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Fluffy Links – July 30th 2011

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Declan Burke, or as we know him: Declan Burke, has a new book out called Absolute Zero Cool.

Digital subscriptions for the FT are the main growth area for them. Kind of makes sense. Good content seems to get subscriptions.

Aww, kid gets lost at a conference, goes straight to a superhero for help.

Angel Tube station has a thought of the day on their notice board and now it goes online.

A flying unmanned drone that can crack into your wifi or mobile. William Gibson will love it.

A few ways to simplify sign-ups/forms.

Colours – Grouplove

Fluffy Links – Sunday July 10th 2011

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

The network defeats the hierarchy.

Brian O’Driscoll. His brand and how he protects it. Absolutely compelling piece from MKC about BOD’s sponsorships. You again have more respect for the man after reading it. are giving away 1 Total Google Adwords Account Optimisation every 2 weeks for a limited period.

From the people that brought us Cava in Galway is Aniar. Looks good. Missed out on getting to it the other night.

Percolate. Nice idea to filter links from Twitter etc into easy reading.

Onesheet, the new MySpace, the new SoundCloud?

At last, Blair is blunt about Gordon Brown killing New Labour. We’ll forget the Iraq lies though…

Deaf Dogs trained in sign language.

Fluffy Links – Sunday July 3rd 2011

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Róisín Dubh is an original 3-issue comic book series out in Ireland right now.

And on comics. Irish Comic News.

Some great music to check out from Cian Nugent.

I’m fascinated by Amazon, a company that seems very switched on to what they’re doing and have built a lot of new technology to do what needs to be done to push themselves forward. You rarely hear of anyone bar Bezos and Wogels their tech guy but there has to be a whole ship of clever people in there. Here I like this interview with Bezos about trying things out and learning what happens. Thinking ahead 6-7 years as well is fascinating.

Hacking Gamification. Presentation from Kleiner Perkins on Gamification. While the g word is totally abused these days, it’s still worth looking at for all startups.

Colourmusic – Yes

Via Suzy, The Others

“The Others” from Laura Maye on Vimeo.

Fluffy Links – Friday July 1st 2011

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Robot Flaneur. Tune into a city via Google Streetview. Randomly be transported to another part of the city to discover.

Mangina Jones doing two shows in Project Arts next month.

News/media. Flow and stock ideas.

Congrats to who got 1.1M visitors in Q2 2011. Hard slog is worth it.

Twitter for newsrooms. Handy resource.

Violent video games are free speech in California. Sex is not.

Vodafone has commissioned the Vodafone Collective @ Live at the Marquee and this video has someone doing a painting, on a model.