eWrite Lite – A cheap and cheerful way for non-techies to update their website

I met Gordon from eWrite yesterday and towards the end of the meeting he demoed the new eWrite Lite service to me. It impressed me. It’s simple to use, no software is needed to be installed on the client machine. It’s all done via the web browser. I’m sure I’m not alone in having to teach people how to use some visual editor like Frontpage or the like in order for them to update their simple websites.

eWrite Demo screenshot

I’m thinking very basic business sites or sites for sports teams or organisations. eWrite looks after that with an editor that does all the basics but does it right. There’s this whole niche or maybe blurry area for brochure like sites where they need updating now and then but they’re just too small for any web design company to do without charging a few hundred quid. The jobs that generally land on me or kids in the Junior Cert who are neighbours of the business person.

Well, I think now I know what to do with them. Direct them to eWrite. eWrite costs 200 euros a year so certainly doesn’t break the bank.

5 Responses to “eWrite Lite – A cheap and cheerful way for non-techies to update their website”

  1. Gordon says:

    Thanks for the great mention Damien.

    I’m happy to meet anyone that might like to see eWrite in action and I can show eWrite Lite running with their own content if they have an existing website.

  2. nice link Damien – thanks for that. And I just might take Gordon up on his offer 🙂


  3. Gordon says:

    Yup, thats no problem Keith.

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  5. Leon Quinn says:

    Last year, I started looking for some web based system (not frontpage or dreamweaver) that could ‘content manage’ an existing site that had no cms and I couldn’t find any so I ended up looking at sites that were built from scratch using free content management systems.

    So how does this work with sites already built!!??