Fluffy Links – Thursday June 7th 2007

Fantastic productivity blog.

Spread the word about your favourite unknown blogs.

And it’s only 2007 and they have come up with a way of allowing sensical personal domain names in the .ie space. The loopholes were so easy that the whole process was a joke.

Watch Russian news on YouTube.

Nice broadside to tech journos/gadget reviewers.

Another weird music selling model. Stream for free, buy to transport on your iPod. I can see them run out of money quickly if they are paying royalties for every stream and not passing the cost on to the customer.

I want. Headphones with a slot for an iPod Shuffle.

The FCC are told cop the fuck on by the Courts.

Paris Hilton – Terrorist:

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday June 7th 2007”

  1. That stream-for-free thing might be operating under some sort of Internet radio license thing.

  2. Jay says:

    Hey thought u mite be interested, check out Ireland´s lonelygirl or so she has been called hahah.



  3. tipster says:

    I do hope that the personal.name.ie thingie is not restricted to Irish citizens whenever it comes on stream (which seems to be a possibility if I read Michelle’s item correctly).

    In fact, restricting “ie” domains to Irish citizens might be illegal if allocating an ‘ie’ domain is the provision of a service.

    There was a case in the Equality Tribunal a few years ago of some … ummm … [Peruvian | Chilean] people who had been long-term residents here and who were denied a training grant for a course in a college of further education because they were not Irish (or, in that case, EU citizens). The grant provider was essentially requiring them to give up a central feature of their identity – their nationality – to get equal treatment. That, however, is something our education system is wonderful at. The latest term in the DES and associated bodies for immigrant students is “new Irish”. Damned few of the immigrants I know see themselves as Irish, new or otherwise, and some are quite offended at other people’s insistance that the change their identity because /we/ can’t cope.