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It could be you! Or me – IRMA on the warpath again

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Via Una of the Rocks.

They are stealing from our artists and affecting the livelihood of many people in the music industry.

Dick, you’d want to be very careful saying that about the people you want to bring actions against. Surely you need proof of that before you make such a soundbite?

Mr. Doyle also warned parents to be ever vigilant with the family computer as many young people were involved in file sharing probably unbeknownst to their parents.

But you’ll still stiff the parents with a whopper of a bill, won’t you Dick? Or will IRMA just forgive the parents for the sins of their poorly educated kids?

Update: Commentary from Digital Rights Ireland. Older commentary 1 Older commentary 2 – One mass moan

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

I’ve registered as a way of documenting poor customer service and ill-treatment by telcos, airlines, shop, rail companies and all the rest. It isn’t quite the Irish Customer Care portal that was previously mentioned since to start with it will just be gripes about services. The design uses some standard fugly theme which needs to be modified to make it look a bit purdy.

Any Irish blogger that wants an account on this blog, let me know and I’ll give you access. Terms and conditions apply to lessen (but not remove) the risk of me getting my ass sued and there’ll be a writing standard too.

Have I mentioned lately I am a little miffed with SAS and Sky Handling Partners? 🙂

New YouTube Interface?

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

My first time seeing it anyway. Both the below videos now automatically suggest other videos to watch, as you watch it, compared to the old choice at the end. Very iTunes looking too the way they are displayed. Also you can copy and paste the embed code direct from the video. Even more reasons not to go to YouTube and a way to make the videos more viral again.

Via Gavin is: Crystal Castles -Air War

Via John is fun with simple digital effects:

Fluffy Links – Thursday June 7th 2007

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Fantastic productivity blog.

Spread the word about your favourite unknown blogs.

And it’s only 2007 and they have come up with a way of allowing sensical personal domain names in the .ie space. The loopholes were so easy that the whole process was a joke.

Watch Russian news on YouTube.

Nice broadside to tech journos/gadget reviewers.

Another weird music selling model. Stream for free, buy to transport on your iPod. I can see them run out of money quickly if they are paying royalties for every stream and not passing the cost on to the customer.

I want. Headphones with a slot for an iPod Shuffle.

The FCC are told cop the fuck on by the Courts.

Paris Hilton – Terrorist:

Gardai terrorising a man that seems mentally ill

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Via Blogorrah. Cos it’s not like there’s any kind of crime problem in the country. Enda is promising us 2000 more of these pups? These are the same people who bitched about wasting Garda time when someone pranked them? Offline copy made, in case it gets taken down.

Update: Noted Blogorrah nemesis Ray D’Arcy said the video was highly edited and suggested there was no wrong-doing by the Garda. In fact he referred to him as that “poor Garda” because cameraphones are so dangerous. One would have thought Ray realised that sometimes what you see is what you get. Remember those “doctored” O’Gara photos which proved to be real our Rayness?

Fantastic post on Meebo blog about the advantages of Silicon Valley for startups

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

How many in the list has Ireland got?

HP and Print 2.0 – HP should get into content mashups too

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

HP has decided to do something about printing content from websites and blogs. At long last. They’re realised a lot of these 2.0 websites and most existing sites don’t print well and annoy the hell out of a lot of people so they’re developing plugins for blogs and websites so you can easily print pages or individual blog posts with ease. They’ve signed up BoingBoing into a beta test of this new print widget for websites. This is now the print option on BoingBoing.

Boing Boing and HP

People may already be familiar with their online mini-Publisher service on the main Tabblo site. Their developers toolkit for doing this kinda thing is released on June 29th and you can sign up on the site to get access to it. They’re also doing stuff so you can easily add captions to images. Seems quite basic but a great idea as it will encourage people to print off more of their work. Caption of the Day is their show site.

There will also be a plugin available for Movable Type powered blogs available on June 29th. Where’s the one for WordPress? Their own developer blog/site runs on WordPress like.

From a press release, you can see why they want to get into this game:

HP will seek to capture a significant share of the 53 trillion digital pages estimated to be printed in 2010 alone – an opportunity valued at more than $296 billion.

Content from the Internet accounts for nearly half (48 percent) of all printing done at home. Yet, many of the most popular destinations on the web – such as blogs and travel sites – have limited or non-existent printing capabilities. In an effort to broaden and improve the web-printing experience, HP is creating technologies to make it easy to print content from the Internet in a useful format.

HP also own, an online photo printing service and also recently bought Logoworks so they seem to be getting into more of the content creation side of things too. Good. I think they should go into it a lot more and buy one of those online note-taking or scrap book type sites. Go to a webpage, take a snapshot, add some notes and illustrations and send to the printer. HP should turn the web into a colouring book, if you will. The tech is there, the raw materials for mashups is there and there are plenty of creatives there. Maybe the toolkit will allow people to do this?

Who’s on your blog roll that should get more attention

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

I’ve done the various link love posts here before and I hope I’ve covered most people that stop by here, but if not, give me a shout in the comments or an email and tell me you want to be linked to.

Now, main point of business. Paige of Harrison has sent some blog love the way of some bloggers she likes. So, of the bloggers you like, how about you highlight three (or less) of em, unknowns mostly around here or to a wider audience (they don’t have to be Irish bloggers) and maybe write a bit about them and I’ll stick up your mini-reviews every afternoon til we run out of them. Terms and conditions apply. is a trading name for Mulley Communications and is regulated by NotThoseDumbassesInThatRegulatorHeIsAlwaysGoingOnAbout.

Fluffy Links – June 6th 2007

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Sweary wants to share the link love. Get your free link from her.

Eeeek. Using Favicon to make you think you are on a safe site.

Lithuania gets 1gbps Fibre to the home.

Via Kottke:

“When there is a blackout in New York, the first articles appear in 15 minutes; we get queries in two seconds.” No matter how hard CNN or Digg or Twitter works to harness their audience to break news, hooking up Google search queries to Google News in a useful manner would likely scoop them all every time.

The Apple geeks get very geeky and fanboyish with the iPhone ads.

One way to go.

Immendorff was discovered naked having his nipples licked by a retinue of seven young filles de joie, while 11 grams of cocaine lay ready for consumption … trial the following year, Immendorff admitted cocaine possession, and having organised 27 similar orgies between February 2001 and the date of his arrest. In the light of his confession and his terminal illness, he was put on probation and heavily fined.

Via It feels very odd downloading a legal movie from a site called The Pirate Bay.

Mr. Woo Robots:

Boogie Nights – Star Wars Edition:

The BBC and the Olympics logo

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

More on this.

Someone said it reminded them of the Brent dance:
Brent Dance Olympics

The BBC were not impressed when someone snuck a Goatse like image past them and it was put on their TV show and on the website before the laughing started.

Goatse logo

See the clip: