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When it’s time to change your seat

Thursday, June 9th, 2005

Don’t you just hate obnoxious people?

Deep Throat – Thoughts on modern journalism and online sales

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Washington Post confirms Felt was Deep Throat. So the Washington Post confirms it was Felt. What is inspiring is that they kept the secret all of these years and even as news broke about it they still refused to confirm until they were quite sure that it was ok to do so. That’s integrity. What seems useful to this modern age is whether anonymous sources are still useful and whether news organisations today have the same standards.

The story of Watergate is probably unknown to most people under 30 at this stage but they all seem to know what the big scandals have -gate appended on to them.

And now for the geeky angle on this: I would love to find out how many people bought All the Presidents Men as a direct result of this breaking news story. This leads me on to the idea that Amazon and other online stores should have a Google Zeitgeist style frontpage where people can buy merchandise based on today’s and this week’s main news stories. Of course I don’t think it could be fully automated like Google news in case Amazon sells something insensitive. Would have been funny but PR damaging if Robbie Coltrane’s “The Pope must Die” was for sale when JPII kicked his clogs.

So far All the Preisdents Men has not shown up in the top searchs in Isohunt.

Podcasting the Dáil – RateMyTD

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

This whole RateMyTD idea went around the a while ago and I’m just going to add more thoughts to it now and see will others join the debate. I got on to people in the Oireachtas and they said they had no plans for RSS feeds or XML feeds of speeches or Podcasts or any kind of audio feed. Mentioned stuff about editing and they don’t want to and this is their reason. It might be to do with TDs being able to say what they want in the Dáil and not getting into a libel action. Perhaps if this was stored as audio or video the publisher could get done for libel.

I was reminded of the Live Dáil coverage which they don’t keep archives of. When I asked why TDs emails and phone numbers were not on the website anymore they didn’t seem to know and I was told consult the phone book. This is E-Government!

So, first job for RMTD is to get proper contact info together for TDs. Second is to find a way of taking the speeches and ripping out the fancy decorations and exporting to a raw XML format which can be used in different applications. Third is maybe to channel the TV feed and store it somewhere and extract the audio and allow podcasts. Fourth is to then start building the apps to break up the XML feeds so we can populate a database that can be used to find how many speeches the TDs made, what are their views on whatever subject matter. Fifth would be to mix the audio speeches with the text of them allowing people to search audio feeds for quotes.

That’s transparency, I wonder can it only be achieved by an NGO?

Teachers – Make up your mind. Privacy or not.

Monday, May 30th, 2005

Supreme Court sides with a school about not releasing Inspector’s reports. So the teachers don’t want people looking at Inspector’s reports and yet all the teacher unions want RateMyTeachers stopped. Very cake and eating it.

So they don’t respect the school kids privacy or right to anonymously comment on how teachers do their job and bully kids into not posting on RateMyTeachers (and yes I have proof if anyone would like to challenge this) but when a news org like the Irish Times wants access to their data, they go all the way to the Supreme court to fight it? Shame.

Dave on booty calls

Monday, May 30th, 2005

Dave on another form of integration, this one more horizontal than vertical. Using Netflix and to allow movie lovers to find each other and fall in *insert heartbeat sound* LOVE.

All these integrations remind me of the GoogleZon idea. It’s only time before various sources feed off each other. We have podcasts and feeds in our aggregators, only a few more steps before some local aggregator or web based one becomes more lifestyle centric with movie and music recommendations popping up, with pre-downloaded songs and reviews from friends and associates, a flirt application that seeks out potential mates or new friends by matching your likes with theirs. I just wonder will it be done based on tags, FOAF files or some XML hybrid?

Are you sure you want to close these 10 tabs?

Monday, May 30th, 2005

Why smart people defend bad ideas.

3D game to AutoCAD to real life product

Well, do you want to have just one argument, or were you thinking of taking a course?

How to write a business proposal.

Congrats to Donncha

Monday, May 30th, 2005

Engaged! Well done. Everyone I know of late seems to be getting married or having kids. The pressures on. Now I just need to change some silly laws…

Seriously though Donncha, on that page I note it says:

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You trying to say something about your penis being a weapon of mass destruction or that when your kids have kids the Mrs. is going to be doing drugs or your life is going to be like Bill Cullen’s? Odd.

Whack a TD – Fun in the Dáil.

Thursday, May 26th, 2005

This is Brian Greene’s idea really not mine. Brian mentions that TDs don’t seem to turn off their mobiles when in the Dáil.

the whack of electro magnetic radiation hits the audio cables of the mic and is recorded for Oireachtais Report or broadcast live on Dáil Beo (TG4)

So, a nice afternoon game can be played by all those lazy ass students who stay at home to watch useless TV. Watch this on TG4, when they see a TD speak, find their number and ring it. Finding a mobile is a piece of piss these days with Google et al. Or a bit of social engineering when ringing party HQ will easily get you the number. Mobile rings and that nasty obnoxious fuzzy noise will piss off the TG4 sound engineers. Fun!

Journalism and commentary

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

Can bloggers become the old style journalists? Or will we see journalists fork into factual and factual with commentary type journos. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that we will see a few of the quality and probably not so quality citizens join the ranks of journalists. Blogs allow and almost default to people adding in their own commentary to news stories. Just look at Planet of the Blogs for commentary on the latest world news.

As more and more bloggers graduate into journos will more and more news stories become opinion pieces?

More reading on this:
Jeff Jarvis – Editor of News Gatherer.
Jarvis on new business models for news.
Open letter to Journalism school grads. Not very positive.

Tiny Music – The Intel sound and more

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

We are the tinyMusic makers. Interesting report on the people and the thoughts behind the tiny pieces of music we hear day in and day out.