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Fáilte Ireland and the Web Summit

Monday, January 26th, 2015

What Fáilte Ireland spent around Web Summit 2013 and 2014

Pretty lights!

€60k light job

€60k light job


  • Design of Online Le Cool Guide to Dublin – €4000 ex VAT – Link to Issuu
  • €13,715.68 on hosting media organisations for the Web Summit, flights and accommodation included.

    Rest of 2014 payments are for walking tours around Dublin


  • Design of Web Summit Dublin Guide and Online Guide by LeCool – €8500 ex VAT Link
  • Printing costs of said guide €9,550
  • Lighting of Trinity College during Web Summit €48,985 ex VAT, goes to €60k with VAT
  • Jogging tours of Dublin – €2,018
  • 2 Buses for Jogging Tours – €900
  • Videos about the Web Summit 1 30 second video, 1 2-3minute video, 1 2 minute video – €13,100 ex VAT
    Video to include “cool young hipster types, speakers, tech geniuses”
  • Pre-promotion media event for International media – flights, accom etc. €4065
Fáilte Ireland Web Summit Costs

Fáilte Ireland Web Summit Costs

December 2014 Dublin Mentoring Sessions

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Each year I do mentoring sessions with some Enterprise Boards/Org toward the end of the year and also do one public one. The public one is on December 4th in Dublin.

Length: A mentoring session will run for 50 minutes.
Cost: Around €45
Location: Gibson Hotel, Dublin
Prep Work: Know what questions you want answered and know I can mostly only help during that 50 minutes. Bring a laptop or tablet.

I’m good at giving advice on Digital Marketing, PR stunts and tech startup feedback.

You can reserve the Dublin mentoring sessions by clicking here.

Put in your initials next to a time you want then then email me and I’ll send you on payment details.

Please note: I’ll be wearing at least Christmas jumper, you don’t have to.


December 2013 mentoring sessions

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

I normally do mentoring sessions with some Enterprise Boards toward the end of the year. They are normally only available through those orgs and client companies get preferences. This year I thought I’d do some public mentoring sessions. One in Dublin and one in Cork. Dublin on December 5th and Cork on December 6th.

Length: A mentoring session will run for 50 minutes.
Cost: Around €45
Location: City Centre of Dublin on the 5th, Cork City Centre on the 6th. (Will email with location beforehand)
Prep Work: Know what questions you want answered and know I can mostly only help during that 50 minutes. Bring a laptop or tablet.

I’m good at giving advice on Digital Marketing, PR stunts and tech startup feedback. Cursing too.

You can reserve the Dublin mentoring sessions by clicking here.
You can reserve the Cork mentoring sessions by clicking here.
Then email me with the time you chose.

Please note: I’ll be wearing a Christmas jumper, you don’t have to.


A love letter to Tommie Kelly

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

It’s Tommie Kelly’s birthday today, he’s 40 or something. So instead of the usual posting of “Happy Birthday” on his Facebook, I thought I’d do a bit of gushing about what a great guy he is.

I first encountered Tommie via Twitter and later was reminded of his work when he was locked in some course where some amateur was teaching him, the pro, how to use photoshop. I’d been following some of the comics he posted online. Roadcrew etc. Around that time I was thinking about getting personalised stationary done (since I’m that kind of jumped up shit) but wanted something different (since I’m that kind of jumped up shit) and thought Tommie’s style would be fun on letterheads. I got on to him asking about this.

Of course then I stopped myself and thought, the hell, Tommie is a comic book artist. Why get a landscape painter to paint your walls, why waste Tommie’s skill? So Mulley Comic 1 was born and it was a joint effort as Tommie educated me on what could be done. He also contributed a lot to all the ideas in it. Then there was Mulley Bucks and my first Christmas Card. Then came Mulley Comic 2 and my next Christmas card. Everything we do is a joint effort.

Recently we worked on a few panels of me being killed in really horrible ways and so far the highlight of my career was a book for my mother’s birthday. It’s a children’s story she told me as a kid turned into a book. Tommie did the illustrations and it’s blown everyone away that’s seen it.

Ben the Rabbit by Vivienne Mulley

Ben the Rabbit by Vivienne Mulley

Tommie has a special offer on his site. His birthday offer for his new work “Them”. So take a punt on it or wish him a happy birthday on Twitter. And Tommie also does commissions.

This is some of the work myself and Tommie did:

Tommie Kelly and Damien Mulley work

Tommie Kelly and Damien Mulley work

Upcoming Mulley Comms Digital Marketing things

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

If you sell online or want to generate leads via your website, this Conversion Rate Optimisation workshop is worth looking at.

Digital Marketing Networking event, also on May 7th in Dublin. Filling up fast. Kieran Flanagan from Hubspot and Miguel Rivas from Brand Social will talk at it.

Google Analytics Workshop Dublin May 9th.

Facebook Intermediate training course, Dublin and Cork.

I’m asking companies when hiring an intern, what digital marketing skills should they have. Want to help by filling it in if you are one of those companies?

This has nothing to do with Digital but is nice:

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Requiem For The Static King Part One (Official Video) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo. – March 21st 2013

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Update: website is now live.

I’ve wanted to use Triskel Church for an event for a while now. Been to some great concerts there. So I’m doing so.

It’s a beautiful location so I didn’t want to do something overly commercial.


So hello Stories.

Stories is where people talk about their business or organisation and share their experiences. No “turning corners”, no “projections”, it’s a relaxed atmosphere where we share and learn.

Speakers lined up for this so far:

Will McInnes who wrote Culture Shock.
Richard Seabrooke who runs Offset.
Daragh Murphy from Hairy Baby.
Pat Phelan from Thai Chef to telecoms company owner to TrustEv.
Caroline Hennessy – Bibliocook and 8 Degrees Brewing.
Jo Mangan from The Performance Corporation.
Cathleen O’Neill from Kilbarrack Community Development Project.

And more speakers to be announced too.

It’ll be on from 10am til about 4.30pm. Lunch included.

Ticket Pricing: Still waiting on catering costs and then I’ll announce them but tickets will probably be around the €65-€70 price.

Pre-sale interest list
If you want to reserve a ticket, fill in this form. You are entitled to say pass come the time the tickets do go on sale.

Official hashtag is: #storiesCork

That Night Follows Day

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

That Night Follows Day was in the Everyman way back in November and I’m finally getting around to writing a piece about it.

That Night Follows Day - Everyman

It’s been around for years now but seems quite modern at the same time. A bunch of 16 kids, talking about how we adults see them, judge them, look after them, ignore them and so on. Spoken by kids, content is for adults. An hour’s play that’s just factual statement after statement:

You feed us. You wash us. You dress us. You sing to us. You watch us when we are sleeping. You explain to us the different causes of illness and the different causes of war. You whisper when you think we can’t hear.

Written by Tim Etchells. This play is actually intimidating for those in the audience. Being called out for bullshit, the way we treat young people, the way we interact with ourselves. Silences and stares making you uneasy in your seat. It’s excellent. Funny moments and serious and dark tinges.

The audience when we were there were mostly the parents of the kids and were laughing and clapping at many parts of the play. Kids saying fucking and motherfucking seemed to have gotten a shocked and hilarious reaction from the crowd. Naturally a whopping standing ovation at the end. And warranted.

A very talented bunch of kids. Some amazing performances from some in particular. Worth seeing when it comes back into your town.

So they sez to the Prez – Equality and accountability please

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

By the way old people in media: They’re called Young People, not the Lost Generation.

President Michael D. Higgins’ Being Young and Irish 2012 consultation workshops began today. The first of the roadshows took place in DIT Bolton Street this morning. More roadshows will be happening in Cork (September 15th), Monaghan (September 22nd) and Galway (September 29th) in the next while. The idea is getting Young People in a room and getting them to say what they think the country needs to do in the next while and where priorities should be. Groups proposed different ideas and then voted on them. Today they voted and said these are of importance or as the blurb said:

Then in plenary session the young people voted on their vision for Ireland and established, with the support of D.I.T. researchers, the top 10 most important aspects of that vision.

100 people (so far) are of the belief that equality and accountability are very important to the country. Here’s the full list.

  • 1a. Equality – gay marriage – gender – wage/salary = equality in Ireland*
  • 1b.Accountability – leaders – finance – systems – services – government
  • 3. A suitable completed education that includes special needs, life-skills, practical aspects, and is holistic
  • 4. Mental health and suicide ,awareness, mainstreaming. Bottom up approach and input from role models. Detachment of taboo
  • 5a. Cultural identity – recognition of importance of language, history and arts**
  • 5b. Accountable political system (reform) – participation structures, responsibility
  • 7. Move from apathy to proactive participation, youth-led change and innovation. Removal of jargon and buzz words in communication with youth
  • 8. Improvement in the planning and implementation of green technologies
  • 9. More opportunities and less exploitation in youth employment
  • 10. Secular society and Government

* got equal votes
** got equal votes

Epiphany – Trailblaze at Cork Midsummer

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Trailblaze came to Cork for the Cork Midsummer Festival and it took place in the Triskel. A great line-up of speakers in a beautiful location.

Everyday Epiphanies and Altered States was the theme for their first time in Cork.
Speakers were Steve Collins, Dylan Tighe, Carmel Winters, Niamh Gunn, Sheena Matheiken, Brother Richard, Robbie Hamilton, Stevie G

Trailblaze Cork

I liked a good few talks and ones that shone through was one from Brother Richard for the UCC Chaplaincy and a talk from Carmel Winters really resonated. It was a story about her Aunt Eily who was in a convent til her 70s. A great short talk about seeking truth and truths and the idea two different ideas can be right and wrong at the same time. I would listen to her all day, great intellect and language skills.

There’s one more post about a Midsummer event and then I’m done about it for a while I’m sure. Overall I really liked the eclectic mix of events I got to see. A lot of imagination, youth and energy was experienced by me. I hope that the energy, I sucked in like a vampire will help me with things I do for work and pleasure in the next few months. Batteries certainly were recharged in the past 10 days because of these events. It’d be great to see more people at the events of course. Maybe there should be a big brother, big sister type programme to bring people that have never been before.

Court: In the Name of the People #corkmidsummer

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Court. Running for a few days in the Cork Midsummer festival was Court. The setting was the Court House in Cork City. A beautiful building I was never in before. A choir used the space, which being a place of large rooms and pillars can be interesting. The pitch for the event is thus:

For In The Name Of The People, we encounter the Cork Chamber Choir in the imposing entrance hall of the court house, who move through the space and sing an a capella rendition of a Renaissance liturgy as well as texts from judgements laid down in this building.

Cork Court House

The choir first sang down to us in the foyer area and then walked down.

Cork Court House Balcony

Part of their work was name-checking Irish cases and reading from judgments that occurred within the walls of this Court. The choir also walked around, in and around the crowd themselves. The sound was fantastic and I loved the concept. In a way it takes the energy from the ghost from lives that have been changed in this building and brought them out through accessible singing.

Nice to see the Court opened up too. All in all, I liked it. Might have been a tad too “comedic” at the start but the visceral Court experiences later on made it a strong enough piece. Delighted I legged it from Dublin and got to see it.

Poor iPhone sound:

Cork Chamber Choir in Cork Courthouse