Phantom 105.2 on the iPhone?

Not yet. There’s an app for the iPhone called iRadio and it lists Phantom amongst a few 1000 other stations in its directory but when you try and play Phantom it just doesn’t work. There’s been a good few complaints about iRadio’s directory and the fact some stations are barely audible when they play if at all.

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So does anyone want to build an app for the iPhone to do what iRadio does but in a workable way? I’ll pay something but not something that will cost more than the phone! Phantom’s streams are here. I have a feeling that iRadio might be looking in the wrong location for the mp3 stream but you can’t manually input any stations into this app and I’ve not found any others out there.

Someone did come up with some clever php hackery that told Safari that an mp3 stream was in fact an mp3 but that means you need to have access to a server and redirect the stream.

Then there’s the option of running a webserver on the iPhone that does this. Looks fun for people that play with code on iPhones. (That would not be me) Wrap it into an app though and I’d be happy to use it. Of course there’s more than Phantom out there (don’t tell them I said that), it would be nice to have an app that could choose other Irish radio stations too. Those that stream mp3s and not bloody realplayer media formats.

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10 Responses to “Phantom 105.2 on the iPhone?”

  1. If you’re allowed to add actual streams, the contents of the playlist file you linked to point to a ‘pure’ URL of

    Does the phone have a Quicktime player? It should be able to do something with that. No idea if you’ll be able to do anything *else*, mind.

  2. Cian says:

    Very few Irish stations use RealPlayer – . I did a check of all the licenced services a while ago (so its missing iRadio 102-4) to see which played on my obscure OS that has no Flash, RealPlayer, etc. Most did. gives a rundown.

  3. “Very few Irish stations use RealPlayer”

    Except for everything coming out of RTE.

  4. Damien says:

    @jh When I try that I just get the shoutcast page and it won’t allow me to stream the er stream

  5. NiallOK says:

    I know you’re all about the radio on the iPhone right now, but how about telly?…

  6. @mulley Can you feed that URL into Quicktime Player directly? Or does it not have that ability? (If not, never mind.)

  7. Brian Daly says:


    the best thing they could do is equip all iPod/phone devices with an FM radio. Radio is still the number one source of new music for the masses and ultimately it would lead to more iTunes sales.

    I had a look at the application and it seems to be difficult to get in touch with the originator. It’s a pity that there seems to be a fixed directory of stations as there is always a possibility that a station will change the URL of its streams.

    Phantom has three stream types available: AAC+, MP3 and WMA. You can stream MP3 in iTunes, perhaps this is a workaround?

  8. Damien says:

    @Brian The iPhone iTunes is not like the computer version, it’s pretty much a store only. Meanwhile the iPod part doesn’t allow streaming, thus the need for a new app or a server hack.

  9. Brian Daly says:


    Just as an update …

    Two other apps worth trying – Shoutcast Radio and Wunderradio. The shoutcast app is free and you can listen to our 64k and 128k streams in Mp3 format. The 128k stream has “now playing” information as well.

  10. Brian Daly says:

    Hi, the good news is that the Phantom iPhone & iPod Touch app is now available in iTunes. Just search for Phantom 105.2 in the app store. The app is free and available in all territories. Key features are:

    – streams 48K AAC+ stream. Good quality while trying to keep the data requirement down.
    – “Now playing” info – song and artist
    – View the Phantom Twitter feed
    – E-mail the studio
    – You can also mimimise the app and surf the web via Safari.