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Fluffy Links – Friday March 6th 2009 (Watchmen Day!)

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Congrats to the Internet’s Ben McRedmond on his Picomarks social bookmarks service.

Joe Ryan from Labour has a neat but depressing feature on his blog. It shows the increase in youth unemployment in Wexford. 700 in April to 1200 this month.

I only saw this now (hey I was busy dynamiting Building 7) but this is a lovely post from Lottie.

Lee Munroe is running a marathon for a kids’ charity. He has a sponsor site up.

New blog: Not Ruairi is a naive young man in Dublin. He sits in a room recording music all day, occasionally channelling the spirit of Cary Grant.

HB now have a fun Facebook Page. Brilliant videos from a bygone era on TV. Zig and Zag pre-Dustin with Ray D’Arcy with a fine head of black hair.

Adam Douglas now has a campaign site. Congrats. Just in time for the Green Party Conference.

Eolai’s paintings are still for sale at a discounted rate.

Michael O’Leary rocks. At times. Other times, no.

How to find hope in the recession.

‘’Possibility 2009+ Seminar’’ is happening on March 12th in Cork.

Possibility 2009 is a joint initiative of both South Cork and Cork City Enterprise Boards. For further information and online booking please visit This seminar is highly subsidized at €30 per participant

In April Johnnie Moore and Kay Scorah will run a workshop called a “A Day of Noticing“. Was at an adhoc workshop over lunchtime Johnnie did in the Guardian Offices a while back where we were throwing imaginary balls at each other that made odd sounds. It was fun and refreshing.

Video for JJ – Playground. Directed by Thomas Hefferon & Kay Madsen, a friend of a friend. Very stylish video and great song.

Look at the National Debt clock go!

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Luke Leslie made a wee video with Prodigy Music:

Blackout Ireland Day – ISP Association of Ireland yet to say a thing

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Why has there been silence from the representative group of Irish ISPs? The ISPAI has yet to say a thing about the eircom/IRMA deal. Does this mean they are not against it? Others have been very vocal about this horrible deal. Silence does nothing. Silence in times of adversity is bad. Speak up and speak out ISPAI, you are quick enough to ring the bells when it comes to the Data Retention laws and get coverage from your friends in the Irish Times.

More on Blackout Ireland.

Photoshop moment

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Martin Cullen references are optional.

Minister Martin shares his technique

See original pic here.

Noel Dempsey no likey fearless leader.

Noel says so

Too Fake

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Too Fake Music Video

Even pay machines are at the Obama Lark

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009


Change is Possible

Fluffy Links – Wednesday March 4th 2009

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Best blog post title this week. Things I have unintentionally ingested today.

Lauren has a very comprehensive list of Social Media Measurement tools. Free ones!

The Next Big Thing is being live-streamed today between 5pm-7:30pm. The event features a keynote presentation from the former Chief Architect of Twitter, Blaine Cook.

Yay, the Mardyke has a new skate park.

Via Declan. Free signed books!

Real politics online. Once again Ciarán Cuffe shows how to do it. He blogs, Twitters and replies to comments on his blog.

New blog, CorkLangerdan.

Win tickets to Ponytail. They’re a band, Forrest.

Grazt to AMIT for their new website.

So a report about Digital Britain was released. Then some clever person put a Wiki together for a publicly created better version.

They called the plane Gaza and it flies over Texas a lot. Hah.

Nenenenenaaa Batfight!

Via Kottke, great vid of what it looks like to be a piece of sushi on a platter on a sushi conveyor.

Sorry, it got into my head, now yours:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 3rd 2009

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Suzy’s video of David Davin Power surrounded by Fianna Fáil Yokels is scary.

Want to exhibit your art outdoors in the good months in Dublin? Clicky.

EU Business Grant anyone?

New blog: The Bloggy Dew.

New blog: Ross V Ross.

U2 and their new album are just another nail in the coffin of the old record industry.

Nice post from 1169 about Fine Gael making charity cases out of basic rights.

I totally agree with Battelle, Twitter results are showing up all over Google of late, they’re going to have to buy for that alone, just like they bought YouTube.

New car graveyards, if you will.

Oh my, what was she thinking with that dress?

Jim already did his review of the Hockey and Passion Pit concert, I think Hockey were much better live, I’d buy their album alone from that gig, not so much Passion Pit.

Passion Pit – Sleepy Head (Live in Whelan’s)

HD Version

A giant game of Twister, a bride walking down the aisle, Xbox360 Rockband, speech bubbles

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Where else but the Irish Blog Awards? I’ve stuck up an overdue thank you post on the Awards blog to say thanks. I’m totally biased here but seriously, what a fun event. Got some great emails from people saying it was in a different league or a different world to most awards shows. I guess the Blog Awards are a fun event with an awards show in the middle more than a pure awards show.

Giant Inflatable Twister:
Game of Twister at the Blog Awards

We got it from Bob over at Irish Inflatables. Maybe someone should chat to Bob about tarting up the site?

The original idea was to build a giant ball pit but the balls proved too expensive.

From my own experience attending events and awards shows, I think they actually beat down peoples’ personalities instead of bringing them out. The suits and tuxes and standard MC and denying people the right to say thank you to the people that got them to the winning podium, it takes the humanity away. A few hundred quid for the experience shuts out more people that deserve a show too. So the Blog Awards and hopefully the Web Awards make people relaxed and enable them to have fun and when you have fun and are relaxed you can network. Everyone should be able to network. Friendships begin or get stronger at the Blog Awards. I hope the same will happen at the Web Awards. Where personal relationships are built, business relationships can follow, not the other stuffy way.

I suggested before the Awards that Ciara bring her work uniform (a wedding dress). A midway-through-the-event decision and we decided that Ciara would walk down the aisle at the end to the sound of Billy Idol singing “White Wedding” and present Rick with the Grand Prix Winner Gold Envelope. And she did. Another thing about Awards, make them flexible so you can change things around.

Ciara Crossan walks down the aisle

And a quick sweep around before the event started:

This is my fav video too for the intro of Best Technology Blog:

Of course with this type of expectation management, people are already demanding a bigger, better and crazier 2010 Blog Awards. Ok…

Fluffy Links – Monday March 2nd 2009

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Made in Hollywood’s caption competition closes soon. Blog your pic from the Blog Awards with the speech bubble, link to this post and include you caption. Best caption wins a voucher to a restaurant of your choice.

New blog: Blog from the Bog. Life and Lifelists on the West Coast of Ireland. are having a photo competition for St. Patrick’s Day and a party!

Drucamp Galway is on soon enough. Going?

Get all Your Ducks in a Row. New e-book.

Make your content and information stealable.

Mulleycat. Hmmm.

Ah the tube.

Portishead asking the public to come up with a new business model for them?

Using crowdsourcing as a form of border patrol.

This is mad. Naples mafia threatens life of the guy that did a film about their corruption. But they’ll happily pirate the movie.

Blowing up a lake: