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Radisson Blu Galway – I’d avoid for events

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Update as of end of April 2010: After a long time going back and forth and escalating this to the general manager for Radisson Group Ireland, the Radisson and I came finally came to a satisfactory resolution on this matter. Many lessons were learned by all sides.

Update: Staff members of the Radisson Blu chain are swarming around this blog post, one has even left a fake comment about his love for the Radisson Blu Dublin

I’ve been back and forth with the Radisson Blu Galway for over a week about the crap service they gave for the Blog Awards. Below is a list I sent the hotel of what I have subsequently been told were “minor issues”. I unfortunately trusted others that I would be guaranteed good service from the hotel, instead I got the worst service of any hotel I’ve done business with in 6 years of running various events. All these complaints have been forwarded to the GM of the Radisson Blu Group but I have yet to hear anything from them either. So much for good quality hotels in Ireland. The amount of additional stress added on to myself and others on the night of the Awards because of the below was uncalled for and should not have happened. This is what you don’t want for a conference or an event.


Lack of delivery of contract and prices until a few weeks before the date.
Despite choosing the hotel and going over details for the event, it was just weeks before the event that a contract arrived.

Staff wanted Twitter messages deleted
When I rang to clarify some issues, the main number for the hotel rang out. I noted this on Twitter. Later a staff member rang me back and answered some of my questions then said my tweets made them look bad and appreciated if I deleted them. When I said no I got a smart “well that’s your prerogative”. Further explanation from me that I’m not in the business of deleting tweets got the same “your prerogative” reply.

March 26th
We checked into the hotel, with a distinct lack of “hello and welcome”. A handover between two staff members for the event was amateur and the most up to date details and contract couldn’t be found. One of the Blog Award volunteers was assigned two rooms instead of one so had to correct that. I got asked at the handover what media coverage I would get for the hotel, does this post help? 🙂

The power sockets blew in my room on late Friday night leaving phones and laptop dead on Saturday morning.

March 27th
Tried to ring down dozens of times over the space of two hours to complain about power sockets. All numbers were engaged almost all day. Resorted to charging phone in someone else’s room. Walked to reception and it was swamped with people, could not find a staff member to complain to. Eventually had someone in housekeeping get an electrician. Electrician came to room and fixed sockets, they blew again later that evening.

Blog Awards Function
Function room was set up for 250 not 300, despite the handover on Friday making this very clear. I had to correct this with the staff who seemed unimpressed with my telling them. Staff were unpleasant to me and others.
Lights blew in VIP section of the function when lights tested by staff, had to be replaced by an electrician.
Unsafe wooden steps for the stage put up, yet had previously been promised proper steps in runthrough earlier in March. No proper steps were put up.
The stage was dirty with rubblish left there from previous event and rubbish was not cleared by staff.
Curtains at left of the stage had very large and obvious stains on them.

March 28th
Complained to John W on checkout about power in rooms. No record of any issues was sent down by electrician or housekeeping. Rooms was comped over power issue. Supposedly. Banqueting manager not around to discuss other issues or deal with payment.

March 29th
Chatted to Karen J on the phone about list of issues, outlined bedrooms were comped by John W. Outlined all the other issues I had. Told Karen J I would be paying

March 30th
Invoice for event arrived and I was charged for supposedly comped rooms

April 1st.
Without permission, hotel took 1000 euros off my credit card.

Data Protection Breach
Hotel has sent a survey to numerous Blog Award attendees despite them ticking box asking for no contact. Hotel has added many Blog Awards guests to their mailing list despite people opting out on check-in cards.

April 6th, 7th
Issues raised with Radisson Blu Group Manager – waiting for response…

April 8th.
Hotel writes me a letter, comping my room. Again. Pointing out issues were minor. Offering me a voucher to stay in hotel.

Fluffy Links – Thursday April 8th 2010

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Fantastic summary video of Blog Awards 2010 inc the funeral entrance.

Irish review site, as in As Gaeilge

TEDx Liffey is next week. Grab some tix, they’re almost gone.

Paul Dervan wants to bring charities, marketers and students together to work on projects. Great idea.

FunConf just got funner. FunConf is the one day web conference on a bus driving through Ireland. Very limited seating obviously. Speakers inc Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO.

Win an iFad, forget the aul iPad.

BeLonG To Youth Services are launching a campaign called Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Week, you can follow them on twitter.

Another year, another Storyland. Follow Gerry the Butcher on Twitter. Watch him on YouTube and vote for him if you wish.

New Chemical Brothers tune, 12 mins long!

Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 7th 2010

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Love this post from Phil about movie spoilers.

New blog, nice concept. Couch Surfing in Dublin. Great database of gaffs to rob too.

Good post from Frankie P about using multiple feeds for Facebook Notes.

New blog: Alternative Tunings. A blog about the Irish alternative music scene.

What is The Board? “The Board is a support group for your business, provided in the form of structured monthly board meetings”

Via Eoin. Some great presos on recycling campaign ideas.

Via Anrooooooo, TED talk on simplifying legal jargon.

Via the Award giving and winning Jim Carroll -> Mountain Men – Animal Tracks

Fluffy Links – Wednesday March 31st 2010

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

New blog, at least to me. Mary Egan.

TEDx Liffey is April 15th. Limited tickets. Very cheap. Speakers: Mick Wallace, The Happy Pear, ARK Change Your World, Dylan Haskins.

Grannymar once again proves to be an inspiration. I ought to have more fun.

Peig and tellys, Ireland 2010.

So this is where Jonathan is.

Uh oh, don’t tell Fran Hollywood about a foam Mario getting knifed.

Nice ideas. Nokia and World Bank fund mobile apps for/in Africa.

Amazing story of a genius thief.

Love Panti’s vid from the Blog Awards:

Miriam O’Callaghan intros report on Death of Blogging

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Totally awesome video I must say. Update: Yes, Charlie Brooker’s newswipe was the inspiration for this.

And Miriam is on Twitter now.

Best Blog Awards photo so far.

Upcoming public events I’m at

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Galway, Cork, Dublin

To answer some of the emails and messages about training events:

April 14th, Blogging Workshop with Galway Executive Skillsnet.
April 22nd Building Cost Effective Reputation for your business Free for it@Cork members.
April 29th Social Media for Business in Cork with PFH – €150
May 4th Online PR Training Course in Dublin – €210

My last Blog Awards

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Was not this one. Luckily I didn’t publicly announce my retirement. This was meant to be my last Blog Awards but a few things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go on the night so the beatings will continue til the morale improves and I’m happy with a Blog Awards. Maybe I’ll get it right the 6th time or the 7th.

Notes like the below make it all worth it though:
Note from a new blogger

Please do blog and email and give thanks to the organisers. It takes considerable effort to run this and year on year less thank you emails are sent while complaint emails go up. It makes a difference between the organisers enjoying doing this or seeing it as a chore.

Thanks to Nathalie for the photo. Thanks to Jim Caroll and Rick O’Shea for positive messages about running events.

If you’re a progressive hotel you’ll be emailing and offering your hotel facilities at a deep discount. 300 good spending bloggers, most will stay in the hotel if it’s of good value and many will take lots of pics of the place too. The Blog Awards is not going to be in Cork, Dublin or Galway next year. So loads of choices.

Training: Social Media for Business – Cork April 29th

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Update: June 2012 – See here for more up to date courses on Social Media/Digital Marketing.

I’m doing a training course with PFH towards the end of April, €150 for the day, course max is 15. It’s fairly practical in nature. A few people have been on to me about doing a public course in Cork, so here you are. You better book it now! Email: Or ring Catherine 021 230-3010 or Sally 021 230-3040

Outline for Social Media for Business

What is social media?
What are the current and upcoming trends in online marketing/social media

LinkedIn for business
The benefits of using LinkedIn for business
Making a LinkedIn profile that gets you and you business noticed
Seeking out leads and partners with LinkedIn
Building your reputation through sharing your expertise in LinkedIn Discussions

Facebook for business
Why is Facebook relevant to my business?
How businesses use Facebook to get custom and build reputation
Facebook Pages for business
Using Facebook’s analytics tools to better cater to your customers
Facebook Ads – Highly targeted inexpensive ads bring quality customers

Twitter for business
What is Twitter and why should a business use it?
How to interact on Twitter with consumers and other businesses
How adding value on Twitter creates strong word of mouth

Developing a social media/online marketing plan
How to figure out objectives in social media
How to measure your campaigns and see do they align with your objectives

Fluffy Links – Monday March 22nd 2010

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

So the famous Debz is back with her Thrifty Mammy blog. Here’s a fantastic blog post on 10 great deals in Aldi.

Paddy’s day, not Patty. To be used again next year.

Like this blog from O2 Ideas room.

Oops, ad fail on the Indo.

Google says a cupla focail as gaelige.

Jonsi covers MGMT.

The end of the agency.

Via Metafilter and other sites. The Ibex

Workshops on Design Thinking

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

(Disclaimer: I’ve done work for Innovator and IntertradeIreland in the past)

Innovator are doing a few workshops on “Demand Led Innovation” around the country in the next few weeks.
Some details here.

This practical two day workshop using design thinking principles will guide you on looking at your company and markets in new ways and show you exercises on how to transform your business, allowing you to generate new revenue models for existing and new markets.

250 euros for two days, two staff can go along. More details.

Now they’ll be using the Civil Security sector (Travel security) as the industry used to develop new business ideas but the principles work for all industries. I’ve chatted to them about this and already have come up with some ideas around training and communications. Think about all the ways you can make it easier to get through airport security and less stressful, from training security staff to be more efficient and polite, to making signs that take the guesswork out of things, to iPhone Apps and even Twitter apps to pre-prep those who’ll be flying out. There’s a pretty big market for that. A lot of the time too it just iterating an existing product for a new customer or maket type.

Hoping to get to this myself.

Creating Dharma Beer 03
Photo owned by MacWalsh (cc)