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Fluffy Links – Friday April 25th 2008

Friday, April 25th, 2008

I Just Love Food. (Great domain name) Romanian Foodblogger Cristian Roman now has a blog in English. Nice posts about Dublin and Romanian food.

I’m filthy. A blog says so.

Cheers An Post. Great bloody service. They must have been playing football with this for it to break.

Anyone got the number for Fota wildlife park?

Jim has a really good piece on record stores. Certainly more than the sum of their stock.

Removing a live grenade from a guys leg. As you do.

Looking at security patches to find ways to exploit security holes. Makes sense.

Via Rick. Watch a spy drone filming itself being blown up.

Mmm typography.

Some of the Craigslist ads are great. Has there been a book yet?

Lykke Li – I’m Good, I’m Gone

Quick before it’s gone – ógra Fianna Fail Fun Fideo

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Remember this video? From this post?

Apparently the original creator of it is going to report me to YouTube for putting it back up when they took it down. I only saw their message on YouTube now:

As the original creater of the video and copyright holder of all the pictures contained in it I must ask you to remove the video before I am forced to report this infringement to YouTube!!

It’s that second exclamation mark that’s worrying me. And I thought I was a friend to Fianna Fáil since I think Enda Kenny is a tosser? I mean what’s wrong with it? It just shows the future Taoisigh of the country unwinding. They’re allowed to do that without the PC firebrigade burning down the doghouse, who let them out. Oooh oooh. Or something. GetwhatImean?

So with haste, watch this once more and tap that toe to the Saw Doctors.

Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Via hisRickness

Phantom 105.2 on the iPhone?

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Not yet. There’s an app for the iPhone called iRadio and it lists Phantom amongst a few 1000 other stations in its directory but when you try and play Phantom it just doesn’t work. There’s been a good few complaints about iRadio’s directory and the fact some stations are barely audible when they play if at all.

New iPhone hand model
Photo owned by mbrubeck (cc)

So does anyone want to build an app for the iPhone to do what iRadio does but in a workable way? I’ll pay something but not something that will cost more than the phone! Phantom’s streams are here. I have a feeling that iRadio might be looking in the wrong location for the mp3 stream but you can’t manually input any stations into this app and I’ve not found any others out there.

Someone did come up with some clever php hackery that told Safari that an mp3 stream was in fact an mp3 but that means you need to have access to a server and redirect the stream.

Then there’s the option of running a webserver on the iPhone that does this. Looks fun for people that play with code on iPhones. (That would not be me) Wrap it into an app though and I’d be happy to use it. Of course there’s more than Phantom out there (don’t tell them I said that), it would be nice to have an app that could choose other Irish radio stations too. Those that stream mp3s and not bloody realplayer media formats.

Fluffy Links – Thursday 24th April 2008

Thursday, April 24th, 2008


Treasa is taking a blogging break. Hope it’s not too long.


Via Phantom 105.2 Get a free download of ‘Minsk’, the brand new single from Concerto for Constantine.

Kevin Kelly has done a follow-up to his 1000 true fans blog post. Great reading.

Why do you need a service to monitor you blogs for typos? That’s what commentors are for.

Wasn’t this an episode of Torchwood where people are growing giant slabs of meat? Peta funded?

Four Chefs on the layouts of their kitchens.

Dilbert’s new mash-up site lets you add your own punch line. Nice. The new site is shite though.

Ten Typographic mistakes we can now now make again. Right?

Codes (an Irish band) – This is Goodbye (unofficial vid)

Via I guess I’m Floating kay kay and his weathered underground – ‘Hey Momma’

Is that it? That’s all you can raise?

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Just looking at the Standards in Public Office report and who got what. Very interesting that the person that got the 3rd highest donations was everyone’s fav Catholic, Ronán Mullen. There must have been a lot of closet fans of Ronan so.

So here’s how this donation thing works:
TDs, Senators and MEPs must disclose individual donations of over €634.87.
Foreign or anonymous donations cannot exceed €126.97
Donations from a single person cap out at €2,539.48 pear year.

Change happens
Photo owned by atbartlett (cc)


The person disclosing the highest donations was Fianna Fáil TD for Wicklow Joe Behan, who received €37,600. Minister of State for Trade and Fianna Fáil TD John McGuinness was second with €32,500.

Independent Senator Rónán Mullen, whose donations were the third -highest reported at €32,030, was the only non-Fianna Fáil member in the top ten.

Independent Fianna Fáil TD for Kerry South Jackie Healy-Rae, who received €24,900, was in sixth place, while Minister for Trade, Enterprise and Employment Micheál Martin was in eighth, disclosing donations worth €22,135. Fianna Fáil’s Áine Brady got a total of €22,000 in ninth place, while FF TD Mattie McGrath received a total of €20,500 and was number 10 on the list.

I’m most surprised at the lack of money raised in an election year by these people. Divide the donations by the number of constituents. Jeez louise. Politicians here have a lot to learn about asking for money from people. Look how much the consumers of Ireland spent on crap last year compared to these tiny amounts of money.

I really do hope this is the last politics post for a while. It’s becoming boring.

Facebook Chat arrives

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

It seems a little flimsy especially after using Meebo which feels a bit more robust.

If you log into Facebook this morning you’ll see a new bar all along the bottom, a bit like the status bar on your browser and over on the right of it you’ll see something like this:

Facebook Chat

When you click on it you’ll see all your friends who are online and you can chat to them by clicking on their name. Just like MSN or AIM or Meebo. Nothing new at all to IM but it might get those who don’t use existing IM services to start using this to chat to each other. Another piece of stickiness on the Facebook Venus Flytrap. This is what a chat window looks like. I hope Brian Mc doesn’t mind his chat shown here:

Facebook Chat b

One feature I do like is the Newsfeed updates show up in the chat too. That’s pretty viral.

Facebook Chat 2

So handy for those that don’t have IM and I’m sure just like Facebook Mail, they have plans to allow you access your other IM services soon.

Dáil Day afternoon as Bertie Ahern says cyas spanners as Taoiseach

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

“Well End”.
“Well Bert”.
“Fancy a quickie in the Dáil before I go?”
“Taoiseach I’m not going all brokeback Mountain for you, despite that rogue-like charm.”
“I meant the whole questions thing, it’s my last day as Taoiseach in the Dáil before I go off to America. You really did make my job easy, you thicko.”
“Oh feck, yeah I knew that. Yes, of course. What’ll I ask you? Show me the money?”

So today is the last day for Bertie as Taoiseach in the Dáil. It’s amazing to see that people aren’t paying much attention to him anymore. “Oh you’re still here?” seems to be the attitude. Anyways, I’m sure it’ll be a sad day today and all that and I’m sure that plank Kenny (the other one) will be all nice as pie as Bertie says bye.

But, he could do one more thing today, just one. We all know what is is too:
Bertie, Take Enda With You. Join the Facebook Group too!

Take Enda With You

And while that’s happening, 40 Take Enda With You badges will be posted to people all over Ireland with a few going to Germany, the States and even Japan. I think Enda would make a better EU President than Bertie any day. Hee Haw Bruton can fill him in on what Europe is like. From his er mansion in Washington.

Maybe he can take Kathleen Lynch too and drop her off at some reality spa.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 23rd 2008

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Let’s talk about Gnéas baby, let’s talk about you and me… There are now 31 Facebook fans of Gnéas.

They’re like a Health and lifestyle network. John’s latest project is a site for those with RSI. Some great tips.

Shane points out the rapid turnaround Obama’s team has when a Hilary ad comes out. Hours, not days or weeks!

Patrick James is giving one of his poetry compliations away via a free download on his blog. Head over and check it out on the left sidebar.

Neil Gaiman on the best advice he ever got from a writer. Well worth bookmarking.

Haha. Google is great for spotting people making asses of themselves.

Dove soap? Great ads, here’s one from Greenpeace on what they do to the environment. Greenpeace has a DIGG account now. Love it.

A guide for corps that might want to use Twitter.

The making of Björk’s Wanderlust 3D video.

And the 2D version of it РBj̦rk РWanderlust (2D Version)

So IMRO is the piper every Irish website has to pay?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

It seems will get sued into non-existence if they don’t pay IMRO a license fee for people to be able to download music from their site. No matter if they are already dealing direct with the artist or not. It seems once you are in IMRO you automatically give them the right to be your money collector.

Pied Piper artist
Photo owned by Sridhar J (cc)

This means that you cannot allow websites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, and to use your music, unless you obtain permission from IMRO or unless IMRO collect royalties from these sites.

Therefore, to allow to continue to promote your music, IMRO must be paid a license fee, because they have exclusive control of the right to make your music available on the Internet.

This means that we have to deduct 8% from every sale you make on, plus 0.0032c for every stream of your music. This money will be paid to IMRO, which they will pay to you, if you meet their criteria for payment.

There appears to be an opt out you can sign that will leave the likes of contract directly with the artist but I understand from Johnny from DM that it’s not retroactive so IMRO still want their fistful of dollars.

Have they being going after Bebo, mySpace and others or only businesses operating out of Ireland?