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See you on the other side – 2007 edition

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Off out I go to get merry and toast riddance to 2007. I hope to see you all on the other side. Thanks for making this site and me a better person. If a little louder. 🙂


Monday, December 31st, 2007

To be clear, I won’t stop using any word for the sake of another, no matter how unPC it is. If my words are upsetting, what about my ideas? will continue to use the following nasty and insulting words in 2008. cunt, vagina, fag, bastard, shit, fuck, feck, eamon ryan, motherfucker, tits, spa, langer and many many more.

Fluffy Links – New Years eve 2007

Monday, December 31st, 2007

An Post opens back up in April?

Handy list from Sinéad on her top 2007 albums. I am still of the belief that The National’s “Boxer” album is woeful self-indulgent tripe. Yet everyone else disagrees. *shrug*

Why are they boycotting Bock?

Like we need more ammo to think Glen Handard is a dick. He compares himself to a shamen and shits down on Ireland.

Love this photo.

Everything you wanted to know about VRM and data storage.

A sign saying watch out for the sign!


That’s how low he can and did go:

Little Fluffy Clouds:

The Irish yet again miss another obvious opportunity

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

So this writers strike in Hollywood/America. No shows can be made if they don’t have writers. Heroes, Lost and loads more are going to be delayed. While Letterman has done a deal with his writers, the main strike is going to go on and on. Where is the IDA on this? Why are they not showing ABC, NBC and CBS what we can offer them. Let’s export all the quality shows we have out there and even create spinoffs.

Fair City L.A.
Fair City is SHIT
Bella, Leo, Jimmeeeeeeh and whoeverthefuckelse is on that show take a trip out there. And fit in. But all written and filmed in Ireland. The setmakers already make it seem like Carrigstown is realer than real so L.A. should be just as easy to copy on to shaky wooden frames.

But there’s more!
But hell, with P.S., I’m a Retard doing so well and Irish accents being all hot again, let’s give them quality stuff. Glenroe. Dinny and Miley and Fanny and Biddie and endsinYie and their Billy Barry kids with D4 accents.

Then to feed their habit, let’s unleash Bracken on them. No, not the fella, the show.

And the game shows
Where in the World (book still available for 200 sterling) and Head 2Toe should be exported out to Lala land too. (Aside: I would have thought Fustar had some Theresa Lowe stuff but alas no.)

We have tonnes of stuff that we could ship over. What else could we send over? We’ve not even started on the quality from TV Three.

Phil O’Kane Photography Exhibition

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Phil is doing an exhibition. Go along if you’re about Belfast

Phil O'Kane Photography exhibition

I want this for Christmas (next year) – Tenori-on

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

and I can be the next Aphex Twin or just make the next Radiohead album. If Sigur Ros decided to be all electronica, they’d use one of these on their album and not instruments made out of dead sheep and rocks.

It’s called the Tenori-on

Showreel style demo:

Longer demo:

Blog Awards 2008 – Nominations have started

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Start your engines.

New nomination system, new judging system and a restriction on the number of categories you can be nominated in. This means there’s more chance for smaller blogs to get through and combined with no public vote this year, it means it’s not a popularity contest that gets you to the second round. So, to be clear, all nominated blogs will get judged in round 1 and whittled down and some will go forward to round 2 where the judging gets a lot tougher. Good luck!

Satire once again is more real that reality – Tobacco Industry

Friday, December 28th, 2007

As a Christmas treat I bought Thank you for Smoking:

And then I read this on the tobacco industry going all social-networky and deliciously evil too. They’re making videos of celebrities talking about why smoking is great and building a social network so employees all around the world can exchange ideas on how to market cigarettes.

The first video shows a series of photos of celebrity smokers before posing a blunt question: “And your thoughts on the smoking ban?” A young woman with wispy blond hair gazes back solemnly toward the camera: “It’s brilliant because people will stop smoking as a habit.”

Seconds later, she appears again. “If you smoke,” she adds with a faint smile, pressing a cigarette to her lips, “it’s for pleasure.”

Le Lab, an internal Web site at Altadis, is meant to be part social networking site, part data resource, part virtual pep rally. The intended audience for the site — which started in the fall — is several hundred Altadis brand managers who could use a little inspiration as cafes and restaurants around the world continue to push users of the company’s products out the door.

“The cigarette market is very difficult to work with all the legal restrictions, and we have very few tools to communicate with our brands,” said Karine Boure, the marketing manager for Altadis. “One objective of our project was to bring more insight to our marketing team so that they could be more effective, and we saw the lab as a way to pick up more ideas. That’s why it’s important to find innovative ways of working.”

Read the full article.

Fluffy Links – Friday December 28th 2007

Friday, December 28th, 2007

If you are interested in running an NGO, a charity or a lobby group then this blog post and guide is going to be fantastically helpful.

Check out Patrick James’ very new blog.

Airport security me hole. They left Rick O’Shea on a flight with his …

Using Linux and accessing the IE loving Revenue Online Service.

Want to send your AIB Branch an email? Be nice for someone to autogenerate the email addresses. All Web2.0Ajaxy 🙂

You can now manage your mySpace communications from inside Facebook. How long before we can manage communications of everything inside that or maybe inside GMail or some other universal communications panel. Eh Meebo? 🙂

Cute USB eraser.

God bless, they just saved me 150 quid on insurance.

Via Twenty, this is cool:

The “Dear L drivers, shut the fuck up and take the damned test” Facebook group now has 613 members

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

The Learner Driver’s Facebook group I set up now has 613 members. Let’s see can we get it to 1000.