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Monday, December 31st, 2012

Not a list of things as such. Random tab closing for the year.

All of Suzy Byrne’s posts of 2012 were worth reading. Low volume, top content. Like this.

In Digital, I think Kieran Flanagan had the most influence on what I read in digital. Rabbit holes were dived down into from his own content and links to others.

Alan Rice’s gotcha for the Psychic’s live was brilliant.

Broadsheet was a multi-visited place for me daily in 2012. I really expected them to do well at the Web Awards but hey, I only run them and (badly at that according to the accounts).

Jim Carroll had his hand in many pies in 2012 and again sent me on wondrous journeys from his links and the music he played on Phantom.

General Assembly was my favourite new learning model for 2012. Handy stuff that you pay for and respect.

Internationally Daring Fireball and Kottke were about the only feeds I subscribed to. But worth it.

Music. I went back to radio. Maybe it was because I wasn’t at any main computer but many but streaming 2FM, Lyric and Phantom was my 2012 music. With Jim and Pearl gone from Phantom, I stopped listening to them though. And the breakfast show turned into some kind of smashy and nicey post-ironic mess too.

Twitter has become the front and back channel. While media didn’t want to cover stories for monetary (fear of being sued to death) or editorial reasons, Twitter became a distributor of “alternative” content and even when there was self censorship, the DM backchannel was used well to distribute news. Like that of the over-the-top cease and desists from … oh you know who 🙂

Roll on 2013. Odd numbered years are better.

Fluffy Links – December 23rd 2012

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Want a Facebook Detox for your Business in 2013? Facebook for Business class January 23rd, 2013, Dublin.

Parenthetical Girls – “Rejoice! Rejoice!”. Their take on a Christmas tune.

Conor has some interesting stocking fillers. I’ll probably go for the rucksack.

Santa, his anatomy in 3D. (iPhone, iPad app)

Mobile Report from Thinkhouse PR. Survey of 600+ people.

App store for the Raspberry Pi. Good move this.

Your brain on all kinds of drugs. Smoking and memory is interesting.

Every Red and Yellow Alert analysed for Star Trek: TNG.

Steve Reich

Christmas Movies to watch in 2012/2013

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Ones to watch every year really, any others to consider?

Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Home Alone
Santa Claus The Movie
Where Eagles Dare
Bad Santa
Love Actually
Willy Wonka (Original not Charlie)

Wizard of Oz
Miracle on 34th

Further Edit:
Trading Places,
James Bond,
A Charlie Brown Christmas,
Hook, The Snowman,
Citizen Kane,
Wonderful Life

More edits:
The Champ
The Apartment
Great Escape
Big, The Goonies, Swiss Family Robinson, Son of Paleface, You’ve Got Mail
Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Dr. Zhivago
Tokyo Godfathers
Jason and the Argonots
Princess Bride
Sound of Music
When Harry Met Sally
Surviving Christmas

Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 18th 2012

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Got some tree decorations made for Christmas. Twitter birds Rick, not a prawn.

Wayra are looking for more companies to join their very cool incubator. Sign up here.

Good advice from Arnie on politics and business, no really.

Treasa is trying to document all those “Eire” markings on coastal areas around Ireland during World War II.

Smile Exchange. Not sure was it Hooley or someone else but one of them used to collect all the tar from factories for free and then came up with an idea on how to use it.

The premise behind the SMILE network is that one businesses waste or unused resource could become another businesses raw material resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship which saves both operating or disposal costs and procurement costs.

Batman, evolution of the logos.

Jimmy’s End from Alan Moore (yes that one) and Mitch Jenkins.

Video from Young Chef of the Year:

Such Great Heights:

Fluffy Links – Sunday December 9th 2012

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Beaumont Hospital Foundation has launched “Silver Bells”. People can buy a silver bell on their website, leave a message with it and the bell and the message are shipped to the address you designate.

The Improvised Panto in the Cork Opera House is fantastic. Jaw-achingly funny.

In Dublin? Why not go see the Pony Panto.

Open Source and constraints. Constraints are good.

Bubble wrap to ease the pain of waiting for buses. Distracting people so they don’t get frustrated as much.

After watching a few episodes of Mind of a Chef, have to say I found it particularly boring. Chang is a crazy, creative guy, this show seems to be him tasting food and doing product placements.

Voices from the Front Line is being streamed tonight on RTÉ Digital.

The Secret History of Secondhand books.

Radioactive Zombies and Gung Ho snowmen, yeah it’s Sufjan Stevens and a Christmas video:

Fluffy Links – Monday December 3rd 2012

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

I Hate My Voice. Radio documentary from Rosaleen McDonagh. It’s worth spending the 15 minutes to take this in.

TG Lurgan app “has selection of contemporary Irish language music videos alongside tutorial videos on learning Gaeilge”

How Obama raked in $250M in donations.

Seven Courses of Pig. Yes yes yes. This would also be a great band name.

Hill she or won’t she? Hillary 2016 or doing a last lap of her supporters? She’s here on Thursday!

Nobody is stealing the Pepper Pots. Theft shows you people like your stuff?

Robotic overlords. Now in mini spy-drone sizes.


DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.