Fluffy Links Sept 13th 2006

New iPod ad:

Oooh Google are rebels for Banned Books Week. Will they have a “banned search results in China” week too?

We all know by now that taking pics of buildings in some major cities gets the police and security people all worked up. Unlike the States, the English are terribly nice about it all.

Lessig at Linux World. Not watched this yet but his presentations using powerpoint are excellent. Less is more.

The Net Democracy Guide. Might be useful to read before the “Blogging the Election” event.

Bonus video for those getting Junior Cert results, this is Ze Frank talking about college degrees:

the show with zefrank

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  1. […] I like this: Battersea Power Station and Grosvenor Bridge because the photographer, Dave Gorman, had a positive experience with the police. (via) Tags:adults Black and White Candid children Cork Cork Folk Festival crowd drums gospel choir Ireland music People pure joy Sigma 18 200 St Patricks Street Street Urban […]