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Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 4th 2008

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Dan Boyle is going to try and get into Europe. The Two Faces of Dan Boyle Campaign will be starting sooner then. Libertas will have a rep in the mix too and Seán Kelly is going to be parachuted in and Burke will get shafted. Interesting times. Cork might end up with no MEPS after having 3.

BarCamp reviews:
Nice review and great pics from Phil. Come back soon!

Paul also has a great review.

Julian does a review and then goes on a riff about culture. Love it.

Nice stats on Obama and McCain and their rank on social networks etc.

I want this for my blog header. Yeah, if I ever get this blog designed.

Sweeeeet. Mobile phone with built-in projector. Want. Cheap too.

Nice. iMac-like touchcreen computer. HP were ahead of yiz all though lads.

Consumer purchases are more likely to be influenced by what they read on a blog versus what their social-networking rosters recommend.

For the day(s) that are in it:

Fluffy Links – Monday November 3rd 2008

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Robin and David feature on front page of O’Reilly Radar. Very very impressive. Yet at the same time you think it’s about time!

Meanwhile Robin’s friend is blogging again. Howya Fergal.

Aedan has done some wonderful analysis on Facebook ads and a campaign he ran on it.

Liking Iain’s essay on America/Tourism/Music/Politics. I would like to subscribe to his newsletter, oh hang on…

Slattery’s are going to be blogging soon. I heard they have a new Online/Digital PR section now too.

John Keyes has an interesting post on trying to digitize his analog bits. Also he points out you can get online billing from the ESB now.

Via Drew B is O2 Litmus. O2 are building their own Appstore. Forget getting access to a single phone, imagine getting access to all phones on one of the largest mobile networks in the world. Clever.

Drew also talks about Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross being good for the UK economy by distracting people. Interesting perspectives.

“So if you want to change what I’m doing, don’t try to persuade me- don’t try to make me- do anything. Instead, enlist the help of my friends… “see here.


Fluffy Links – Friday October 31st 2008

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Pat Phelan is the champion. Net Visionary of the year. Well deserved. Congrats Pat. And congrats to so many other bloggers and Twitterers who did so well at the Net Visionary Awards last night. Michele took home two gongs himself. Good on ya.

Patrick Collison’s Wikipedia iPhone app gets a nod in the New York Times. Fantastic. Both the app and the fact that the NYT big upped it. Well done Patrick.

Inspiring piece by Jim Carroll about the future of music. Now is the big now.

Eamonn Gilmore yesterday said the Green Party are dead. Markham used to vote for them and pretty much agrees with current sentiment about them. (Two links in one week Markham, fiver please) Meanwhile former TD Dan Boyle tells bloggers to seek Anger Management therapy. That’d be my vote next time Dan and my promise.

Rick finally gets recognition.

You’ll now get banned from if you use legalese or threaten legal action. Big win for freedom of speech there. There are some Matlocks on there lauding up their legal knowledge and spouting legal advice who really ought to know better. Clowns.

Goodnight Mars Rover, Sweet Prince. It had a fantastic, utterly engaging and fun Twitter account. NASA has made space and science fun again and this was a prime example.

The Simpsons takes the piss out of Mad Men. Love it.

Fluffy Links – Thursday 30th October 2008

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Some nice talks now lined up for BarCamp Cork. You coming along?

Wot Green Ink says re: John Gormley.

Business blog post of the month.

Alex Keaton rocks.

Was Nokia really spamming blogs? They seem (at least in the UK) to get blogs and blogger relations. said Christmas is canceled.

Christmas is canceled
So that’s that then.

Phones and candidates.

New Beirut track.

Guns N Roses – Chinese Democracy (It starts like it’s a song from The Darkness but gets better)

Fluffy Links – Wednesday October 29th 2008

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Few days left to register and come to BarCamp Cork. Look at the great talks!

Sweet and scary meringues. Mmmm.

Blacknight are now sponsoring the SEO competition.

Send your drunken photos to +353 877510456 I’m sure they’re looking for something else. However 🙂

Jennifer points out you can get grants for your website being built.

Dáil Ministers has a go off John Gormley this time. And this is a real interview with the besandaled one. I shit you not. “John’s uncle, John Gormley still lives in Muff.”

iPhone and Flickr. A love affair numbers wise.

A different type of election poster – Vote for Robocop and Unicorns.

Oooh yeah. Tom Waits + Kronos Quartet + Live + Way down in the hole.

GMail has become much more efficient now, thanks to this add on allowing the GCalendar to be in GMail.

Rufus Wainwright – Gay Messiah

Rufus Wainwright – What a world (live)

Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 28th 2008

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

New site about Inchicore.

Ciara has a good report on the BNI conference last week titled “I refuse to participate in a recession”.

New Irish blog Lower the Tone.

An Open Letter To Ciaran Cuffe

Via Debz Boba Fett Hoodie.

You should fire your web agency when

I’d love to see Irish research on brain reactions to ads.

No truer words. Optimization is the enemy of innovation.

Speaking of which: Cluetrain summary on Slideshare.

Surf the net as if you were in China without having to go. Wow, god bless you technology! Will probably be the same for Australia soon too.

Oh. My.

Via Jonny H Guy creates a level on Little Big Planet in order to propose to his girlfriend.

Via Bock – Gays for McCain:
[byoutube fyXmv-sj2zQ]

Fluffy Links – Monday 27th October 2008

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Bank holiday in Ireland but what the hell. Lots of non-Irish read this now. And I’m working today anyway!

Donal, as well as celebrating his birthday yesterday is turning into a model what with being on stamps and buses.

Been emailed a few times to give a push to this blog post about a charity owing a lot of money to the taxman and needing a dig out. Not sure how able they are to run a tight ship but they certainly are doing a great job looking after kids (as Kate testifies) who the Government deliberately appear to ignore.

New (to me) blog of Steven Troughton-Smith.

Via the Business Post is news about a new PR agency in Ireland called who specialise in social media and blogging. They don’t have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and don’t have a blog either. Uhm. Something amiss there surely.

10 billion photos on Facebook now. And all locked in.

Pedigree Chum ditches Crufts sponsorship, maybe down to BBC investigation.

The 80/18 rule.

Google gets a jet. Nice.

Handy guide to cheap data roaming around europe.


Fluffy Links – Friday October 24th 2008

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Great idea this. The Pan American Cycle Test. Cycling a LOT of miles for charity.

Nice update to Tweetrush.

An amazing photo from Phil. Phil is doing the photos for BarCamp Cork.

This got overlooked on the week that we had but Mary O’Rourke called the Gardai after getting a visit from a partner of O’Callaghan?

Did anyone in Superquinn get in trouble for this?

Zombie walks are fun but the realism and work that went into doing this amazes me. The professionalism of amateurism?

Take a closer look at your food packaging.

A different form of Open University.

Bjork and Thom Yorke. Seems it’s no great at all.

Google can do canned replies now. Interesting.

Fun atheist ads.

Even decades ago, Steve Jobs could do presentations. He’s improved, seems the business world is just getting worse when it comes to these skills.

AmeriCAN, AmeriCan’t, Ameri…

Amazing Nike ad, music helps. Where’s it from? 🙂
Nike – Fate

Fluffy Links – Thursday 23rd of October 2008

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

PutPlace is free for three months. Hurry!

Niall has a good post on trad media and online media.

Good post from Paul on management.

Google now segregates the web. No content for you if you don’t use Google.

It means that a user coming from a Google search result may see the content, but when the user arrives at the same page from elsewhere – like from a link in a news article – they might see a registration or payment box and no actual article or other content.

Web Analytics. Nice numbery equationy thingies.

Please Fix the iPhone. Clever Marketing.

Tramp stamp.

Tiger Swim. Checkkit.

Dear Customers

Proof that eejits do get jail time.

Kinetic typography: Napoleon Dynamite

Jim says they’re ace so that’s true – No age – Eraser

Fluffy Links – Wednesday 22nd October 2008

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Very interesting post from Richard Hearne about the Enterprise Ireland eBusiness mailing list and the enforced censorship on it after he gave his opinon on the Board Fáilte webcheck programme. SEO me hole.

Good post by Barry on Facebook ads.

Congrats to Enterprise Ireland on their Silicon Valley blog.

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. This guy’s Fiat van was a piece of shit so he put all this issues with it on the side of the van.

The Irish Spatial Data Exchange. Nice.

If you’ve watched The Wire Season 5 you know this is exactly the story of newspapers in America.

Great videos from Google themselves on how their search systems work.

Love this T-Shirt.

Pizza Hut Pizza ordering app on Facebook. Clever. One day an Irish company will figure out that they can do the same for the Irish market.

Gladwell on genius. Nice audio piece.

Via Beyond MA: 50 Cent does his own version of the Apprentice:

Cement Mixer versus Cluster Bomb: