Fluffy Links – Wednesday March 4th 2009

Best blog post title this week. Things I have unintentionally ingested today.

Lauren has a very comprehensive list of Social Media Measurement tools. Free ones!

The Next Big Thing is being live-streamed today between 5pm-7:30pm. The event features a keynote presentation from the former Chief Architect of Twitter, Blaine Cook.

Yay, the Mardyke has a new skate park.

Via Declan. Free signed books!

Real politics online. Once again Ciarán Cuffe shows how to do it. He blogs, Twitters and replies to comments on his blog.

New blog, CorkLangerdan.

Win tickets to Ponytail. They’re a band, Forrest.

Grazt to AMIT for their new website.

So a report about Digital Britain was released. Then some clever person put a Wiki together for a publicly created better version.

They called the plane Gaza and it flies over Texas a lot. Hah.

Nenenenenaaa Batfight!

Via Kottke, great vid of what it looks like to be a piece of sushi on a platter on a sushi conveyor.

Sorry, it got into my head, now yours:

6 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday March 4th 2009”

  1. Steph says:

    The sushi camera is extremely hypnotic!

  2. Charles says:

    Damn, I want sushi now…
    Impressed by Ciaran – nigh on impossible to find a politician of significant intellect in this country, or at least someone who can articulate it well and embrace online interaction

  3. Yummy Mammy says:

    This may surprise you;

    I LOVE WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Told you it was shocking lol

  4. Ha. Like they ever played the Marquee.

  5. whoopsadaisy says:

    Ah I love a bit of Wham as well, always good for a dance in the kitchen 😀

  6. click here says:

    Heh, love the sushi-cam. I love how so many of the people it spies are expressionless and bored looking. The clip reminds me of some kind of Beckett play. Waiting for Bento.