Irish Web Awards are go Irish Web Awards

Finally got the press release out the door earlier this morning for the Web Awards on October 11th. Nominations open very soon. Like the Blog Awards it’s a two stage affair. Stage 1 will see every nominated (and nominations are free) website get judged using a scorecard. Specific scorecards for each category will then be used in Stage 2 by the judges. An awful lot of work went into making sure that the scorecard was good enough to keep the staunch standardistas and the pragmatists happy and I hope that concentrating on these important areas will help push for better websites in Ireland.

The category list is here and interest in category sponsorship is already strong. Wahey! Not everyone will be happy with the list and will want their own niche included but for year one, we’re content with going with that list. Changes as always will happen the next year. Sponsors cannot be nominated either to ensure transparency. We hope the 11th of October will be a fun night. Leave the tux at home folks, it’s more fun without it.

I’d very much appreciate if people would spread the word about the Awards and encourage their web development friends and colleagues who have become cynical about award ceremonies to have a look at this.

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  3. Irish Web Awards…

    Damien Mulley has announced the Moviestar Irish Web Awards, the awards you get to be uncyncial about. The categories are up, and nominations will be taken shortly. Have a look at the scorecard – you may notice “Being a sponsor” isn’t…

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  5. Am I eligible for youth created site?

    You left out the “obscenely large amount of comments on an obscenely large amount of blogs” award.

  6. Damien says:

    Are you a youth or a yute?

  7. “Yute is the Spanish name for Jute, a coarse vegetable or bast fiber traditionally used to make Burlap or Hessian and Gunny Bags. The major species of Jute are Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius. “

    I’m 18

  8. Damien says:

    You qualify so and see the Fluffy Links in about 6 hours about yute

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  11. conor says:

    good idea damien and best of luck with it


  12. […] an inside industry event so the nominees are not governed by commercial interests. In addition, Damiem Mulley is the man behind the awards and this lends itself to the awards being based on merit and also […]