BarCamp Ireland – Blog and Wiki, plans going well

The new BarCamp Ireland blog. The press release about BarCamp is there now too. Please send on to details to anyone you’d think would be interested in this. We really really would like to see more people talking on the day or even facilitating discussions. Remember this is BarCamp so the rules are quite loose and informal.

We’re still looking for sponsors and judging by numbers we may have to rent more seating for the day and get in more food. Bubble Brothers are providing a good bit of wine and we also hope to have a post-event drinks event in a pub. Just waiting to hear back on that now. We’re also looking for the use of some Av equipment/projectors etc for the talk. If anyone wants to loan us the equipment it’d be great. We’re looking to get some T-shirts made too. So far our sponsors are:

  1. Webworks
  2. Qumas
  4. Heineken
  5. Bubble Brothers

We’re hoping to make this as fun as possible so do come along and even suggest things to talk about on the BarCamp Wiki.

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  1. […] I found out from Damien that BarCamp Ireland now has it’s own blog. Their press release gives a quick overview, but if you want to know who’s going and talking you should take a look at the BarCamp wiki where you can signup to attend. There are twelve speakers so far with topics ranging from running a start-up, Web 2.0, OPML, Ruby and more. […]

  2. hi Damien

    [while I am here I may as well trail comments] I know it is a dumb question but may i ask why Webworks does not have sufficent AV equipment for the day? I would have expected them to be overspecced on gear 🙂


  3. Damien says:

    Hey Keith. Dunno really. The building is new and they have one tenant at the moment and I think the venue as such isn’t for conferences. At the end of the day it’s an office building, though a very swank and teched out one. They have some AV equipment but not enough for 3 different AV intensive functions at the same time. That’s my guess anyway.

  4. I can bring one InFocus data projector providing there’s a stand or table in place for it.

  5. Damien says:

    Nice one Bernie, thanks.

  6. Qsadzx says:

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