And now a word from my sponsors – Episode 2

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These replicas have all the presence and poise of the originals after whome
they were designed at a fraction of the cost. The attention to detail is
paramount and they are comparable to the originals in every way.

+Replicated to the smallest detail
+98% A+ Accuracy
+Includes all Proper Markings
+Wide selection and fast worldwide shipping
+Authentic Weight
+True-to-original self winding and quartz mechanisms

We only sell premium watches, with 90% discount…

4 Responses to “And now a word from my sponsors – Episode 2”

  1. Pat Phelan says:

    Wasnt sure at the first one but get it now
    Brilliant Damien

  2. Fergal says:

    Sorry if I’m missing somethinghere, but let’s say I wanted one of these watches. Who’s selling them? No company name, no link to a vendor site. Surely the point of advertising is to tell people who you are?

  3. Jack M says:

    [linked comment]

    September 12th, 2006 at 11:16 am
    Holy Bejaysis Damien …..

    This is the first enamination of SPIT – Spam Over Internet Telephony, I have been able to relate to real mail spam.

    SPIT is voice mail or real time SPAM, imagine your friendly hotbot firing out web accessible voice files to your 3G handset or voicemail.

    “You have 10 new voice messages� …..argh.