IrishBloggers – Who to Hughtrain?

Hugh Macleod (Hi Hugh) has been leveraging blogs and using the mantra of the Cluetrain Manifesto to start interesting conversations about various things including products he is helping to develop. One of Hugh’s latest iniatives is to give away bottles of wine to bloggers and have them review the wine on their blogs *if* they want to. The only obligation is that they let Hugh know if they have done a review. Positive or negative it doesn’t matter as Hugh and his clients stand over the quality of the product.

Can this be done in Ireland with the ? If I had a product and I wanted people talking about it, which bloggers in Ireland could I approach and say “hey, you want to try this? I welcome your opinion on it. Post a review, positive or negative or don’t comment if you don’t want to.”

Slugger is the most prolific and professional Blog in Ireland but they don’t do the “I was playing with my new SuperDooperDippyBox the other day that Damien asked me to check out and I got to say that…” Slugger is more fact only, no personal opinions, their subject matter is very specific.

Donncha’s blog is the most linked to Blog in Ireland due to his involvement with WordPress. His subject matter varies a bit, from personal stuff, to productivity, to tech to photography.

The Community At Large is just a site that rehashes BoingBoing, MetaFilter and Populicious links, no real opinions on subject matters, just a lot of fun links. No offense guys.

Other worthy mentions are Bernie, Dave, Backseat Drivers, Michele and Sigla Mag though I’m sure FMK is too cynical to pimp anyones products.

There are loads of Irish Bloggers who could be used to talk about your product and you can have them to do it in a very transparent manner. Tom I’d like to have your opinion on this since you are now doing consultancy work on business blogging. Would the IrishBloggers be annoyed/abhorred that someone is profiling them to see what products could be given them to try out so that they’d talk about them. Is there an ego boost to know that you are a maven?

As usual, my comments are fucked (sush Michele and Tom!) so if you do have a comment maybe talk about it on your own blog and just link to this.


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