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Interesting idea: Angel funding a fashion designer, starting at €14

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

The website Catwalk Genius is a site where the independent fashion designers sell fashion directly to the public. Some lovely stuff on it. What piques my interest though is you can basically buy shares in a designer and once they reach a certain amount of funding they can design and produce a new range, you’ll get an item from it and then a share in the profits.

The blurb from here:

Pay 14 Euros (plus 1 Euro processing fee) to secure 1 of 5,000 ‘elements’ in that designer’s adoption. You can adopt multiple elements in any number of designers…

Once all 5,000 elements have sold, your adopted designer will hit their fund target of 70,000 Euros. Within 6 months of that point, they’ll create a new collection with the costs covered by the adoption fund.

Once the collection’s ready, you’ll get an exclusive limited edition design from your designer as a reward for your confidence in them.

Then, for each item that is sold from the collection, all profits will be split so that 30% goes to the designer, 30% goes to us and 30% goes to the supporters (split proportionately according to the number of elements owned by each).

Would this work for a tech company? Finding 5000 people or a 10th of that might be tough, no?

Photo owned by mari.francille (cc)

Fluffy Links – Tuesday April 29th 2008

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Ken points out that needs a new owner and admin. Anyone want to take this on?

Check out Iarfhlaith Kelly’s blog who’s just joined the Hothouse programme.

Richard Delevan has a V interesting post on the Irish Times and property pricing. We can’t trust auctioneer’s sale prices it seems!

Via Richard Hearne. A lot of sites are being hacked with the SQL injection exploit. List of Irish ones.

So yeah, if you think I’d be interested in linking to you or if you see something you think would make a good fluffy link. Read the Fluffy link guidelines.

Now it’s 30k customer records according to Bank of Ireland.

Ok, brace for impact. Of your jaw on the floor. Gary Coleman is getting divorced already. But it’s all on Divorce TV.

Portishead – Mysterons (Roseland Live NYC) (their new album is fairly meh)

Art anyone?

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Eolai has a load of paintings for sale. Priced in dollars which is great for us on this side of the Atlantic. Prices range from $25 to $85

I managed to snag this one:
Damien's Ort

Anyone got any good abortion stories?

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Or bad ones? Or any? Thought not. Welcome to Ireland and the fact that we as a country are obsessed with voting on abortion yet for a country that has sent an estimated 120,000 Irish women abroad over the past 30 years, there doesn’t seem to be anymore to the discussion than right, wrong, age of foetus and the definition of “unborn”. Five referenda in 20 years and it feels like another one is right around the corner again. 120,000 stories yet do we hear of any of them except the ones from the various Court cases?

Both sides seem to concentrate their time on legalising it or further removing the right of people to get an abortion where it is legal and can be carried out. I really don’t seem to see either side working hard and especially not together in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Are they too enraptured with taking polar opposites and getting personal? It seems they are. 30-40 years of battling seems to have polarised both sides too. The fact that there are “sides” says it all.

One of the groups (via Suzy) has decided to take up blogging and video making to talk about the lack of talk. The videos are a good idea as is the blog but I think they made a large enough error with the videos. Where to next? It shouldn’t be ended with everyone saying the same statement. That’s just an advert. Where’s the call to arms? We get the idea of the silence and the taboo of abortion so what now? There should have been an action point there and then for people to leave a comment, sign up to a list, make a call etc. The most opportune time is the seconds after the video.

Fluffy Links – Monday 28th April 2008

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Bobby Buckley (one of the Blog Awards sponsors) has had his website redesigned and I like it a lot. He’s got an interesting blog post on Gardens and their carbon footprint too.

Carrigaline are getting their Educate Together school in September as are Greystones. 12 got the nod from the Dept. of Education in total. Fantastic.

A very good guide by Dave from RedFly on pay per click ad campaigns.

It’s not just me that’s a fan of Eamon Ryan. Mr. Wood Pellet Ireland has his say too.

Budget Travel has recently been sending out special offers using Twitter (a kind of rapidfire form of blogging).

Nope, that was me.

Facebook fan page: Your Mom
Facebook Fan pages are fun:

Or er this one.

A legal bittorrent site. Look at the amount of material. *yawn*

Social Entrepreneur. Take a looksee at the Shine Unconference.

Neil Gaiman once again on copyright.

An outdoor ad that’s a decibel meter. Clever idea.


Harper Valley P.T.A. – Jeannie C. Riley

Dinosaur Jr – Feel the Pain:

R.E.M. – Hollow Man

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

R.E.M. are an oddity to me. The only album of theirs I ever bought was Monster. Yeah, sssh. I liked Automatic for the People though my favourite track was Drive not Man on the Moon. When they decided to play 5 nights in Dublin last July a friend let me know about the offer after he got a fansite email. I bought tickets moreso for the chance of selling them on to real fans or to attend to annoy people that were gagging to g. So I went with my friend Stephen on July 4th at the Olympia and it was such an intimate gig that I felt a weak little bond form with R.E.M. I liked them after and wanted the band to do well. The fact that they played really old songs that they hadn’t played in years and Michael Stipe gave the background to them added to the intimacy. Them also trying out new songs with Stipe getting them to go back and start a song midway again was also a lot of fun. You were seeing the creative process happen right there in the Olympia. These days I feel I have to stop and listen to songs from their new album when they come on. I’m not gone on them but I’ll stilll give the band time now. They’re the lads.

Below is their new track called Hollow man and once again in a music video in 2008, typography is featuring heavily. 2008 is the year where the iPod hipsters really start loving typography thanks to Helvetica and Macbooks and the typography nerds realising they can evangelise without getting beat up. The year of typography? The YouTube vid doesn’t do it justice so have a looksee at the Quicktime version of Hollow Man if you want.

Interesting 2008 – I’m heading, what about you?

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Well it’s sold out so if you haven’t heard about Interesting until now. Awww.

eWrite Lite – A cheap and cheerful way for non-techies to update their website

Friday, April 25th, 2008

I met Gordon from eWrite yesterday and towards the end of the meeting he demoed the new eWrite Lite service to me. It impressed me. It’s simple to use, no software is needed to be installed on the client machine. It’s all done via the web browser. I’m sure I’m not alone in having to teach people how to use some visual editor like Frontpage or the like in order for them to update their simple websites.

eWrite Demo screenshot

I’m thinking very basic business sites or sites for sports teams or organisations. eWrite looks after that with an editor that does all the basics but does it right. There’s this whole niche or maybe blurry area for brochure like sites where they need updating now and then but they’re just too small for any web design company to do without charging a few hundred quid. The jobs that generally land on me or kids in the Junior Cert who are neighbours of the business person.

Well, I think now I know what to do with them. Direct them to eWrite. eWrite costs 200 euros a year so certainly doesn’t break the bank.

Caption Contest: Photos from Wii sports launch

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Wii Wii Wii Sports

Wii Wii Wii Sports

Wii Wii Wii Sports

Guest Post: Eamon “I brought sexy back but in a carbon neutral way” Ryan

Friday, April 25th, 2008

From time to time I ask some bloggers and other folks to write some guest posts on this blog. A one-time subscriber to this blog has now been invited to talk about social networking and politics. He’s been writing up a storm this week and was also in the Examiner yesterday talking about gases and things. Without further ado here’s Eamo*:


Dearest Mulley followbitches. I interrupt your fluffy posts for this paltry political boredcast. Who’s the sexiest mofo in the Cabinet? ME. Who’s the sexiest mofo in Leinster House? Oh that’d be ME too. The sexiest politician in Ireland? Seeing a pattern? ME.

How do you know I know this? The Facebooks. It doesn’t lie. It told Bertie to resign. He did. (I gave him a big man hug when he left). It told Bertie to take Enda with him. He is. (Ooops spoiler alert) and now the Facebooks command that Eamon Ryan – The Sexiest Politican in Ireland. And who am I to object and who are you to defy their order?

They have great pics of me including the pic that that washup Hasselhoff nicked off me. (His car was not Green friendly you know. Anything called KITT generally expels far too much CO2 anyway.)

Eamon Ryan pics

This is what the group says:

Eamon is the sexiest politican in Ireland. Fact! 😉 And the lovliest…and he’s ours! This group is a celebration and appreciation of his yumminess.

They make me sound like a gummi bear. RAR.

Dancing Bears
Photo owned by tlianza (cc)

So please join the group. Only 9 true believers from Young Elves Greens have joined so far. Social networks are important for politics because there are never enough places to worship me. I googled in the Facebooks but couldn’t find any groups devoted to my always happy and jolly colleague Former TD Senator Dan Boyle. Ah well.

Please however do not misconstrue me being the sexiest for the bestest and fiercest. Papa Bear King Leader Super Gormley with his sandal powered super rothar is that.

Is mise Le Seán Lemass.



* Course it’s not him. This is satire. Bad satire but still satire.