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Fluffy Links – Thursday August 14th 2008

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Phil has started doing some linky roundups. Link dumps are great. He points to this photo from Gavin and this amazing one too. Wow.

Irish SEO Watch, day what is it now? I have a terribly low opinion of SEO companies who advocate buying links in order to rig Google results.

Tropic Thunder sounds like it’s going to rock as a movie.

James Enck is back blogging. Fantastic. Except it’s cos he’s on the dole. Uberbolloxmegashame.

Wow, this is some footbridge.

Dog turd brings down powerlines.

Google happily censors their maps but photoshopping them badly is kinda sad.

Jesus. Aint it Cool News used to he hardcore. Selling out over Star Wars? Sheeeeit.

A fab book on how the street finds its own uses for things in Thailand.

Interesting take on piracy and getting coverage of the Olympics. Olympic committee continue with their “we’re dicks, here’s a takedown” tactics online too. They’ll never win. Or learn.

Via Fabulist:

‘The Irrepressibles’ – ‘In This Shirt’ Irish Web Awards are go

Thursday, August 14th, 2008 Irish Web Awards

Finally got the press release out the door earlier this morning for the Web Awards on October 11th. Nominations open very soon. Like the Blog Awards it’s a two stage affair. Stage 1 will see every nominated (and nominations are free) website get judged using a scorecard. Specific scorecards for each category will then be used in Stage 2 by the judges. An awful lot of work went into making sure that the scorecard was good enough to keep the staunch standardistas and the pragmatists happy and I hope that concentrating on these important areas will help push for better websites in Ireland.

The category list is here and interest in category sponsorship is already strong. Wahey! Not everyone will be happy with the list and will want their own niche included but for year one, we’re content with going with that list. Changes as always will happen the next year. Sponsors cannot be nominated either to ensure transparency. We hope the 11th of October will be a fun night. Leave the tux at home folks, it’s more fun without it.

I’d very much appreciate if people would spread the word about the Awards and encourage their web development friends and colleagues who have become cynical about award ceremonies to have a look at this.

Good weather for PuddleDucks to launch their blog

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

PuddleDucks have launched their new blog. I like it. They were one of the companies I gave a free blogging course to way back when. Every time someone I’ve trained starts a blog I’m chuffed. Good time to launch too, there’s a dude with a big white beard and lots of animals building a big boat contraption outside my window at the moment.

Puddle Ducks

PuddleDucks did a wise thing, they started blogging in private, getting feedback from other Irish bloggers first before they went public. I’ve mentioned this technique before. It gets you great feedback before you jump in and it also gets the bloggers proud to be involved in helping you out and doing what I find myself doing and telling the rest of the blogging world that they’re good sort. A kind of “I can vouch for these kids, they’re cool.”

I must say that I think Aedan and Suzanne are naturals too at blogging and it’s cute and awwtastic to learn they started their business because of their son who liked the outdoors no matter the weather.

How do you think?

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

There’s a lot of thinking going on this week on this here blog. After today it stops. Right?

Well anyway. I was thinking about thinking last week and specifically how we think and remember things. When I do the odd bit of study for my Law degree and attend lectures, the only way I recall things is visualising the “story” I’ve read and heard about. Writing it down is all well and good but the text is only the crib notes for the visual masterpiece that I see in my brain when I commit it to memory.

I’d never put much thought into how I thought about things and how I remembered things but when i did some research (yeah I Googled) I found that visual thinking isn’t very common. So I asked people on Twitter how people thought. The answers varied wildly. How interesting.

Today is Leaving Cert results day with people doing really well and not so well and breaking down after years in the grind of trying to commit things to memory and then bringing them back and putting them down on paper. What ways did they do this? How do they put that information in and take it back out?

pain chart
Photo owned by gbSk (cc)

Do you see images? I see full in-depth movies with colour and wonderful layers if I have to recall facts about legal cases, I see the colour of uniforms, wonderful diamond encrusted rings and dark wooden floored barren houses when it comes to cases about the Law of Property. I see ginger beer and taste it and my stomach slightly turns at seeing a snail inside the bottle when I think about the Law of Tort.

As I mentioned in this blog post, I look like I’m daydreaming or switched off when I’m paying full attention. I guess I am daydreaming in a way.

What works for you? How does your brain work?

Media Training II – Die Corker

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Update: Looks like this is now full up. 12 is max class size. Add your name and we might do a second one.

Finally got a date for the Cork version. This course has a bias towards tech/business media but most of the details will work for any area you want coverage for.

Wednesday August 27th in the Cork Airport International Hotel.
10am to 1ish.

How a journalist in Ireland works
How to make contact with the media
How to build a relationship with the media
How to write a press release
Practical – Press Releases
Coat tailing – Surveys, news items, expertise, briefing documents
Media Campaigns
Interview preparation for print + radio + TV
Being Interviewed on Radio

Leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll send prices etc.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday August 13th 2008

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

On Twitter? Why not do Laura’s Twitter survey?

Steve. You summed it up perfectly. Nice one.

List of bloggers who are happy to copywrite/edit business blogs. Want to be added?

Sick of Aer Lingus being late? Aer Lateness has a nifty new player you can stick on your Facebook or iGoogle page.

A question of blog. George Hamilton is blogging.

I know how Shane feels. All this new music and most of it is pants.

Via McAWilliams: As if you can’t hate the iPhone owners enough, now you can install a free app to use your free web text from Meteor or O2.

Speaking all things iPhoneish. Some tips. More tips.

Blue Screen of Olympic Death

Some great Business Blogging tips.

Review iPhone apps while high. No, don’t. Bro.

Getting people to your site is one thing. Converting them into customers is another. 5 main reasons they don’t “convert”.

Via Alexia:

Another Irish SEO “Expert” endorses blog comments to rig Google rankings

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

From the Enterprise Ireland eBusiness Mailing list:

Blogging is a way of building the inbound links.


You blog, about interesting topics (link bait). Then you put comments on
related and relevant blogs with a link to your blog / articles. You submit
your RSS feed to wherever you see fit, and you submit your blog to the blog
search engines.

Was any lesson learned from that Irish Greeting card blogger spamming incident?

poodle in bodacious blue
Photo owned by greg westfall (cc)

I already have one Irish SEO expert in my sights to get a severe fucking kicking for selling a list with my details on it and telling the moronic victim to send me an email to try and get links from me and leave non-relevant comments on other blogs to build inbound links. If I see more lists being sent around or more bullshit comments from cluetards thinking it’ll help their SEO then I’ll make sure to flip the nuclear switch.

Don’t make us think. Well, not all the time…

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

In a recent blog post, Paul Bradshaw pointed out how high profile bloggers became toned down and tamer in their opinions as more people started to read them more. I’m not sure myself I’ve become tamer but this blog has changed over the years as more people read it. While it’s still a space for me to extract thoughts from my head, I seem to use it less to figure things out as I type or even after I’ve published. i know I put up fewer very rough pieces that turn into something better in a later blog post.

Art show, amateur division
Photo owned by Benimoto (cc)

Ter recently chatted to me and expressed surprise that I wasn’t allowed to have a non-PC opinion about Spanish students, the noisy fuckheads, and I suppose a few years ago I could happily give out about them and anything else without people coming back to defend them or give out to me for generalising. That’s fair enough I suppose.

Now a lot more thought goes into the blog posts (no really), however personally I still need to share my amateurism with others and I do so over on Twitter these days. I think it’s important to have an outlet for being stupid, rough, rude and wrong but for me this here blog is no longer the place for all of that. Apart from when I talk about Chocolate and Crisps or Asparagus and wee. (Funnily enough I got the biggest reactions to those two silly and amateurish wonderings.)

We got talking about quality posts at the training event on Saturday and Sabrina talks more about it on her post here. It does seem that blog readers in fact can’t handle an over-abundance of “quality” and in-depth pieces.

This is what Sabrina has to say:

More importantly, however, people take in a massive amount of information from scores of blogs each day. I suspect your average reader can manage maybe one or two “heavy” posts from across all of their sources in a given day. If your blog is always the blog with the big ask for time and attention, you will actually lose rather than win readers with your dense but awesome content.

So if you do produce fantastic guides about various things, should you throttle back on them? Perhaps mix them up with fun and maybe “amateur” pieces? I feel this is right. I’m not saying dumb it down, rather don’t push the high-brow stuff too much. Make your readers think but perhaps don’t make your readers think TOO much? Like 3 times a day. 5 days a week too much. I think there are some out there who can belt out quality piece after quality piece and never dilute the value of the content but for anyone that reads them on a regular basis, these pieces actually will start to hurt.

At the same time it’s probably good for your creativity and brain power to screw around with things. To have uncoordinated, unplanned fun. Or stupidity.

Say something stupid today, your blog audience needs it.

"People is the plural form of stupid"
Photo owned by cote (cc)

Toddle – A great addition to your email marketing – Tuesday Push August 12th 2008

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

The Pushee for this Tuesday is Toddle, now with a brand spanking new domain and another great redesign.

Toddle Email Marketing

Toddle helps you build and send great looking email newsletters. Simple idea, amazingly simple way of designing them. They do have a design company as their daddy so that’s got to help. This week they’ve also signed up their 1000th user.

Despite all the hype about Facebook, social media and all the rest, there’s a magnitude more have email addresses than read blogs and have a social network profile, yet using the medium of email has been abused and badly done for years when the rate of return on a good newsletter or mailshot can be fantastic. So Toddle helps you out by giving you beautiful templates you can use to send good content to your customers.

Coming up in the next few weeks are: Crewger, eWrite, and more

If you want to have your service listed then fill in this form. Please note that online stores reselling goods will not be considered. Also if you want converage you have to also give coverage on a website or blog. Everyone gets out and pushes.

The Tuesday Push and everyone involved can only work if as many people talk up the companies that are highlighted. Please spread the word about these great Irish companies.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 12th 2008

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Back Seat Drivers. Back? Maybe perhaps yes.

Congrats to Fústar on Blog Post of the Month.

Roger Overall’s Food Photography Blog. We likey.

Liz McGonigal is using Twitter to give out PR tips. Nice idea. (Disclaimer: she’s a client)

Rain rain go away. No. really. My god.

Pat has his 3G iPhone working on Vodafone.

Tom Murphy is on a very nice shortlist of PR pros. Nice one Tom.

Amazing photos from the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Is this the new Bond poster?

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone do a soundtrack for a movie.

I love this song. REM – Drive

Via Josh Spear, Something bad is going to happen here: