#mulleybucks discounts

A few weeks ago, after getting the comic book commissioned and printed, I asked Tommie Kelly to design some Christmas cards for me. Then I wondered what should go in them. Ah yes, money.

So this is how the Christmas card looks. With an IP infringement nod to Bóthar.


And then I decided to get money printed. #mulleybucks to be precise. Here they are.

I sent the money out to a lot more people than the Christmas cards. Over 100 people got them I believe. But the money was created for another reason too. Ideally I wanted to see these Mulleybucks used to be able to cash them in on products and services that I offered as well as from a few other people too. So with that in mind, here are some discounts from myself and other people. A few more too are on the way:

#mulleybucks discounts

Mulley Communications: I’ll give you 50 euros off my Cork or Dublin Social Media Evening Courses if you present one of the #mulleybucks to me.

Caricatures Ireland: Will give you 20% discount for $50 Mulleybucks

Sweet Dreams Ireland: 10% off their products if you present $50 Mulleybucks

Project Arts Centre: 2 for the price of 1 tickets to see any performance of Celebrity from 11 – 15 January. Regular tickets are €15. Quote mulleybucks to get the offer when booking on 01 8819 613. Bring them along on the night too 🙂

As I mentioned, more discounts from other companies are on the way.

Update on 07/01/11
Blacknight are offering you:
.ie domain name €14.99 / year 1-10 years and transfers
.eu domain €3.99
Minimus annual discount by 20% (or something “round”)
Expiry: December 31 2011
Code for buying online: Go find it. Last 5 digits on back of note
(Do post them a #Mulleybucks note too!)

Mrs2be.ie will offer a 10% discount off their advertising rate card in exchange for 50 #MulleyBucks.

Jo Burger Would like to give you two burgers & a portion of bush fries for 20 euros which is a 30% discount.

Like.ie will give you 50 euros off designing a Facebook Landing Page for you.

Imogen Bertin is offering lots of free time for you:
Lifehacking: 30 mins one-to-one advice/training on sorting out your computer/smartphone to free up time in your life for stuff you want to do…

Gardening: One hour’s free help which can be advice, design, or clearup after the winter weather. RHS qualified.

Horses: One hour’s free help for the stuff you never get to. Fencing, tack cleaning, clearouts. BHS qualified, Teagasc Young Horse handling cert.

Italian Foodies are offering 10% off when you produce a #mulleybucks note.

Costelloe’s Malthouse in Clonakilty are offering 10% off when you produce a #mulleybucks note.

Red Balloon Main St Ballincollig gives 15% discount with #mulleybucks. Gifts, balloons & more.

Spiral Hosting have the following deals:
25% off any shared hosting or reseller hosting package (includes free domain name on yearly packages) Use code: bucks1
.co.uk domains €3.50/yr Use code: bucks2
.mobi domains €3.50/yr (until 31st March) Use code: bucks3

Glucksman Gallery will offer 10% off in their shop if you present some #mulleybucks

$50 real money discount on a yearly Toddle Email templates subscription if you hand them over #mulleybucks.

18 Responses to “#mulleybucks discounts”

  1. Meant to say more than that… Was buying a Sweet Dreams mural for Leah’s bedroom, now I get 10%, if I can get my Mulleybucks back out of her purse. Leah thinks the cool purple notes are way better than real Euro notes.

  2. […] Damien’s sending out more Mulleybucks all the time, and more companies will be offering discounts with them in the next while. More details on discounts can be found on Damien’s blog. […]

  3. Is this some sort of attempt to replace the Central Bank in the event of Eurozone collapse? 🙂

  4. David Quaid says:

    I have to say it really did make me smile, watching people tweet about their new #Mulleybucks in the post. What an interesting campaign – well done Damien.

  5. Mary says:

    What conversion rate are Revenue going to apply between #Mulleybucks and euro? I’m sure that these gifts will have tax implications somewhere along the line 😉

  6. lisadom says:

    I will swap a Tom Dunne Nudie Pen for some Mulley Bucks. Want to send husband to social media course to aid my world domination campaign.

  7. Steven says:

    Yet another great idea. Fantastic thinking and lets hope these Mulleybucks flood the economy

  8. Christian says:

    I just renewed my .ie domain – any chance they’ll give a retrospective discount as a rebate? #chancinghisarm

    Anyways, great idea to create the discounts – really liking it 🙂

  9. Karl says:

    1. Not happy that I didn’t receive any!
    2. Have a cunning plan.
    3. We’ll take €50 off a custom Facebook Landing Page
    4. Sit on hard of Mulley bucks until the Euro collapses.
    5. Become rich.

  10. manuel says:

    Manuel does not accept MulleyBucks…cash, preferably sterling, only….heh

  11. Bliain úr faoi shéan is faoi mhaise duit!

    I’d say yer in for a bit of schtiff competition from the Jedollar 🙂

  12. […] forget. #mulleybucks are still working for discounts. Let me know if you want […]

  13. Legend idea. I Love it.
    Toddle will swop €50 off a yearly Toddle.com subscription for your $50 Mulleybucks!


  14. […] is a genius idea from Damien Mulley. (warning, f-bomb after the link) And then I decided to get money printed. #mulleybucks to be […]

  15. They’re in my big fat wallet!

  16. Karl says:

    I have some. 500 Bitcoin each!