Go Go Enterprise Ireland!

I’m not being sarcastic here. Two things, no actually three things that EI deserves recognition for.

1. Innovation Vouchers. I got mine during the week. Really excited about them. Getting friends to get theirs too. Right now, in these very odd financial times, they’re a boon.

2. EI sent around an email around today talking up loads of Irish Web 2.0 companies including: PollDaddy, Contrast, dotMobi, Muzu TV, Nooked, Dial2Do, LouderVoice, PutPlace, Finetuna, Abaltat, RevaHealth, Toddle, IGOpeople, Hosting365, Sxoop Technologies

3. The Enterprise Ireland Silicon Valley blog. For a such a dinosaur of an entity, this blog is disruptive. Not for those that see EI from the outside, or those in the inside but also because blogging disrupts the blogger. Blogging has changed the way I write, the way I research and even the way I am. Watch out Jack!

I’m sure there are lots more things they should be praised for and I’m one that has given out about them a lot, a hell of a lot but I think we should give them as much praise as we can for at least the three items above. Go sub to the blog and give them kudos for it!

Update: That EI newsletter

5 Responses to “Go Go Enterprise Ireland!”

  1. MJ says:

    Ha ha, I love this, you’re so fair. After (our) ranting in Galway last month about EI and their environs here you are giving them respect about what they do do right. Yes I know I just typed “do do.” You’re a good & fair man Mr Mulley…

  2. Ed Byrne says:

    Hi Damian, I didn’t see that EI mail – could you FWD to me? Interested in the text!

  3. Caelen says:

    Would you mind forwarding it to me as well please.

  4. Mike Brennan says:

    Hi Damien, would you mind forwarding the email on to me too.

  5. Damien says:

    Lads, it’s linked at the bottom of the post now.

    @MJ ta very much