Fuck Brochures, have a comic

Instead of doing a traditional brochure for the dayjob I decided to have a bit of fun, at my expense mostly and commissioned Tommie Kelly to make a comic for Mulley Communications. The result is pretty damned good. (Biased) I posted it out to a few people and yesterday there were a good number of tweets about it giving good feedback. I fired some ideas to Tommie, he took them and created the comic. It was a quick and painless process. He’s taking commissions too if you want him to do something as fun for your company.

Mulley Communications Brochure

It gets in my penchant for trains, use of colourful language and that red shirt that so many dislike. Me as Willy Wonka was his idea, really. The cover image comes from this photo by Phil. What I like is that in the digital world where I do most of my business it is very rewarding to create something physical as well that will age, fade, tear, stain and crumple.

The full comic is below but the print version is better. I may have a few left and maybe volume 2 is on the way.

Mulley Communications Comic front page

Mulley Communications Comic page 1

Mulley Communications Comic page 2

Mulley Communications Comic page 3

47 Responses to “Fuck Brochures, have a comic”

  1. Cormac says:

    Super duper stuff.

  2. Charles says:

    Fucking magic

  3. Raul says:

    “…and maybe volume 2 is on the way”

    Maybe ? Why maybe ? Keep the Choo Choo going ! 🙂

  4. Aidan says:

    Brilliant, creative thinking, great stuff.

  5. kim says:

    Refreshing stuff… so simple but clearly tells us where you are and what.you do. Love it!

  6. Christian says:

    Consider the ‘Like’ button pressed! Nice job dude 🙂

  7. Joe Scanlon says:

    V cool Damien – looking forward to #2

  8. …but do you have to be so….you know….potty mouthed?

  9. Becky Clark says:


  10. red mum says:

    ROFLMAO choo choo

  11. Frank says:

    What else can I say – brilliant.

    Does its job perfectly.

  12. love it just love it! also, really love the line …’what’s a newspaper’!!!!1


  13. Darragh says:

    Great stuff altogether. Well done.

  14. paul says:

    noice ! good job mulley & tommie !

  15. Mark Cahill says:

    Very creative, you are a purple cow.

  16. Lar Veale says:

    Fantastic idea and a great differentiator (so original as a brochure that others who copy the idea will just look plain silly)

  17. Phil Murphy says:

    I love it, very different.

  18. Donal Cahalane says:

    And in the next installment mulley and the choo choo descend on Dail Eireann….

    Expect less Willy Wonka and more John Rambo! 🙂

  19. Steven says:

    Fantastic stuff, well done to you and Tommy

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  21. Fergus Burns says:

    Genius Damien…

  22. James says:

    Absolute Class.

  23. Frances says:

    They even like it over at Broadsheet. Just saying like.

  24. Phil O'Kane says:

    Just read the comic, fucking all-round awesome (and cheers for the mention above!)
    I’d love a copy if you have one going spare.

  25. Daniel says:


    Had to laugh when I saw the Twitter screenshot. “They’re all Cunts!” 😛

  26. chris says:

    gnasher stuff d!

  27. Mark H says:

    Super Damien! Nicely innovative (to me anyway)!

  28. Julie says:

    Love it! Brochures can be so ‘same old same old’. Great way to stand out from the crowd!

  29. Brilliant job, and so creative. 🙂

  30. Eye-catching as hell that. It should stand out in a morass of boring advertising!

  31. Great idea- memorable and different. Thumbs up to you and Tommy.

  32. Catherine O'Mahony says:

    Like it Damien, made me laugh

  33. Only seeing this now… Brilliant!

  34. Tommie Kelly says:

    Hi Guys,

    Glad you like the comic. Hopefully there will be a second adventure 🙂

  35. Stan says:

    My copy was Galwayed today. Great idea, well executed. Thanks, Damien!

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  37. Pure class like! When is the book, film, T-Shirts etc ??? Damien dolls??

  38. Marta says:

    Very fresh approach – funny and light. I like it!

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  40. Brian Crowle says:

    Really good, something totally unique, What caught my Eye was the Fuck the Brochure, but very good

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