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Second City Trilogy – Premier Drama

Saturday, August 6th, 2005

God, this post title belongs in a newspaper column. I’m so witty and hip and with it at times. Second City Trilogy too is witty and on the pulse and garnished with wonderful imagery of Cork and its culture.

So, what is Second City Trilogy? 3 short(30mins or so) plays about Cork people and referencing Cork life. Superb acting, good writing, nice fusion of comedy and drama. Uses Cork as a background and includes all the usual slang and local history without doing a Gift Grub style stereotype of Cork life.

Only drawback was the seats in the half moon were crap and it was very warm in there. Still it was only a small hardship to see this trilogy.

There’s a review of it by the Examiner here. My review is less pretentious, not for want of trying. 🙂

Columbia 3 – Use them to sell phones

Saturday, August 6th, 2005

The Columbia 3 – Sponsored by 3 Ireland. Makes sense, no? Wonder what additional extras will be on the Columbia 3G Phones. Bet you there’ll be more first person shooter games and a new digital version of hide and seek.

More movement on EFI / EFF Ireland

Friday, August 5th, 2005

Freestater has done a quick summary of all the IrishBlogs on the EFI idea Antoin and myself have been commenting on the post too.

Antoin has posted his EFI views too on his site.

While there is talk of funding, if you look at the IrelandOffline model, we run on nothing pretty much. I’d be of the idea that save as much money and be as frugal as possible, not because money is precious but spending time looking after money and collecting money is a pain in the ass and uses up your time when it could be used to do much more important things.

The IrelandOffline Committee itself largely interacts via private mailing lists, online IRC meetings and phone conversations. We meet up in the physical world only now and then, generally when it’s to meet telcos or Govt bodies.

The initial EFF idea seems to be forking already, though in a good way possibly. There seems to be some people that are more interested in a Bloggers Representative Group to be a voice and adviser for the and others interested in more of an EFF style group.

I like Antoin’s suggestion about working with other groups in this area and building on their strenghts instead of starting from scratch but I am slightly wary of the ICCL‘s ability after volunteering so many times and being pretty much ignored. They are still a must to talk to though, to see where they are now and what they have planned. To go slightly off on a tangent for a sec they need a mailing list that works, a proper website and online discussion forums.

If people are interested in the EFF idea I’d suggest them letting one of us know either on or leaving comments on Freestater’s or Antoin’s site. Get people you know to look at what is being written online too. Post a link to the discussion on your blog and on discussion forums. Forward the link to mailing lists (without spamming).

If you go online in anyway or use any form of electronic communication then an EFF Style group is important, and while you may not want to get involved in setting one up and running it, you should support it by talking about it, linking to it and advertising it.

Contacted the ICCL to see what they cover. Seems they haven not looked into this area for ages and their E-Rights group has been disbanded. Waiting to hear back from the ICCL for clarification on what areas of the digital domain they are researching. They have some research on privacy they’ll be publishing.

The Engineers – Home

Thursday, August 4th, 2005

On the way back from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the other night (which is a fantastic movie BTW) I heard a band called The Engineers on Today FM. They were playing a song called “Home”. It’s a good song, though it reminds me of some other song that was out before. You can watch the video for home here. I’d recommend.

Tom Raftery Googleshames Casey’s Hotel Glengariff

Thursday, August 4th, 2005

A few weeks back I talked about the idea of Googleshame – Googlebombing an entity into changing their service or highlighting to the public crap service/products. Tom Raftery gives a Googleshame example by highlighting his unhappiness with a meal in Casey’s Hotel Glengariff. Lets see how long before the great Google links to his review of Casey’s Hotel Glengariff.

Irish Bloggers Union – Who’s In?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

Mick suggests an Irish Bloggers Union. I’m all for it. We might need it if Sir Tony wants to take on the bloggers.

Really Mr. O’Reilly – Sir Tony wants to nuke blogs?

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

Updated August 4th:

FMK pointed out the interview in the Sunday Times with Tony O’Reilly where he wanted to do to content thieves what the record labels did to Napster.

Feargal believes Dr. Sir Tony is aiming for bloggers and for once I agree with Feargal. Loads of “out of touch with reality” quotes from Tony.

“I can see the newspaper industry getting together the same way as the recording industry got together, except in a more effective way,” said O’Reilly. “A journalist’s work is valuable, it needs to be protected.”

Links are also valuable, the more inbound links pointing to your content the more strenght it will have, the more you can leverage it and monetize it, without screwing over people. It makes me think though does Sir Tony figure he can make money from micropayments and microcontent?

Saying that it was his son Gavin who took a swipe at another form of New Media – Participative Journalism.

“I think participative journalism is a dangerous precedent for our
industry. People forget that newspapers have always been an interactive
medium, people have always been able to interact with us through the

Like father like son?

But back to Sir Tony, he took a dig at bloggers too when denying Newspapers were on the decline, which would reinforce what Feargal said about him gunning for bloggers stealing his content:

“It is a sunrise industry,” said O’Reilly. “Newspapers are tactile, hugely cheap, reliable, go with a cup of coffee. You can trust newspaper writers. Can you trust a blogger?” O’Reilly said that the newspaper industry would also challenge the rise of the internet as an advertising medium. A whole range of goods would not be congenial to be advertised “on a PC”, he said.

Oh my. Compare him to Murdoch. Who’ll be around in ten years time? O’Reilly and Son or Murdoch and Family?

Other Blogs on this: – Hey Tony, lay off the crack pipe
Mark on Stuff – Damien Mulley picks two bad horses.
Dick O’Brien weighs in and expands on this with some very clever analysis. Hi Dick! He also gives his thoughts on setting up EFF Ireland

Hello to the BBC Viewers reading this Blog

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

32* hits so far today from: BBC Magazine Review of Weblogs. My sarcastic comment about the IRA announcement is what got their attention. Trust my smart mouth to have the beeb take notice.

May I suggest you all visit and bookmark Slugger O’Toole as it is the best website on the politics of Northern Ireland.

Go look at IrelandOffline for something far less important than peace in our time.

* I just spotted the irony as I drafted this.

The dreamers of the day are dangerous men

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible. – T. E. Lawrence

Proud of Pride? Is Pride useful anymore?

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

I just posted the below on I’m sure it’ll get a few people all riled up. 🙂

With the Cork Pride events starting to wrap up and with Dublin Pride 2005 well and truly put to bed, I’m starting to wonder what gay people actually think of Pride. Do they know the origins of Pride, why it came about? Where is the “Pride” aspect of it now? Is getting drunk and adhering to over-the-top stereotypes in any way constructive?

I’ve supported Pride before and given out to people who dissed the march but who turned up to the after parties, but now I wonder what is the use for Pride nowadays. It seems just an excuse to get drunk, party and bitch if straight people think you’re a freak.

After witnessing a bunch of screaming queens parade up and down the main street of Cork about a dozen times in an open top bus while most of the gay people were actually hiding under a big rainbow flag, I have to wonder how that makes me proud. It was funny hearing members of the public ask (seriously) “Are they the Lota kids on a day trip?” too. All people saw or rather heard were screams from a bus with a rainbow flag that was going up and down the street. How is something like that making people aware of the gay community?

As the saying goes, Invisble people will have invisble rights, but is this the way for gay people to make themselves visible? I can see the idea that a pride event gets attention, so yes, someone in big heels and wearing a boa gets your attention, but then what? What’s the message then? It’s like that stupid thing “SEX! Now that I have your attention” but then the person just looks back to shouting “SEX” The Fathers for Justice got attention to their campaign when they scaled Buckingham Palace in a Batman suit. They got the headlines and they had something of substance after they got the attention.

Pride was meant to make the greater community aware that gay people existed. But everyone knows there are gay people everywhere now, trouble is most of the places we see gay people are in stereotype roles on TV and in the media, oh and in parading down the street in drag once a year. My mother talks to me now and again about gay people and talks about certain gay people “Did you know such and such is gay? ” what is unsaid but is implied by her without knowing it “and he’s normal”. I would think it is the same for a lot of the wider community too. “You’re gay? But I couldn’t tell cos all I know are the stereotypes that gay people adhere to and those that don’t adhere to them remain silent.”

Since Pride perpetuates myths or rather makes them reality, is Pride devisive nowadays? It’s not like the Gay Community is doing anything to fight for equality at the moment anyway and make us equals. Certainly now when the “Gay Community” invites the Minister for Injustice to their Film Festival and he is all down with the gays telling them he really gives a damn about their rights, yet is going to Court to stop a middle-aged Lesbian couple from getting what is rightfully theirs, and then “community” publicly congratulate his bullsh1t statement.

I have to wonder what are the priorities for the community. The community seems more interested in putting on gliiter, getting drunk on Smirnoff ice than talking about equality.

Also, why do people only celebrate pride one day in the year? I’m proud to be a pink triangle carrying member of the gay community every day of my life. I’m happy to let people know I’m gay without making an event of it. I don’t feel the need to bring a ghettoblaster into work playing kylie and dancing to her in hotpants, yet many of the people who get drunk to go on a Pride march hide away in their closeted shells the rest of the year.

Should pride be more about encouraging people to break away from stereotypes, about encouraging them to feel comfortable talking about their sexuality in a daily environment and about campaigning for greater equality? It can also be about partying and acting like a twat, but right now it is only about acting like a drunken twat.