Exclusive: Politics.ie now home to even more “young adult” whingebags

Politics.ie, you know the site that makes The Phoenix magazine look like the Irish Times, has paused giving up on breaking false rumours and innuendo (never wrong for long you know!) and instead has gone gung-ho against the Government, Gay Byrne, the Road Safety authority and anyone that would in any way look sideways at people in their Honda Civics with L plates. Yup, if you’re one of those who will now rightfully be supervised until you get off your ass and do your driving test, then go to Politics.ie right now. Yes, it’s a lot like Bebo. LOLZ wtf lolocopterz. txt spk.

Has a learner driver anything to do with running this PramToyEjection campaign we wonder?

Anyway I could write more on the sheer stupidity and idiocy of the arguments from people obviously too lazy to learn to pass the driving test but Elly has summed it up succintly for me. Get off the fucking roads if you don’t like the rules, little ones. Less people will die as a result. While you might be happy ploughing your prams, sorry cars, into walls and trucks and other cars, please don’t do it while taking out innocent people on the roads and footpaths of this country. If it takes someone else in the car to tell you sensible things like “don’t overtake on this dangerous bend” then so be it. Sit the fucking test and less of the crap about waiting lists. It’s a fatarsed lie.

According to the Politics.ie press statement, 6,000 people have visted the site over this issue and one of the polls, not the one asking Gay Byrne to resign (9 votes!), not the should we burn down mosques one, probably this one: Should the Government give more time before putting 100,000 drivers off the road?, the press release said 72 percent voted against the implementation of the new RSA measures, I guess that would be this poll where a whopping 139 people visited. 68% is what it stands at now.

Want to join my Facebook Group? Dear L drivers, shut the fuck up and take the damned test

Oh looky, a sensationalist headline and post. I’m reminded of what exactly…

Update: Dear learners.

53 Responses to “Exclusive: Politics.ie now home to even more “young adult” whingebags”

  1. barry says:

    talk about whingers….. I read Damien because he (usually) has intelligent stuff. Why change the habit??

    The driving test fiasco has been around for years, the accident rate too, the equation is/was –

    more (and more) cars + bad roads + poor driving = accident rate

    now it is –

    more and more cars + RSA fuck-up of the application of the law + ministerial funk = accident rate increase

  2. Idryel says:

    Before changing the L driving laws one needs to look at the public transport situation in this country and spend money on fixing that before thinking of changing the L driving law.

    Second, a better approach could have been taken in consideration and a graduated system like NZ where restricted licences come in to play would have been common sense here,


  3. Alexia says:



    Right, there was a massive amnesty years and years ago when the rules changed and anyone who applied got their license. Are you saying the Government needs to retrospectively reexamine how previous administrations managed national policy? Even if it is just for driver licensing? That sets a dangerous precedent.

    What stops a future Government from changing the game and reexamining areas of policy that affect citizens’ rights? How about they decide that homosexuality needs to be recriminalised and that they want to raise the stakes and jail all gay people? What about religion? How about a future Government decides that they want to lock up anyone who isn’t a Catholic or Muslim? Or severely downgrade their civil liberties? Hmm?
    Retrospective rule is a big no-no.. Unless you want to live in a police state.

    I think everyone ought to resit a driving test and get a permit ever 5 years. That’s more equitable.