Good weather for PuddleDucks to launch their blog

PuddleDucks have launched their new blog. I like it. They were one of the companies I gave a free blogging course to way back when. Every time someone I’ve trained starts a blog I’m chuffed. Good time to launch too, there’s a dude with a big white beard and lots of animals building a big boat contraption outside my window at the moment.

Puddle Ducks

PuddleDucks did a wise thing, they started blogging in private, getting feedback from other Irish bloggers first before they went public. I’ve mentioned this technique before. It gets you great feedback before you jump in and it also gets the bloggers proud to be involved in helping you out and doing what I find myself doing and telling the rest of the blogging world that they’re good sort. A kind of “I can vouch for these kids, they’re cool.”

I must say that I think Aedan and Suzanne are naturals too at blogging and it’s cute and awwtastic to learn they started their business because of their son who liked the outdoors no matter the weather.

5 Responses to “Good weather for PuddleDucks to launch their blog”

  1. Conor Byrne says:

    I like the 1% back to jack and jill foundation too. Its a simple, honest and upfront way to be a responsible company. I like these guys

  2. Sabrina Dent says:

    Aww bless they are so cute!

  3. Suz says:

    Thanks a million again Damien for all your comments and help – ‘without you this blog would not have been possible…..!’

    Conor – we’re delighed to support J & J, they do fantastic work.

    Sabrina – thanks too but – cute??! Is that us or the dogs??!

  4. Great to see another member of go down the blogging trail!
    I have no doubt that it will be a successfil one too.

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