Ad wise, you can pay per click for this. You can also send them to your YouTube channel and see can you convert them into subscribers thus building a longterm relationship with people. You don’t need high productions values either. Do cheap videos with a Zi6/Zi8 or a mobile.

After an awful week in Ireland filled with nasty news…

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Comes a Facebook Group to appreciate a fun kid that was on the Late Late Toy Show. I must say it was nice to be entertained for a few hours tonight without having dark humour, violence or explosions being there to do it. With floods and all the horrible stuff about Church and State collusions, the Late Late Toy show was a welcome break for a stressed nation. Ryan Tubridy did very well. His team too.

2400+ people have joined the I want Johnjoe from the Late Late Toy Show to fix my clocks Group on Facebook already in the past two and a bit hours and the vast majority are pouring out positivity to the kid. We’ve had a long long week of bile and outrage, nice to see we can push out friendliness too. Love this comment:

Whatta sweetie pie!! I want him from santa!! You just feel like picking him up and placing him on you knee and asking him what NAMA is!!

Update on 28 Nov, here’s the video piece:

Pat Kenny and RTE Frontline: Audience member goes defcon 5

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Welcome to the new media world. Minutes after Pat Kenny gets abuse from an audience member and it’s on YouTUbe:

Update: Higher quality version:

I’m now off to sue an old woman about a field…

Barnardos Short Film to air on TV tomorrow

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Haunting music by James McMorrow. The song deserves to be number 1.

The short film is based on the real stories of those Barnardos work with. Names changed and actors used obviously. Read the stories on

it found me

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Usual story. Focus group, college kid asked how he consumes news and all the rest. Then he says: If the news is that important, it will find me.

It’s a phrase that’s used again and again to frighten some people and inspire others. It’s used in every JESUSCHRISTDOSOMETHING style presentation on new media. Still, there’s a growing number of people (young and old) that don’t buy papers, don’t watch the Angelus and the news after it. They find out through other sources about news, entertainment, content, recommendations, truth, lies etc. News before came from news filters like the Irish Times and Radio 1, now they come from text messages (remember Roy Keane and Saipan?), Facebook, Twitter (Michael Jackson dies, the Luas crash), (Leaving Cert English Paper 2) and the list goes on.

On Saturday morning I found out the Lisbon result through Echofon which is a Twitter client on my iPhone. As results came in from different count centres, the news came via people I’m subscribed to on Twitter. I don’t subscribe to news outlets on Twitter. People at count centres. People connected to people at count centres. I then watched Enda Kenny, Gerry Adams and all the rest give speeches at the gates of Dublin Castle not via TV or Radio but via the iPhone of Alexia Golez who used the QIK video recording and streaming application to broadcast out to the world.

This is not the future of news but it is a future. Alexia was also there when Seán Haughey experienced that silent protest. With newspapers and radio stations (bye bye INN) slashing costs and staff, then the general people on the street can be there when news happens and deliver it to their network without a news infrastructure. Unwashed ruffians that they are. If your network is relied on for even more news and trusted recommendations, what happens to PR, to broadcast news, to advertising and marketing?

This was definitely my first news event without ever going to a radio or reading a news website. Very much not the last.

TV shows of note – As suggested by you

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Been asking on Twitter what TV shows you thought were worth watching. My own comments added.

Mad Men is now a given. Glee too. (I’m in love with Glee at the moment)

Others suggested were:
True Blood (watched Series 1, meh to be honest)
Generation Kill (Bloody amazing)
Breaking Bad (Saw two episodes and saw it as just Weeds)

Cougar Town

Flash Forward

Peep Show
Damages (Series 1 was ok, 2 bored me quickly)
Nurse Jackie (great first few episodes but grows boring)
Lipstick Jungle

Any others?

As you wish – Princess Bride Twitter evening, August 13th

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

If you’re interested, a few of us Twitter folk are having a Princess Bride Twitter evening on Thursday August 13th at 8pm. At 8pm on the button we all press play on the DVD in our drives and start watching while sharing the experience (i.e. comment loudly) on Twitter. The event was party inspired by Graham Linehan’s Bad Movie night, except this is a very good movie but was more inspired by the Irish Twitter community who gather around their TVs from time to time and with their laptops exchange comments with each other about whatever is on the box. It’s a fun shared experience.

I was thinking the hashtag for the event could be: #asyouwish

Update: Sign up to attend via Facebook.

Life is good
Photo owned by (cc)

Anyone can take part but you might just want a DVD copy of the movie to fully enjoy it. Why not bring friends along too to take part in this, like a cult maybe we can convert people into The Princess Bride.

If you’d like to take part stick your name down in the comments or if you’d like to host a watching party in your gaff, do so too.