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Fluffy links Sept 9th 2006

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

Atomic Ballroom

Feed Cache.

Treasa takes some beautiful eclipse photos.

A beauty by Phil.

Another lovely Piece by Gavin.

The art of John Gerrard. Check out the smoke tree.

Atomic Ballroom. It’s like the Sony Bravia ad but with the pause button pressed.

McDonalds gets a corporate responsibility blog while Budweiser just builds a massive online TV channel.

iTube – Move YouTube videos to your Ipod .

Tiny robotic devices that made from junk are drawing things.

James Bond Casino Royale – New Trailer

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

I’m sold even if he does look like a dodgy builder with a gun. Nice little update on the theme tune too.

“ is available for registration”

Friday, September 8th, 2006

*whistles innocently*
Nothing to see here

Conference on Irish Politics and blogging – Oct 7th in Dublin

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Cian, Suzy, Mick and myself have been busy the past while getting a conference together called “Blogging the Election”. Details available over on about this. This is an gig with support from the rest of us. We’d love to see as many people there as can go and that we can accomodate. Please try and encourage any politicians and journalists you know to come along too.

We’ll be using the tag “irishelection2007” to tag all posts that cover this event.

A registration form will go up soon so you can register for the event. Details of guest speakers will appear in due course too.

Update: Coverage on Slugger.

Press release below:

Inaugural conference on blogging and politics to be held in Dublin on October 7th.

The heavyweights of the growing Irish blogging community will mix with politicians, journalists and interested members of the public at an event called “Blogging the Election” In Dublin in October. The event is being billed as an informal meeting and discussion on how new Internet tools like blogging can help and influence the very traditional political process in Ireland.

Politics website will be running the event with the support of political commentator Mick Fealty from website, campaigner Suzy Byrne from and Internet lobbyist Damien Mulley.

Cian O’Flaherty from stated “Irish Politics has yet to embrace and tap into the ability of the Internet to energise interest in politics and political campaigning. The “Blogging the Election” event will explore how bloggers can benefit elections and help shape the future of politics.”

Mick Fealty from Slugger O’Toole added “Next year’s general election holds possibilities for a blogging breakthrough in Irish politics and we will be exploring this issue in depth via experienced guest speakers and by facilitating a series of open spaces in which participants can host their own conversations, probing issues that they are passionate about.”

More information is available from

About blogging and politics:

Blogging has revolutionised online communication in way that few previously imagined. It has allowed intelligent audiences to make faster and smarter responses that often disrupt traditional top down news flows. It puts considerable power in the hands of ordinary citizens to disrupt cosy consensuses of established political and media elites.

In the US, bloggers have shaped some of the biggest news stories and continue to provide a decisive influence, even inside political parties. In Britain, a new breed of aggressive anti-government bloggers has been generating stories that have brought them into the centre of the mainstream establishment, the Deputy Prime Minister the most senior politician to feel the heat.

Tonnes of hits because of a voicemail

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Twink madness

An amazing number coming from Government IP addresses. 🙂

The remixed voicemail. Now you can dance to it. Dance like the Billy Barrie kid we all never wanted to be.

A post in which the author expresses emotion

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Despite helping out with the birth of Digital Rights Ireland, work chairing IrelandOffline which prompted a Govt Minister to say we were damaging the economy, running a blog awards, getting promoted in work and other work I can’t mention on this blog, I also took on the evening law degree in UCC. Obviously the degree study suffered and I had to repeat some summer exams because I only started studying a few days before the exams. I got my repeat results today and I scraped a pass. So off to second year Law I go. To say I’m happy is quite an understatement. As usual with being so very very happy I become reduced to grunts and expletives.

Damien July 2006   So really a lesson should have been learned and I need to calm down. Less IrelandOffline, less blog awards, less organising conferences (another to be announced very soon) and less other stuff. Yeah right. Not going to happen. There won’t be just one awards gig next year, there’ll be two. The other has nothing to do with blogs. No other clues, sorry. Maybe a few more conferences, there’s also an election coming up and I hope to take some time off to blog part of it. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go off and find €3k for college.

BarCamp Ireland – Blog and Wiki, plans going well

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

The new BarCamp Ireland blog. The press release about BarCamp is there now too. Please send on to details to anyone you’d think would be interested in this. We really really would like to see more people talking on the day or even facilitating discussions. Remember this is BarCamp so the rules are quite loose and informal.

We’re still looking for sponsors and judging by numbers we may have to rent more seating for the day and get in more food. Bubble Brothers are providing a good bit of wine and we also hope to have a post-event drinks event in a pub. Just waiting to hear back on that now. We’re also looking for the use of some Av equipment/projectors etc for the talk. If anyone wants to loan us the equipment it’d be great. We’re looking to get some T-shirts made too. So far our sponsors are:

  1. Webworks
  2. Qumas
  4. Heineken
  5. Bubble Brothers

We’re hoping to make this as fun as possible so do come along and even suggest things to talk about on the BarCamp Wiki.

Meebo adds search box for Google, Wikipedia and Amazon

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Meebo Search   Virtual desktop and VPN is surely on the way now. This is what I suggested back in December. Firefox and Mozilla took more of us away from the desktop and to the browser with multiple tabs replacing multiple application windows. Now Meebo is going to start replacing multiple tabs with one browser tab giving us a new desktop. Is that the plan Meebo folks?

Justin Mason creates a personalised Techmeme powered by your network

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

It’s called Spicylinks:

SpicyLinks is an automated link-blog summariser. It reads other people’s link-blogs, so you don’t have to, and reports the stuff that prove popular in your personal collection of sources.

A little bit of hacking has come up with an interesting twist: take a social network, a CGI script called deliciousnetwork2opml.cgi, and 15 minutes hacking on SpicyLinks to support inclusion of OPML via a remote URI, and hey presto — it’s now a social-network summarising aggregator. 😉

So it’s like your social network but with noise reducers and you can choose your level of ear fluffiness for the noise.

More info here.

FluffyFluffy little star – Fluffy Links Sept 7th 2006

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Inspired by BoingBoing: Google Ireland search for confidential data.

Via Julian is the East Cork Early Music Festival..

Beowulf performed by Benjamin Bagby. The world’s foremost expert in Medieval music performance sings a major section of the Beowulf epic in the original Anglo-Saxon, to lyre accompaniment.

Good post by John Carroll on Nicholas Sarkozy’s approach to the youth of his country.

Another Industry funded Regulator. You’d think they’d learn that sometimes that doesn’t work.

TCAL talks about Rick O’Shea’s Brainstock. Great idea. Go support.

Liberman finally gets a blog. Bit late no?

and finally. D’Lefties are back interviewing.