Testing out LouderVoice review site

The last blog post below was written by me over on LouderVoice.com and it posted it here on this blog. For some reason though the main review text showed up white in the blog post so I had to manually edit the post. I think this is down to the class “description” which makes all the text inside it appear white. On my blog anyway. I am running an older version of WordPress so maybe that’s why? Also the review over on the site says “No Item Available” under the Review title. Hmmmz.

Feature requests:
1. It’d be handy if there was an option to time the review posts to go out. Write 50 reviews and have one go out every day, kind of thing. Sometimes one is in reviewing kind of mood and will do reviews in blocks.
2. The ability to also embed video reviews.

Liking the site and will write a few more reviews.

One Response to “Testing out LouderVoice review site”

  1. Thanks for trying it Damien.

    It looks like your problems were caused by the infamous WordPress “feature” which tries to fix your html by completely messing it up. We have a little bit of html under the hood to identify the item/rating/description etc.

    Feature requests added to the wiki!