Fluffy Links – Thursday August 14th 2008

Phil has started doing some linky roundups. Link dumps are great. He points to this photo from Gavin and this amazing one too. Wow.

Irish SEO Watch, day what is it now? I have a terribly low opinion of SEO companies who advocate buying links in order to rig Google results.

Tropic Thunder sounds like it’s going to rock as a movie.

James Enck is back blogging. Fantastic. Except it’s cos he’s on the dole. Uberbolloxmegashame.

Wow, this is some footbridge.

Dog turd brings down powerlines.

Google happily censors their maps but photoshopping them badly is kinda sad.

Jesus. Aint it Cool News used to he hardcore. Selling out over Star Wars? Sheeeeit.

A fab book on how the street finds its own uses for things in Thailand.

Interesting take on piracy and getting coverage of the Olympics. Olympic committee continue with their “we’re dicks, here’s a takedown” tactics online too. They’ll never win. Or learn.

Via Fabulist:

‘The Irrepressibles’ – ‘In This Shirt’

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday August 14th 2008”

  1. Felix says:

    Twitter have stopped sending our SMS to everywhere barr US,Can,India…Do something Damien. Ease the pain.


    With IM disabled too, twitter is useless to me and a few other id imagine.

  2. in fairness to Harry Knowles it looks like its a “no review before release day” embargo from Lucasfilm. Claims hes gonna repost it on friday..

  3. Gavin says:

    Cheers Damien!