Whack a TD – Fun in the Dáil.

This is Brian Greene’s idea really not mine. Brian mentions that TDs don’t seem to turn off their mobiles when in the Dáil.

the whack of electro magnetic radiation hits the audio cables of the mic and is recorded for Oireachtais Report or broadcast live on Dáil Beo (TG4)

So, a nice afternoon game can be played by all those lazy ass students who stay at home to watch useless TV. Watch this on TG4, when they see a TD speak, find their number and ring it. Finding a mobile is a piece of piss these days with Google et al. Or a bit of social engineering when ringing party HQ will easily get you the number. Mobile rings and that nasty obnoxious fuzzy noise will piss off the TG4 sound engineers. Fun!

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