Paddy’s Valley – Date set. Sign up now.

Paddy’s Valley has a blog. The date for the trip has also been agreed. December 2nd to December 9th. Fill in this form if you want to come along. Be aware that the form results displays email addresses without spam protection so add NOSPAM or something to your address.

We’re still getting the itinerary together but we hope to meet various VC and tech people and also have one evening where the Irish companies present to an audience of investors and influencers. Suggestions for the itinerary are more than welcome.

So what is this Paddy’s Valley thingymabob?

Well it’s a bunch of Irish people (mostly but others can come) who are going to go over to SiliconValley and try and build some long-term relationships and friendships with people over there which will be good for the Valley and good for the Paddys. You can be a company, a sole trader or just a nosey person who wants to meet up with people over there.

So subscribe to the blog and fill in that form. Coming soon the Paddy’s Valley Twitter account, and Facebook and Tumblr and and and and… If you have Dopplr, don’t forget to add the trip to our account.

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