IWillNotHold.com – One mass moan

I’ve registered IWillNotHold.com as a way of documenting poor customer service and ill-treatment by telcos, airlines, shop, rail companies and all the rest. It isn’t quite the Irish Customer Care portal that was previously mentioned since to start with it will just be gripes about services. The design uses some standard fugly theme which needs to be modified to make it look a bit purdy.

Any Irish blogger that wants an account on this blog, let me know and I’ll give you access. Terms and conditions apply to lessen (but not remove) the risk of me getting my ass sued and there’ll be a writing standard too.

Have I mentioned lately I am a little miffed with SAS and Sky Handling Partners? 🙂

5 Responses to “IWillNotHold.com – One mass moan”

  1. danger says:

    You could write a script and just have a field or two for the company name and product…

    And then hey presto…

    X are cunts!
    OMG don’t use X because X lost/didn’t fix/didn’t deliver my Y!

    Etc etc.

    Hopefully ‘writing standard’ means you won’t use the word ‘cunt’ … While I felt for you on the bad customer service…I was embarrassed for you on your choice of words. Glad to see you cleaned it up for the official iwillnothold post + looks like a good idea. Will need good fact checking etc. to ensure that people aren’t just bashing things they don’t like though.

  2. Damien says:

    Yeah I hope to copy the writing standards of TCAL.

  3. maryrose says:

    eircom, cie, tesco – all you usual offending subjects – be afraid. Be very afraid. [mwoa ha ha]

  4. Deborah says:

    What a fantastic idea! Since moving back to Ireland after many years in the states, I am absolutely disgusted in customer service here. Although in fairness, it’s our natural instinct to avoid conflict and not complain that brings on a lot of it. Something like this is exactly what is needed to bring attention to these companies that consumers will not stand for it. I’d LOVE access! 😉

  5. Des says:


    I’d certainly be interested in an account. Complaining is one of my fortes. That being said I must write a post soon detailing the great customer service received from Potterton (yes, it’s true).