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Fluffy Links – Friday August 27th 2010

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Dublin Tweasure is back on for the final time on September 25th. It’s a treasure hunt around Dublin. Prizes, running, competing against friends. Clues sent out via Twitter.

You can listen or purchase the new Sufjan Stevens album now.

Love how Nick McGivney gets Morning Ireland and Newstalk Breakfast to compete for his listening on Twitter.

Conor O’Neill shows us how to get Facebook Places working here.

Liable because you Googled it? This is an interesting one. So the ex HP boss Googles for someone, sees her past, does nothing about it which results in him getting the chop.

Not long to go before nominations close for the Web Awards.

Reeling in the Years is officially on YouTube and what a great start to this video with Pee Flynn:

Beirut played Tripod the other night and were rather excellent. Sean Penn liked them too:

I am

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

New eircom mobile network (eMobile) to launch in October?

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Because adding a question mark means when you’re proved wrong you can say it was just an inquiry, not solid fact.

Adrian Weckler covered the pending launch of the new eircom mobile phone network this autumn.

A little digging and we see that they are kitting out new stores all around the country. The planning permission on a store on Patrick’s Street/Opera Lane in Cork states it’s for eircom. A quick search on Recruit Ireland finds the job listings. The perks pretty much tell you it’s eircom. What’s interesting is that the jobs start at the end of the month and you’ll get three weeks training. That would mean that the new staff are ready to go at the end of September.

The TIF conference (big telco industry back slapathon) is early October too. It would be good to have that launched at or before it and soak up the buzz.

The name didn’t fit right with me, so I dug more. Corporates already work with Eircom Mobile. hasn’t been registered though. Lots of other ones are however.

Lots of playing on the CRO website for business names and we see that eMobile is a business name for eircom. is owned by eircom but has been for a long while it seems. And then there’s the emobileie account on Twitter. But eircomMobile exists too.

So I think we’re on track for an October launch and a possible name is eMobile. Or maybe e-Mobile. But it could also be Eircom Mobile. I’d prefer eMobile.

Fluffy Links – Thursday 19th of August 2010

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

So what should Michele do with his body bag that arrived in the post. (Unused)

Need voiceovers. Chat to this bloke.

Edelman is looking for a Senior Account Executive.

The Affiliate and Performance Marketing Conference is having a roadshow in Dublin next week. Free to attend.

New blogs: Foodie one! A Food Awakening.

Backbench Revolt.

Some nice savings in Cork for takeaways with Just Eat.

Making Bacon. No really.

Nice idea. Cards to help you get a job.

Got an email about Temple House Festival, Temple House estate near Ballymote in Sligo from 10-12 September. Over 80 acts – 4 Stages – 3 Days. Lineup: Howard Jones – The Undertones – Reef – The Wailers – The Stunning – Damien Dempsey – The Walls – New Young Pony Club – The Saw Doctors – Terry Hall (DJ set) – Peter Hook (DJ set) – Donal Dineen

The Rehab Waterways Adventure, in Association with Bord na Móna, Sets sail Saturday, 21st August and sails around the inland waterways of Ireland for the next 2 weeks, finishing at Carrrick on Shannon on Saturday, 4th September.

The Far Side show on Phantom can now be streamed. Nice one.

Via Derek in Phantom is King Charles.

Trad for Trócaire. In association with Comhaltas Ceoiltóirí Eireann Trócaire are encouraging people all over the country to hold fundraising trad sessions in aid of Trócaire.

Fluffy Links – Monday August 16th 2010

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Suzy Byrne drives a tank over the idea that marriage is the ultimate goal for gay couples.

Fran Hollywood talks about their Facebook Page on their blog. Why not like their Page?

Realex Web Awards are on October 16th, 2010. Venue is the Mansion House.

New wedding set it up to highlight beautiful and interesting ideas to inspire Irish brides and grooms.

New blog: Juleser’s blog.

IGAP is back again. Great programme for Irish Web companies. It’d be great if the calibre of speakers from last year was attained. Videos of the talks would be great too.

Together against Discrimination Journalism Award and European Year Journalist Award 2010 – more prizes worth a few grand.

Amazing video of the work that went into a decanter many deacanter many decades ago.

Via Stephen O’Leary. Roger Federer does William Tell.

Fluffy Links – Friday August 13th 2010

Friday, August 13th, 2010

This is Pop Baby’s Electric Picnic lineup is pretty packed itself.

Some handy Facebook marketing tips for NGOs from Conor Byrne.

Music in the Historic Quarter is an outdoor music trail and event programme which takes place throughout Dublin’s Historic Quarter from 21 August to 1 September 2010.

Foursquare now have a store where you can buy physical Foursquare badges or just t-shirts.

So putting asterisks over letters in a curse word doesn’t make them less sweary it seems. Starring out letters drives me mad. Say it or don’t.

Liking the trailer for this iPad game: The Incident.

Lots of politicians and journos abusing the phrase “ahead of”.

Kids do give a damn about privacy. They’re probably more switched on than the adults who spent so much time “thinking about the children”.

Digital Marketing Diplomas and FETAC

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Both the IIA/Irish Times/Prosperity and the Digital Marketing Institute have been press releasing and posting about their FETAC Diplomas. As well as emailing me asking to blog them.

After checking with FETAC it turns out these Diplomas are not FETAC approved just some component of them. Anyone that knows FETAC know how strict they are on this use of their logo and name to sell courses like these.

An email from the Digital Marketing Institute stated “FETAC Accredited Diploma in Digital Marketing” so that got me wondering.

This was their site earlier:

Digital Marketing Institute FETAC

And their Twitter:

Digital Marketing Institute FETAC on Twitter

Since changed to this, though note the website address:

Digital Marketing Institute FETAC update

Press releases sent out though with this line too, which some outlets picked up without checking. All news to FETAC.

Update: This was the DMI take on FETAC a week or so ago

So, how come some of the Diploma in Digital Marketing courses that you will see listed claim to be FETAC accredited? They are not! What that training company is doing is saying that the course is accredited by virtue of the fact that the company is accredited to deliver a DIFFERENT FETAC accredited course. For example, the Digital Marketing Institute could apply to FETAC for accreditation for, say, a Microsoft Excel course – there we could proudly announce that we are FETAC accredited.

But perhaps this would be a bit disingenuous, don’t you think?

Image link.

Then this is from the IIA website:
Digital Marketing Diploma IIA FETAC

and from their press release:

Diploma in Digital Marketing to launch in September

An exciting new Diploma in Digital Marketing with FETAC accreditation (level
5 minor award) is about to launch in September.

So yes, keep your eyes open for organisations claiming to do diplomas with FETAC accreditation. I worked with some orgs that worked with FETAC for training courses and they worked their backsides off to get accreditation. Very disappointing then to have this kind of thing happen. I’ve been asked numerous times about my views on these courses too so might as well put it down here: Some of the lecturers on them are very good. Right now there doesn’t appear to be better alternatives out there. And there’s your business opportunity right there.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday 11th August 2010

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

The Glucksman Gallery in Cork are looking for interns.

Jolt Games versus Chuck Norris. Chuck no likey.

it@cork members can win a place on a 4 day project Management Course worth €1250 by it@cork member Velopi. Didn’t they do that song about JCBs?

Good post from Mumblin’ on Jim’s blog about the realities of the music industry.

This is an iPad holder I’d love. Sits into it to become an old style TV.

Some handy accessories/apps for taking photos with the iPhone.

12 classical musicians use their heartbeats to control in real time a computer composition and visualization environment.

Via Bookslut 20 classic works of gay literature. Nope, not read one.

Plan B – Prayin’

Des Bishop more fun on a holiday than Tommy Bowe or BOD?

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Via a survey from

Most popular male celebs to holiday with (Irish):

1. Colin Farrell
2. Des Bishop
3. Tommy Bowe
4. Brian O’Driscoll
5. Any member of Westlife

While Kathryn Thomas beats Grainne Seoige and Sharon Ní Bheolan?

See full survey results here.

Fluffy Links – Monday August 9th 2010

Monday, August 9th, 2010

New blog (to me) from Humphrey Jones. “More Stress, Less Success is a blog about being a teacher – a busy one.”

Nice app for Cork Tourism. Top ten places to check out.

Fancy that. Load of wine bars in West Cork now. Totally agree with the dislike of laminated menus.

Sales of tea, ham and batch bread soar as GAA season reaches climax.

Facebook Questions has an Easter Egg! Love it.

Book for adults done as a kids book. All my friends are dead.

Via the brilliant Berg Blog. A ball controlled by moving your phone.

Via Fabulist: Sarah Blasko – No Turning Back