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Digital hub is location for the “Blogging the Election” Conference

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Cian has just announced that we’ll be having the election conference in the digital hub. Lunch will be provided on the day too. We just need a reasonably priced caterer. 🙂

And now a word from my sponsors – Episode 2

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

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Pimp my Trolley

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

While our very hard working Lan Admin (I have to say that as he reads this blog and controls the net connection) was away we took his normal looking blue trolley and pimped it. [Insert multiple expletives in this post] We gave it a new coat of paint, go-faster stripes and SO much more. Now our Lan Admin has put the ugliest fucking trolley in the world up for auction on eBay.

Go bid on it if you want.

Pimp my Trolley

UPDATE: Check out the questions in the auction item.

Fluffy Links Sept 12th 2006

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

The latest 50 most expensive Google ad words. A Bertie Ahern ad costs €8 per click. Can anyone confirm this?

Joe Drumgoole’s ‘Are you readable’ criteria. I certainly don’t fit it as I post waaaay too much. I was always wondering for feed readers if there was a “going on hols” or “back from hols” option that just wiped all content except for the last 5 posts from Digg feeds and Engadget etc but still sucked down the posts from say all the Irish Bloggers and others. It would know how to do this by some labels you’d set.

Twenty will be speaking at the “Blogging the Election” conference. He’s a political consultant now.

Give himself a catchy ‘middle name’ like darts players or wrestlers have. Michael “Hooch demon” McDowell or Michael “The Trowel” McDowell would look brilliant on the election posters.

Pat notes a lad called Noah is auctioning his time on Ebay.

Big fuck-off crater under Antarctica. I want to go even more now.

Nivek has started a new blog. Blogging from SA.

Mmm a designer torch.

Desolation Row tells us Tom Waits is to release a triple album. Multiple wootage! Jimmy also points to this great Letterman appearance:

Not safe for work. Someone takes the song “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails (a big fav of mine) and cuts up footage from Star Trek and creates a fanfic short about Kirk and Spock with homoerotic overtones. Actually they seemed to have spliced in an actual porn movie into a quick scene though you don’t see anything really. But again, not safe for work. Makes you want to watch it even more now doesn’t it?

I wish this was the official BarCamp T-Shirt:

Recently bought Sopranos on DVD. First three seasons. Still on season 1. Watched this episode last night. It ends with a song from Cake called Frank Sinatra. Here are the lyrics:

We know of an ancient radiation
That haunts dismembered constellations,
A faintly glimmering radio station.
While Frank Sinatra sings Stormy Weather,
The flies and spiders get along together,
Cobwebs fall on an old skipping record.

Beyond the suns that guard this roof,
Beyond your flowers of flaming truths,
Beyond your latest ad campaigns,
An old man sits collecting stamps
In a room all filled with Chinese lamps.
He saves what others throw away.
He says that he’ll be rich some day.

We know of an ancient radiation
That haunts dismembered constellations,
A faintly glimmering radio station.

We know of an ancient radiation
That haunts dismembered constellations,
A faintly glimmering radio station.
While Frank Sinatra sings Stormy Weather,
The flies and spiders get along together,
Cobwebs fall on an old skipping record.

Trinity Venture Capital to talk at BarCamp Ireland and we got more sponsors!

Monday, September 11th, 2006

BarCamp IrelandBrian Caulfield from Trinity Venture Capital will be giving a talk at BarCamp Ireland entitled “Understanding and accessing venture capital funding”. It being an unconference it will be a lot more interactive, we hope.

Rob Synnott is also going to give a talk on Lisp entitled: “Web programming in Common Lisp; modern problems in a Cold War language.”

Also, Ed from Hosting365 just gave us a whole lotta wonga for BarCamp and Trinity Venture Capital have also stepped in as sponsors. Sweet.

Things are coming together nicely for this.

New blogs on the block moved to

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Irish Blog AwardsThe new blogs on the block post for this week is over on the Irish Blog Awards website. That’s where they’ll be from now on until the end of the year and then they’ll probably switch back here.

And now a word from my sponsors – Episode 1

Monday, September 11th, 2006

share your files at

Direct link to get mp3.

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Recent visitor activity to this site – Sept 11th 2006

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Good lord!

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Fluffy Links Sept 11th 2006

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Via Euan Semple is news that Jeffrey Archer has a blog.

I gave three lectures while on board – one entitled ‘How to write a bestseller’, another on ‘Can the Conservative Party win the next election’ and the final one on prison, ‘What’s a middle-class boy like me doing in a place like this?’ No prizes for guessing which one was the most packed with the audience standing in the aisles

How to produce your own videos.

Capacitor necklace. Wonder what the Elec Engineers think?

5 ways to make your lecture notes more readable.

Glow in the dark bubblebath. For when you can’t swim in the Irish sea.

Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips gives a great commencement speech to a school from his area. The jellyfish story is great.

Cat in a bottle. Still doesn’t beat Bonsai Kitten.

More sponsorship requests: “Blogging the Election” Conference

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Unlike the my previous chauffeur request, this is genuine. We’ll be announcing a venue and the first speaker for the upcoming “Blogging the Election” conference. It’s a good location and a very good speaker but in order to get the speaker and the venue we need a good bit of money. Catering is another expense are other odds and ends. For this reason Cian outlines what sponsorship “Blogging the Election” needs. Our current estimate is €4500 and so we have 9 €500 slots to be sponsored but a sponsor can sponsor more if they like.

You can contact me directly about sponsorship or email