Fluffy Links – Friday August 13th 2010

This is Pop Baby’s Electric Picnic lineup is pretty packed itself.

Some handy Facebook marketing tips for NGOs from Conor Byrne.

Music in the Historic Quarter is an outdoor music trail and event programme which takes place throughout Dublin’s Historic Quarter from 21 August to 1 September 2010.

Foursquare now have a store where you can buy physical Foursquare badges or just t-shirts.

So putting asterisks over letters in a curse word doesn’t make them less sweary it seems. Starring out letters drives me mad. Say it or don’t.

Liking the trailer for this iPad game: The Incident.

Lots of politicians and journos abusing the phrase “ahead of”.

Kids do give a damn about privacy. They’re probably more switched on than the adults who spent so much time “thinking about the children”.

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday August 13th 2010”

  1. Incident is worth buying. Great fun with an old-school Game & Watch charm. It’s really interesting the way risks come from the top and (mostly) rewards come from the bottom. Really simple and clever.

  2. Seeing asterixed swearwords always just drew my eye. It looks like this is also dawning on advertising companies.

    Excellent to hear that significant numbers of “the yoof” give a damn about their privacy. Online stuff can and does come back to haunt people and it’s great to see growing awareness of this.