Fluffy Links – January 31st 2011

Basepress.org – a collection of minimal themes to quickly kickstart your company, business or blog online.

Eireball 2011 – Convoy of classic Volkswagens winds its way around the island of Ireland.

Don’t forget. #mulleybucks are still working for discounts. Let me know if you want some.

Measure It! is on on Wednesday in the Science Gallery. Do come along.

Irish primary schools using Twitter. One on hope and the future.

True Grit comic released to coincide with the movie remake.

Google censoring suggested searches. Oh dear.

Freelance Whales: “Generator 1st Floor” (Tiny SXSW Concert). These guys play Dublin on Tuesday. See them!

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – January 31st 2011”

  1. Very impressed with http://basepress.org – for anyone grumbling about paying for a WordPress theme be aware that many “free” themes are full of spam links and malicious code (ref: http://wpmu.org/why-you-should-never-search-for-free-wordpress-themes-in-google-or-anywhere-else/)

  2. lisadom says:

    Love that the schoolies are tweeting. I hope the move to embracing and leading tech from the ground up continues. It will make my job a lot easier when it comes to introducing Autism Units in Primary schools to using iOS.

  3. The Eireball sounds so cool. I would love the opportunity to do that in my lifetime being an avid VW enthusiast and always wanting to travel around Ireland.