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Fluffy Links – March 29th 2012

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

It’s March 29th already!

These aren’t so much Fluffy Links as tabs being closed and rammed in here.

Lots of people talked about the South by SouthWest keynote by Bruce Springsteen. It’s worth soaking up every single minute of the 50 odd minutes he spoke and riffed and sang. Shame they took the damned thing off YouTube except for some excerpts. For those not fans of him, you will be after this. For those already fans, you’ve watched it and had your heads pop already. Music insights, creativity insights, life insights. Anyone that wants to know about creativity should watch this. Here’s just one small bit. You can read the keynote here.

“There’s no right way, no pure way of doing it – there’s just doing it.”

You’ve seen the RTÉ Sport 404 page yeah?

Ever wanted to know what the bosses of “charities” in Ireland get as salaries? Most of them are on 100-130k with some on even more. Plus expenses. Remember that when some asshoe chugger bleats at you asking for a hug.

The big fashion brands are starting to sell directly online and not just do the sell to retailers who resell. Not a new concept but new for so many of them.

Issac Newton’s life via Google Earth. Great idea.

Robert Wyatt interview, another amazing and insightful man

Alternatives to Yahoo! Site Explorer.


Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Via Derek in Phantom

Fluffy Links – Sunday March 18th 2012

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

I’m going to try and tone down the social media links and stats here and have them mostly show up over on

The Bord Gais Energy Social Media Awards are now open for nominations until March 26th. Get cracking kids!

The Irish Abroad. Special online edition of Morning Ireland.

Tom Nixon is back blogging and talking about social businesses in South America.

The Danish Government have a one-pager on their Ministers and their social media profiles. And in Ireland we have a Minister being schooled on copyright by men wearing plastic bags on their faces.

Twitter Ireland are hiring.

Want to make your Powerpoints pop? Duarte now doing *nice* diagram clip art for Powerpoint and Keynote.

Love this clip from Joss Whedon about the way he writes and him wondering why Jessica Fletcher isn’t going insane when she realises death follows her everywhere. Go directly to min 3.35 for the quote.

Fluffy Links – Monday March 12th 2012

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Great post from Martha Rotter on long-form reading.

Techovate Wexford. (Disc: I am helping them out with coverage) The biggest tech companies in an amazingly beautiful venue – Wexford Opera House.

Some social media facts and links.

Facebook has their own printing press. Of course. Love it.

Great interview with David Hieatt co-founder of the Do Lectures and now running a denim company in Wales.

On the company:

Our aim is to get 400 people their jobs back, so we have a long way to go. We have 396 to go.

On living life:

I think the important thing is to be yourself. That way you don’t have to act, you never get found out, and you don’t have to lie to yourself or anyone else. It is much easier this way.

Rules that chuggers are meant to adhere to. Of course they change their rules to suit them.

TED and Improv Anywhere.

On creativity and where ideas come from.

How the Daily Mail uses SEO wisely.

Breton – Interferene

Fluffy Links – Monday March 5th 2012

Monday, March 5th, 2012

NY Times piece about doing business in China or Russia. Leave all electronics at home as you’ll be snooped on/hacked.

eircom Start Up. Video pitch about your business. Winner gets 2.3k in telecoms credit and gear.

And on eircom. Revealing data on their three strikes rule which they have told the Govt they do not like and doesn’t protect their customers enough.

Great data and insight on how to use Kickstarter exceptionally.

3D Printer prices from various manufacturers. In a few years you’ll be using Pirate Bay to download designs to print on your 3D printers.

What else is needed for startups in Ireland? Dylan Collins weighs in.

Tabs on Facebook are shite and the new changes kind of reflect that.

There’s a whitepaper for the Social Media Awards out. We interviewed winners from the 2011 event and compiled them together. Worth a gawk.

A word that gets you wrecked