Fluffy Links – Monday March 12th 2012

Great post from Martha Rotter on long-form reading.

Techovate Wexford. (Disc: I am helping them out with coverage) The biggest tech companies in an amazingly beautiful venue – Wexford Opera House.

Some social media facts and links.

Facebook has their own printing press. Of course. Love it.

Great interview with David Hieatt co-founder of the Do Lectures and now running a denim company in Wales.

On the company:

Our aim is to get 400 people their jobs back, so we have a long way to go. We have 396 to go.

On living life:

I think the important thing is to be yourself. That way you don’t have to act, you never get found out, and you don’t have to lie to yourself or anyone else. It is much easier this way.

Rules that chuggers are meant to adhere to. Of course they change their rules to suit them.

TED and Improv Anywhere.

On creativity and where ideas come from.

How the Daily Mail uses SEO wisely.

Breton – Interferene

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