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Fluffy Links – Sunday 25th November 2012

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Ballymun Lullaby is on the RTÉ for another few days. Do check it out.

Want to research the food industry in Ireland? Fantastic resources from Bord Bia.

We’re unloading the beast of the Money Grabbing Machine that we used in the Web Awards over on, these things retail for something like 5k. (Cost about 2k but we ain’t got the space for it)

Salt Hotel. Yeah, actually made out of salt. Would probably prefer the Ice Hotel though.

Top 50 Cork albums. 50 – 40.

Sinéad Gleeson on Illness and Art

TechTeams links SMEs who are looking for some dev work with Irish dev companies. (Yes, a second Fluffy link for Mr. Blanchfield, people will talk)

58 Christmas songs from Sufjan Stevens. Silver and Gold. Mega.

And a crazy ad (one of a set) for it:

Prep for the Unthanks in the Opera House:

Fluffy Links – Sunday November 18th 2012

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Golden tickets to Young Chef of the Year.

Finally! The I Shot JR t-shirt from Father Ted is officially released.

I’ve heard there was a secret chord, that David played and it pleased the Lord, but you don’t really care for music, do you? Via Kottke. Birds teach their chicks a secret chord, in a way.

Funding drive for a web initiative called. The Wild Geese “a leading Internet gateway focused on furthering understanding of Irish history and heritage.”

How the money flows in tech companies.

Anglo the Musical in negative review equity. But those that got freebies to it loved it. What’s with that. Oh.

Another wakeup call for bands, this one about the likes of Spotify. Though I think this is well known.

Facebook’s take on their Presidential Election data crunching.

David Chang, the Mind of a Chef. Looks like a good show.

The Twinkie defense.

Hudson Mohawke

Fluffy Links – Monday November 12th 2012

Monday, November 12th, 2012

If you build it, they will come. If you don’t build it right or at all, the modern world will route aroun you and build if themselves. James Eggers’ is an example of that in my view.

Maybe you can start with using robots.txt on your website to block Google? It worked for the Times… right? Then maybe you can remove the Google (DoubleClick) ads on your site and the article itself. The Examiner and other Irish papers are getting shitty with Google showing their content in their index. You know, the search engine that brings about 80% of traffic to websites…

Lot of people (some with agendas) knocking The Gathering. However bringing a load of travel bloggers to Ireland is a great idea. Once they don’t do what they did with some recent food bloggers where they ended up showing them the tried and tested tourist traps. We are more than a building with pictures of stout.

Not exactly tweeting reactions while a movie is playing but at the Cork Film Festival you are encouraged to tweet your feedback after watching some shorts.

Temboo, handy list of APIs you can use for your web project and an interface to them.

Bjorktastic. Remember her at the Oscars? Love this top.

Photographing historic moments. And again. And again. Scout Tufankjian got some great ones of Obama.


Man love

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Wrote this to my iPhone notes the other day:

Some of my older male friends are weird about doing more than briefly shaking hands when you meet. You will accept the MulleyHug, dislike it all you like mofo. The younger generations of men are fine with contact, comfortable with hugging each other, enjoying their closeness. Might be a softening due to liberal attitudes, more interactions with girls and gays perhaps. Who knows for sure but touchy feely is nice. The yearning to touch and be touched, physically and emotionally is surely a natural human condition. We’re not talking public face fucking, like.

Then this popped up via Kottke yesterday:

David Brooks argues that over time, people (especially men) have become more emotionally intelligent and that this shift might be responsible for a significant portion of our cultural progress.

and Brooks points out:

Body type was useless as a predictor of how the men would fare in life. So was birth order or political affiliation. Even social class had a limited effect. But having a warm childhood was powerful. As George Vaillant, the study director, sums it up in “Triumphs of Experience,” his most recent summary of the research, “It was the capacity for intimate relationships that predicted flourishing in all aspects of these men’s lives.”

Fluffy Links – Thursday November 8th 2012

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Teenagers on Facebook and Mobiles. Some stats.

7.24% of teenagers on Facebook are accessing Facebook using an iPad

The Glucksman’s new exhibition on The Experience of Illness in Art looks to be fantastic and with that there’s a symposium on the same subject. People from science, the medical profession and the Arts are going to be at it. Mega lineup. Wish I was around for it but I’ll be in Cardigan learning about denim…

One person’s experience of running the Ireland account on Twitter. Not positive.

How to deal with insomnia. You can also get amber glasses to block blue light. Not sure how effective they are.

RedFly are now giving away their keyword tool away for free. (This is dead handy for anyone into SEO)

Facebook used by Obama to get out the vote.

The campaign found that roughly 1 in 5 people contacted by a Facebook pal acted on the request, in large part because the message came from someone they knew

And related: Liquid Democracy and the German Pirate Party.

Pantone prints, yes please.

Katharine Philippa – Whiter Than I

Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 6th 2012

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Seti The First play Triskel Christchurch on Thursday. Worth seeing in my view.

UXPA Ireland “The Place for UX, Usability & Accessibility Professionals in Ireland” official launch takes place on 8 November 2012 — World Usability Day — at the National College of Ireland (NCI), Dublin.

So the Web Awards seemed to go well. Thanks for all the help everyone.

That Night Follows Day is in the Everyman until Saturday. A play for adults by children. “catalogues the many ways children’s lives are determined by that of their carers.”

Regulating Cloud Computing: Clear Skies Ahead? UCC, Friday 16 November.

Mr. Blanchfield says Start a Startup. Can you say no to this man?

So bands make sfa from selling music, the impression was touring is where it’s at. Seems not there either

Killer Mike – Big Beast (Via Jim)