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VoIP: Do Irish Operators block it?

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Following on from Pat’s post here about Vodafone and T-Mobile blocking VoIP services in the UK, has anyone here found they cannot make VoIP calls with their mobile broadband options or via their operator branded N95s and so forth? Some people tell me that on Vodafone 3g broadband Skype does not work. Wondering can people list what does not work on Vodafone’s broadband and regular mobile service. I believe that Skype works on o2’s 3g broadband package?

Dedicated to the Green Party

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Fluffy links – Monday June 18th 2007

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Sean Deasy’s PC repair toolkit. Handy list of apps if you are the bloody relative that “knows stuff about computers”.

The Social and Health Education Project. blurb:

To enable people to achieve personal effectiveness: the capacity to discern and adopt health-enhancing and socially just behaviours which optimise individual and community wellbeing and promote the integrity of the natural environment.

Chewing gum for men. This seems like it’s straight out of Anchorman.

Doing the Irish oral exams using a mobile.

So you have a Facebook account and you are getting worried about the creeping erosion of your privacy, the more it asks of you and the more people add you as a friend. So you decide the world doesn’t need to know everything about you and your fianceĆ©. Except getting rid of that information gets Loic LeMeur to twitter than you’ve split with your girl. 760+ people get this news instantly. Tonnes of emails and contacts later you are still explaining you are not have breaking up, you just want privacy.

Dell messes up to start with, trying to take a site down but then quickly remedies the situation after realising they made a mistake and saying sorry.

Things that go boom.

A rocket fuel depot explodes:

Assorted boomy things:

I’d hire her – Red Mum is job hunting

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

She’s good at blogging (award winning), she has extensive press experience (being a press officer for a political party), she’s a webmaster, she’s an amazing photographer and she’s a journalist. Oh yes and it was Red Mum that did the “This is … ” videos for the Labour Party. Remember them? Consider hiring her because her contract is now up. We have yet to see people hired to be social web type people around these parts. Maybe this will change.

Testing out LouderVoice review site

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

The last blog post below was written by me over on and it posted it here on this blog. For some reason though the main review text showed up white in the blog post so I had to manually edit the post. I think this is down to the class “description” which makes all the text inside it appear white. On my blog anyway. I am running an older version of WordPress so maybe that’s why? Also the review over on the site says “No Item Available” under the Review title. Hmmmz.

Feature requests:
1. It’d be handy if there was an option to time the review posts to go out. Write 50 reviews and have one go out every day, kind of thing. Sometimes one is in reviewing kind of mood and will do reviews in blocks.
2. The ability to also embed video reviews.

Liking the site and will write a few more reviews.

Blood – There will be

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Via Critical MassThere will be blood. Another movie with Daniel Day Lewis being intense. All about the oil business.

Handelaar’s meme – Things about me that you wouldn’t think were true, but are.

Friday, June 15th, 2007

He made me do it. Things about me that you wouldn’t think were true, but are.

1. Despite TV appearances, newspaper interviews, talking at conferences and doing about 120 radio interviews in the past few years, I am a very shy person and I’d class myself as introverted.

2. My name is Timothy.

3. I don’t like making even numbered lists. I don’t sit in even numbered seats in airplanes and I make sure my fluffy links go out on odd numbered timestamps. What makes it worse is that 45 or 25 or 35 is also too uniform for my tastes.

4. I own a Mac.

Beirut Tickets – Alan O’Connell is the winner

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Congrats to Alan O’Connell. Email sent to you with the details. Thanks to everyone that entered the draw. I forgot to mention that Alan will be required to shout “Free bird” at the concert.

In fact Ah, is gone

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Bye lads. Another great blog gone. I hope some of the lads start their own blogs, if they have time.

Fluffy Links – Friday June 15th 2007

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Via You Ain’t No Picasso: Feist and a little bit of Grizzly bear.

Consider signing up for Paddy’s Valley.

Forget not that BarCamp Belfast is on June 30th. They’re looking for speakers and attendees so g’wan, it’ll be worth the trip.

eBay shows Google who the Daddy is. Google decide to run an event at the same time as eBay to try and nab some of their customers. eBay cancels all Google Ads. Google cancels their own event.

Don’t forget the draw for 2 tickets to Beirut. Last few hours of it!